How Rich Is Tim Dynevor Net Worth? Details To Know About Sally Dynevor Husband

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Explore Tim Dynevor's net worth and how rich the writer is in 2022; let's find out. 

Dancing on Ice has come up with a new season, and Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor has participated in the competition. The actress talked about her excitement for the show. 

Moreover, she also talked about her husband, Tim Dynevor, who was nervous when she participated in the competition. After she mentioned her partner, her followers got curious about Tim. 

Here, let's get updated on Tim, beloved husband of Coronation Street star, and his lifestyle. 

How Rich Is Tim Dynevor? Net Worth Explored

Tim is a famous scriptwriter and actor who has worked on several hit projects. Dynevor is best known for the 1972 soap opera named Emmerdale Farm.

He has also worked in the 2021 mini-series named The Drowning. And, Dynevor devoted his life to the entertainment industry and has been in the field for a long time.

As one of the best scriptwriters, he previously got nominated for the BAFTA award. In 2022, Tim might have an expected net worth of around $1 million.  

The artist has yet to disclose his property and earnings details. So, the actual value might differ.  

What Is Sally Dynevor Husband Tim Dynevor Age? 

Tim was born in the year of 1962. Currently, he is around 59-years of age and is only one year older than his wife. 

With the birthdate of 30 May 1963, Sally has reached 58-years of age. The couple only has one year of an age difference. 

Tim and Sally married each other on 9 September 1995, when Tim was around 33-years-old, and Sally was 32-years-old. The couple has been together for more than two decades. 

Their love has only grown with all those years of being together. They also got blessed with three children in the family.

Find Tim Dynevor On Wikipedia

Tim is famous for his marital relationship with Corona Street star Sally. Dynevor and the series seem to have a long history, but he is not on Wikipedia.

He joined the writing team of the series in 1995 and has worked for around 280 episodes. Moreover, his father, Gerard, was the director of Coronation Street. 

Tim has always been a great TV personality, a supportive husband, and a caring father to his children. Dynevor family has fame and a name in the entertainment industry. 

His eldest daughter Phoebe is also a notable actress who has worked in TV series like Younger, Snatch, and The Village.

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