Who Is Hilary Farr Son Joshua Farr? Here What We Know

Hilary Farr is a British-Canadian businesswoman and designer. Here she is with her co-host David Visentin
Hilary Farr is a British-Canadian businesswoman and designer. Here she is with her co-host David Visentin( Source : instagram )

Hilary Elizabeth Farr was married to her ex-husband Gordon Farr. Hilary Farr co-hosts the show with her fellow host David Visentin.

The mother of Joshua Farr, she has also had a notable career as a television host, especially as the co-host of the series Love It or List It on HGTV and W Network.

She comes from both backgrounds, as she was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but raised in London, England.

However, she also has ties to America as she started her career in Los Angeles, California, working as a home renovator.

She also spent time designing film and interior sets, which led to her starting a brief stint as an actress, appearing in minor roles in the 70s like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, City on Fire, and The Return.

Hilary Farr Has One Son Joshua Farr

Hilary Farr and her ex-husband Gordon Farr have one son, Joshua Farr, who was born on March 7, 1983.

It is known that mother and son are very close to each other as he often appears at events with her, with the most popular one was back in 2013 when they opened the TMX Group Stock Exchange. Though not much is known about Joshua Farr, it is known that he is married and has three children: two boys and a girl.

Hilary Farr and her son Joshua back in 2013 when they opened the TMX Group Stock Exchange.
Hilary Farr and her son Joshua back in 2013 when they opened the TMX Group Stock Exchange. ( Source : distractify )

Hilary shares the important aspects of her relationship with her son on social media. The most prominent being back in May 2020, when she shared a video of him and his children wishing her a Happy Mother's Day.

In the video, Joshua Farr wished his mother a happy's mother day and asked the audience to excuse his messy hair as he hadn't been to the barbers in a while.

That comment prompted him to remember and then share a story where his mother tried to cut his hair when he was younger. Previously he had been addressing the audience at large, but now he talked directly to his mother, sharing how she cut him while trimming around his ears.

Hilary Farr Is A Canadian Designer And Businesswoman

Hilary Farr is a successful designer and businesswoman.

Hilary started her career in Los Angeles as a home renovator before eventually working on film and television sets as a set designer.

This led to her working on a slew of 70s movies, albeit in minor roles, as priorly stated.

She continued appearing in these minor roles throughout the 70s and transitioned into small parts in television sitcoms through the early 80s.

She never gained a lot of success and recognition for her acting roles, but she never desired them, her acting was always a side hustle compared to her actual job in set designing. 

Hilary Farr on the cover of HGTV's Love It or List It
Hilary Farr on the cover of HGTV's Love It or List It ( Source : instagram )

After her acting roles had dried up, she continued designing and renovating properties in the United Kingdom, Australia, and various cities in America and Canada like New York and Toronto.

These jobs and her marriage to Gordon Farr in 1982 signaled the end of her acting career.

However, her marriage didn't last, and she divorced Farr in 2008, which also signaled her return to the screen as one of the co-hosts of Love It or List It. The HGTV and W Network reality show has become a huge success and is still ongoing. 

Farr's star has since risen once again, and she often appears on television as both a guest and a judge. She started another show in 2021 called Tough Love with Hilary Farr, where she works as both the Principal Character and Designer. 

A breast cancer survivor, Farr is an inspiration to a lot of women and continues to do so in her personal and professional life. 

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