How Much Is TikTok Universe Gift Worth? Value In Coins And Real Money- What Does It Mean?

The TikTok Universe gift has been a trending matter for a while and, people are curious to know about its worth.

TikTok Universe gift is one of the talked gifts in recent days. People usually receive and send gifts while going live in the Tiktok app. There are gifts like rose, lion planet, TikTok, and many more.

Tiktok app was the most used app in 2021 since more than a million users were estimated to have used the app. Similarly, different trends are popular in the app like giving gifts during the live.

How Much Is TikTok Universe Gift Worth?

TikTok Universe Gift is estimated to be worth roughly $500. Tiktok is a most used app where users can make short videos showcasing their talents and skills.

People can support the creators by sending them gifts. If the creator is popular, then more are the chances for the creator to get gifts while going live. A TikTok creator can receive gifts from their followers if the number of followers in their account is about 1k.

When a user has 1k followers then, they can access this feature of receiving gifts from the viewers whenever they go live in the app. But to get the gifts, you need to pay some money for them.

Every gift has a certain amount of coins needed for purchasing it and, for the coins, you need to spend some dollars for having it. If you want to buy a panda gift then, you need to have five coins with you to purchase it. For the coins, you need to spend some dollars on them. The cost of 100 coins is estimated to be about $1.29.

TikTok Universe Gift Value In Coins And Real Money Explored

TikTok Universe Gift value is about 34999 in coins while talking about real money, its price is $500. It is rare to get a Universe gift during life and, whenever a creator receives it, they are surprised and shocked by it.

@livharlandmusic I CAN’T believe this HAPPENED!!! so wholesome I can’t thank you all enough!! @Lady Leshurr @wissaade and thank u @shumz._ for the planets! ❤️ #universe #gifts #livestream #fyp #foryou #love ♬ Infinity - Jaymes Young

All the creators are not lucky to get this Universe gift as it is expensive and, many creators have to wait for getting their first Universe gift. But to buy gifts on the Tiktok, a person should be over 18.

The TikTok creator can turn their gifts into diamonds and then redeem the money from diamonds.

What Does TikTok Universe Gift Mean?

TikTok Universe Gift means a gesture of support from a viewer or follower to the TikTok creator. If you get a Universe gift, then you will roughly get $175 from it.

A person can earn money from the gift but, for that, they had to convert it into a diamond. In this process, TikTok will take 50% from it and, you will get the remaining 50.

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