Jon Batiste is taking a break from The Late Show for the summer to care for his wife, Suleika Jaouad. He was named one of the 100 most influential individuals in the world in 2022.

In February 2022, Suleika had her second bone marrow transplant when her cancer returned. She is now recovering from surgery and immersing herself in painting.

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How Is Jon Batiste's Wife Doing?

Jon Batiste's wife, Suleika Jaouad was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, early this year. She is presently enduring treatment for leukemia, and her husband admires her strength in the face of adversity.

However, Jon tested positive for Covid-19 in May, and his supporters were concerned about if he had transferred his covid to Suleika.

It would have been worse if she had also been infected. Fortunately, she was clean from the infection. 

The couple married in secret in February, the night before Jaouad's second bone marrow transplant, in a little ceremony with bread ties as wedding bands.


Batiste described marriage as "an act of rebellion." The darkness will attempt to overpower you, but all you have to do is turn on the light, focus on the light, and hang on to the light." 

"Every day, we pray and continue,  she is fantastic. When you saw her, you'd never guess she's going through what she's going through "PEOPLE spoke with Batiste, 35.

"She has the power to turn the most difficult obstacles into life-affirming experiences. So she's a one-of-a-kind case. It's a Suleika thing, how she's doing," Batiste added.


Both Jaouad and Batiste express themselves via art in ways that words cannot. Jaouad keeps a notebook and draws self-portraits of her therapy. She even embellished the walker she now has to use to give levity and fun to her days.

Her most recent post also shows her plunging into painting alongside another cancer survivor.

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Suleika Jaouad Cancer Back! Illness Update

Suleika Jaouad was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at the age of 22 in 2011. Through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and participation in a clinical study, she got a bone marrow transplant before being proclaimed cancer-free in 2014.

However, just days before the Grammy nominations were released in November, Jaouad, now 33, heard that her cancer had returned more aggressively.

After the pair exchanged the vow to be together forever, Jaouad received a bone marrow transplant in February.

But, Batiste couldn't be with Jaouad after her bone marrow transplant since her omicron was still rising in February. 

"Utter seclusion," she put it. "And I told Jon something of that effect." And the next thing I know, he's crouched over his computer. Half an hour later, he begins to play this lullaby."

"And he composed me a new lullaby every day after that. And it seemed like he was lying next to my bed."

"Between Two Kingdoms," her book, recalls her fight with leukemia and subsequent recovery. It also includes a recollection of her wedding day before being brought to the hospital for a bone marrow transplant.

Batiste and Jaouad were married swiftly and had a "small" and "beautiful" ceremony, noting that they "used bread ties" instead of traditional wedding rings.

"And let me tell you, we went into that bone marrow transplant unit on cloud nine," Jaouad continued. "We were overjoyed, overjoyed with love and happiness after such a lovely evening. And I truly believe that is what got us through."

She told CBS Sunday Morning that her condition had no bearing on his choice to propose.

"He told me, 'Just to be clear, I'm not proposing to you because of this diagnosis.'" It took me a year to create your ring. So just keep in mind that the time has nothing to do with it. But what I do want you to know is that this diagnosis makes no difference."

Why Is Jon Batiste Not On The Late Show- What Happened To Him? 

Jon Batiste will be leaving the Late Show for the summer. On today's broadcast of the show, he bid farewell to Stephen Colbert and the audience.
Though his supporters are disappointed, they will miss him.

His followers are sending their best wishes to the newlywed pair. Furthermore, because his wife recently received a bone marrow transplant, it will be a wonderful respite from his busy schedule to care for her.

Well don't worry, he will be back in September to join Stephen.