How Much Weight Has John Goodman Lost? Before And After Photos On Twitter

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John Goodman's drastic weight loss of 100 lbs had made him a key figure at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival.

The Dan Conner-portraying actor in the ABC comedy series "Roseanne" had been his breakthrough project. He has also received a Golden Globe Award for his work.

Likewise, the show's sequel series "The Conners" has also become a hit as of 2018. Aside from TV, Goodman has also appeared in notable movies, including "Trumbo," "Patriots Day," "Kong: Skull Island," and "Atomic Blonde," among many others.

As a successful actor, he often headlines the news for his weight, either gaining or losing it.

How Much Weight Has John Goodman Lost? Before And After Photos

John Goodman has lost about 200 lbs weight, per the December 2021 report by Page Six

The actor had flaunted his slim physique during his walk on the red carpet for the premiere of Tubi’s “The Freak Brothers” at Fred Segal.

Speaking about his weight loss journey, Goodman revealed that he used to take months to lose 50 to 70s pounds, but he left his old ways and went for more exercise to achieve his major goal sooner.

He was once notorious for his big size weighing close to 400 lbs at one point in his life.

As of today, "The Conners" star has entirely thrown out alcohol from his life and takes help from his personal trainer Mackie Shilstone for his fit life.

Goodman was widely known for his heavy drinking habit and rising health issues. Thus, he has turned his life around by opting for a healthy life and weight loss.

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Who Is John Goodman Wife? His Married Life

John Goodman is devoted to his wife, Anna Beth Hartzog, whom he married in 1989. The couple has been together since then.

Anna Beth is originally from Bogalusa, Louisiana, and the two had first met at a Halloween party at Tipitina. Goodman was filming "Everybody's All-American" in New Orleans at that time, and the two started dating only after a year.

The couple is parents to a daughter Molly Evangeline Goodman who was born in 1990. She currently works as a production assistant in movies.

John and Anna Beth are happy with their long married life and live peacefully in Garden District, New Orleans.

Anna Beth is a businesswoman and owns a children's clothing line and toys shop.

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Where Is John Goodman From?

John Goodman is from Affton, Missouri, where he was born to his father, Leslie Francis Goodman, and his mother, Virginia Roos.

His postal worker-father passed away when he was two years old due to a heart attack. The actor is precisely of English, German, and Welsh ancestry and was raised Southern Baptist by his single mother.

The actor initially looked up to Boy Scout leaders and, later, acting coaches, as father figures, due to the absence of his father and elder brother in his life.

Nevertheless, the 69-year-old actor has turned around his new every chance and has a happy family today.

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