Kirsten Titus was a teenager when she first made it to the news for her break-up with her boyfriend. 

She is a media personality and a TikTok star.

A junior at Brigham Young University in Public Relations has a passion for broadcast journalism and current events. She works at BYU Broadcasting in the sports' live graphics department and has been working here since Aug 2019.

Some of her work tasks include producing hundreds of graphics to be aired on live television on a monthly basis, training new employees to use software, instructing trainees to communicate with up to four other departments during a live show, etc.

She managed to have the following count of around 7 million on TikTok and got signed in June 2022 by United Talent Agency. She mostly makes videos of her comedic rants, personal style videos, and high energy. 

How Old/Tall Is TikTok Kirsten Titus Aka Pepperonimuffin?

Kirsten Titus is aged 24 years old as of 2022 as per Famous Birthdays.

Born in Hawaii, the TikTok star's year of birth is 1997 and she celebrates her birthday on the 29th of September.

More on her, She is currently involved at BYU Broadcasting. Prior to this, she has done an internship as a Product Digital Marketing at Village Capital and a Marketing And Public Relations Intern at BYU Museum of Art. Likewise, she has also previously worked as an intern in the Film Production department at Kinetic Productions Hawaii. · 

The Brigham Young University's skills include social media marketing, buffer social media management, team leadership, et cetera.

Kirsten Titus Siblings And Family

Kirsten Titus's family includes two siblings named Jake and Erika.

Her younger sister is named Erika Titus, who is also a media personality just like her.

Besides her sister, she also mentioned her older brother Jacob or Jake Titus on her YouTube channel. She shared a video of attending her first BTS concert and noted that it is her only first concert as her brother stole her ticket for the next show.

About her elder sibling Jake, he was born in 1994, and it is found that he is bad at using technology. Similarly, he is presently in graduate school at the University of Florida pursuing his Master of Fine Arts and acting.

He started acting around the high school period when he was 15 or 16 (during his teenage years). That was when he discovered what he wanted to do in his life: acting. But, he was not serious about this career until he reached college. Gradually, he started getting into lots of plays and indulged more in acting.

Kirsten Titus with his elder brother Jake and sister Erika.
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Who Is Kirsten Titus Dating? 

Kirsten Titus has dated Wyatt Hall and even took a clean break with her boyfriend in 2017 when she was 19.

According to DailyMail, she used a creative way of using a Spotify playlist to split with the guy she was dating after coming to a decision that they were better as friends rather than lovers.

She mixed up songs like "I Am" "Kinda Lovin" "Someone Else" "But," and "We Can Still Be Friends" and sent them to his ex-boyfriend. Despite all this, Titus and Hall remain in an amicable relationship, as per the online reports.

Kirsten Titus and Hall began dating through mutual friends at Brigham Young University.

Regarding her updated romantic life, she expressed her thoughts about retiring from dating men in February 2022. In addition, she also wrote that the next time she touches the male specimen, it would be in 6 years when she turns 30, just to get knocked up.

The web personality also noted that she would not remain in contact with the baby daddy and just wants the child.

Kirsten Titus with her then-boyfriend with whom she broke up via Spotify playlist song.
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