How To Use Dream By Wombo TikTok? AI Art and Wallpaper Trend

To participate in the #AIPainting trend on TikTok, users must first download the Dream by WOMBO app from the App Store or Play Store.

According to the latest craze on the app, users are 'creating' AI artwork to bring song names and lyrics to life. Thanks to the Dream by WOMBO app, the #AIPainting hashtag on TikTok has 4.5 million views so far.

TikTok has done it again with a new viral wave that will keep users entertained for hours. People are also uploading AI-generated photos of characters from manga and anime series, video games, star signs, and anything else in between on Twitter.

TikTok users have started creating AI paintings based on Harry Styles and Taylor Swift song titles, as well as Marvel characters, and the results are truly gorgeous.

So, here's how to perform the TikTok craze of #AIPainting, including which software to use and how it works.

How To Use Dream By Wombo TikTok?

Users must first download the Dream by WOMBO app from the App Store or Play Store in order to participate in the #AIPainting trend on TikTok.

The software will ask users to type in a prompt when downloaded. This can be anything from a movie or song title to a character's name, a songline, one's favorite phrase, or almost anything else.

After receiving the prompt, the user must choose whatever style of artwork the user wants the AI to create. 'Mystical,' 'Synthwave,' 'Psychic,' 'Vibrant,' 'Steampunk,' and 'Fantasy Art' are among the categories.

By Tapping 'create' to start painting, wait for the finished creation to show on the screen. (Even if you use the same prompt, the AI will create a different image each time.)

Dream By Wombo AI Art Original 

Dream by Wombo was chosen because it allows artificial intelligence to create works of art. Like many other generative art apps, Dream's app is built around two artificial neural networks that collaborate to create the visuals. VQGAN and CLIP are the names of these two networks.

This program is particularly useful for making supernatural, slightly creepy images that resemble a still from last night's nightmare. Wombo is particularly effective at depicting cities at night.

Dream By Wombo TikTok Challenge

Dream by WOMBO animates a user's photo to lip-sync a song of their choice, which creates a similar picture to the original one.

The program develops numerous photos before the final output appears, and the user can see the algorithm do this process in real-time.

Here, The Dream model begins by creating a randomly generated vector, a mathematical representation of an image. Each item in the vector represents a single image detail.

Some might be associated with color, others with shape, and others with a more abstract connotation. The random vector frequently correlates to a grey blob of pixels at first.

The method then employs CLIP to determine how well the current vector image matches the user's prompt and iteratively improves the match. The dream never generates the same artwork twice due to the randomness of the process.

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