What is the age difference between Hugh Jackman and his wife? The age difference between Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra is 13 years.

Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness are 54 and 67 years old, respectively.

Hugh was born on 12 October 1968 in Australia, whereas Deborra was welcomed by her family on 30 November 1955.

Ms. Furness began her acting career as a reporter for the television series No Men's Land in 1974. Her debut movie was Crossover Dreams in 1985.

The Film Critics Circle of Australia Award 1988 winner belongs to Annandale, New South Wales. She studied acting and graduated in the early 1980s from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

To date, she has performed in numerous movies, television series, stage performances and has done filmmaking as well. Her notable projects include The Flying Doctors, Stark, Angel Baby, Fire, and others. She met her future husband while portraying the lead role in the television series Correlli.

Marriage Ceremony

Hugh Jackman And Deborra-Lee Furness married on April 11 1996 at St. John. Jackman pair started seeing each other around a year before they started dating.

The celebrities met for the first time on the set of the Australian series Correlli. Hugh portrayed the role of Kevin Jones, while his better half was seen as Louisa Correlli in the series. Furness shined in the character of a prison psychologist.

Hugh with his better half on the way to watch Serena Williams perform
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While working in the series, the two fell in love with each other. Within two weeks of meeting her, Hugh said he knew she was the one for him. Remembering their first meeting, the X-men star liked her right after she introduced herself saying, "Hi, I'm Deborra-lee Furness, Nice to meet you."

Eventually, the lovebirds started dating, and after four months, he proposed to her. Moreover, the actor designed the ring himself. While speaking about rings their wedding rings bore a Sanskrit inscription that meant, "We dedicate our union to a greater source."

Wedding Pictures

Jackman wedding pictures made headlines in April 1996. All his well-wishers were astonished to see how his bride looked glamorous, even in her 40s.

The couple exchanged the vows at St.Johns in Toorak, a suburb of Melbourne, in front of their close friends and kin members. 

The bride wore a light goldish off-shoulder satin dress on their big day. With the attire, she matched a multi-layered pearl beaded necklace and a snowy-colored veil. On the other hand, the groom looked dapper in his dark suit.

Hugh and Deb walked down the aisle on April 11, 1996
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 On their silver jubilee wedding anniversary, the actor shared pictures from their big on his Instagram account and Facebook. His followers wished them and commented on how stunning they looked as a couple.

One of the comments went, "Everyone deserves someone who looks at them like she is right here at you Hugh! Congratulations on 25 years!!"

Hugh and Deborra Celebrated Their 27th Marriage Anniversary

The duo has supported one another, whether about raising their kids or hooting for their upcoming projects and praising their performances. They love to enjoy the moment together to the fullest.

Last year on Christmas Eve, the lovebirds enjoyed dancing to Bruno Mars's number. Mishey and Pedro were behind the recording and choreography.

A few days ago, Hugh and Deborra celebrated their 27 years of togetherness. The actor took a moment on his social sites and made an Instagram post expressing his love for his other half. 

His caption read, "I love you so much. Together we have created a beautiful family. Your laughter, your spirit, generosity, humor, cheekiness, courage, and loyalty is an incredible gifts to me."

Family Members

Hugh Jackman family photos from their vacation to Antiparos, Greece in 2017 have our hearts. There are also other members except for the couple and their kids.

Jackman's household comes from Syndey, Australia. He was born in October 1968 to Grcae McNeil and Christoper John Jackman. Christoper was a Cambridge-educated accountant.

He and his better half, Grace, were the United Kingdom born. They migrated to Australia in 1967 after the Second World War. He grew up in New South Wales with four older siblings: two brothers and two sisters.

The actor and his family wished the followers a Happy New Year in 2018
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When the actor was eight, his dad and mom legally ended their relationship. His mom moved back to England with his sisters, and he stayed in Australia with his father and two brothers. Grace remarried and had a daughter.

Scoop actor studied at Knox Grammar School before entering the University of Technology in Sydney. He graduated from the institution with a bachelor's in communications in 1991. In 1994, he completed graduation from The WEstermn Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Son And Daughter Information

Hugh Jackman children are Oscar Maximilian Jackman and Ava Eliot Jackman. Jackman adopted his first child in 2000.

The Greatest Showman star's kids are grown up now. The couple is doing the best they could do to teach valuable lessons to the kids.

He believes his kids have so many advantages. And he wants them to be aware that they are responsible to utilize those merits to help others.

The father of two said, "My kids are constantly reminded about how lucky we are in our family. We're ridiculously blessed. We live in a beautiful home in places that other people dream of."

Besides, he wishes his kids to be involved in charity like him. He wants to lead his son and daughter by example, when it comes to charity. That's also because the actor himself was brought up, with parents who both did volunteer and community work.

Oscar Maximilian Jackman

Oscar Maximilian Jackman was born on May 15, 2000. Jackman pair became parents for the first time after adopting him in 2000.

The couple decided to adopt after Deborra suffered through several miscarriages. They never thought that the kids were not biological to them.

Oscar and his family roving around with their pet dog
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Oscar is 22 now. He has grown up well and completed high school in 2019. When he was a little boy, he learned he was part Bosnian. So his loving guardians brought the Bisanian cookbook that he carried around when he was seven.

At 18, the celebrity kid met with his biological household. His mother was Amber Lanham. Amber's sister Rochelle raised his biological sisters Olivia and Nyomi Lanham in Vinton, Lowa, after she passed away.

More about him, Oscar is a huge fan of the movie Shrek. The boy and his sister have watched the film over a hundred times. Also, the actor let him and his sister watch The Son, a movie about a family struggling with their teenage son's depression.

Ava Eliot Jackman 

Ava Eliot Jackman is the youngest in the family. Jackman was adopted a few days after she was born on July 10, 2005.

Eliot completed the household of four, making the Les Miserables star more relaxed. He felt he was blessed to have a beautiful boy and girl.

Hugh with daughter Ava in Lax Terminals
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In comparison to Oscar, his dad is closer to the baby girl. Every time he holds her, he thinks he doesn't want her to face anything bad, ever in her life.

Ava is currently a student at high school. She has a Mexican lineage. The youngest girl and his older brother seldom appear in their famous parent's social media posts.

Moreover, the kids make fewer appearances at public events. Looking at how well they have grown up, the celebrity couple possibly likes their kids to enjoy their personal life without being bothered by the media.