How Old Is Adrian Newman? Age Of Dannii Minogue's Boyfriend - In Details

Adrian Newman With His Girlfriend Dannii Minogue ( Source : Heraldsun )

Music producer Adrian Newman is around forty-five to fifty-five years old.

Adrian Newman is a well-known multi-platinum producer and songwriter. Newman is popularly known as the boyfriend of singer, actress, and TV star Dannii Minogue.

The music producer is well-known for his roles as writer, producer, engineer, keyboards, and vocal producer in songs including Anthem 2020, MMXX 2020, JOY 2019, Mad Man 2019, Starve 2019, To My Mother 2019, The Other Woman 2018, Exodus 2018, Take Back The Ring 2018, Finally 2018, and many more.

Newman's soulmate Dannii has made her appearance in several films like Secret/ One Crazy Night 2022 as Didi, The Porter 2004 as Bunny Stigler, White Diamond: A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue 2007 as Herself, Except East Richmond 2008 as Shaunagh, Molly: The Real Thing 2016 as Herself, and Seriously Red 2022 as Herself.

Full NameAdrian Newman
PartnerDanni Minogue
ProfessionMusic Producer
Partner's Age50 years old
Net Worth$1M - $5M

Adrian Newman Age: How Old Is He?

Adrian Newman is 45 years old, while his girlfriend Dannii is 50.

Adrian Newman And Dannii Minogue Cheering During The Men's Final- Fiona Hamilton/Tennis Australia
Adrian Newman And Dannii Minogue Cheering During The Men's Final- Fiona Hamilton/Tennis Australia( Source : Pinterest )

Newman has worked very hard to get into the position he is now. He has served as a music producer for songs like Sh May Be The One, Live a Little, Across my Heart, Finally, In Fall 2017, Top Down 2017, Laugh 2017, Sweet Lies 2017, and so on.

Adrian's love of life, Danni, has also made her friends and family proud with her fantastic singing and acting skill. She is a wonderful and kind woman who has appeared in several TV shows, including Young Talent Time. 

The singer is best known for portraying her role as Emma Jackson in the soap opera Home and Away from 1989 to 1990. 

Adrian Newman's Net Worth In 2022

Dannii Minogue's boyfriend Adrian Newman's net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He is yet to open up his actual income. However, Dannii has an estimated worth of about $25 million as of 2022.

Adrian's primary source of income is his career as a music producer. He has produced many songs such as Still in Love 2016, Taz and the Man 2016, Sometimes 2016, Tick Tick Tock 2016, Red West, El Camino, and American Dream.

Newman is a very hard-working musician who wrote and generated singles and albums like Kiss You Inside Out 2015, Go Time 2014, Mexico, Wild Life, I'm Alive, Long Ride Home, Closer To You, Unstoppable, etc.

On the other hand, Adrian's partner Dannii is also very talented and skilled; she started her music career in the early 1990s and gained great success with her first album, Love and Kisses.

Adrian Newman And Dannii Minogue In Airport Together
Adrian Newman And Dannii Minogue In Airport Together( Source : Dailymail )

Minogue has been nominated and awarded for her excellent performance as an artist. The awards she has received and been nominated for are: Glamour Women of the Year 2011, No. 1 Celeb of the Year 2010, Max Factor 2010, Elle Style Awards 2010, Cosmopolitan Awards 2009, No. 1 Celeb of the Year 2008, Glamour Awards 2007, National Television Awards 2007, and many more.

How Tall Is The Music Producer Adrian Newman?

The music producer Adrian Newman looks tall in front of his partner Dannii Minogue. According to his appearance, he seems to be somewhere around six feet, whereas Dannii is 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

Dannii and Adrian have been spotted several times and look perfect together. Adrian is tall and handsome, and Danni is also excellent, making them compliment each other with their looks.

Newman's lover Minogue is pretty famous on Instagram with the username @danniminogue. However, she is never seen posting anything related to Adrian on her social media. She has 382K followers and is following back 1,375 people.

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