Fans believe that they saw Jessica Lucas with a baby bump on an episode of 'The Resident,' sparking speculation that she is pregnant.

Jessica Lucas is well-known for her appearances in the TV shows Gotham, Cult, The Resident, and Edgemont.

She's also known for her role in Coldplay's True Love.

The Resident: Is Jessica Lucas Pregnant?

Jessica Lucas is not pregnant, as neither she nor her husband has confirmed that they are expecting a baby. 

 Jessica, the Resident actress, married Alex Jermasek, her longtime boyfriend. 

However, on February 20, 2021, Alex shared a photo of himself, Jessica, and a baby on his Instagram account.

Fans were stunned by this and believe the couple is hiding a pregnancy from the public now also.

Both Alex and Jessica appear to be quite private about their personal lives and refuse to share personal information with the public.

People are curious if the couple intends to grow their daily size because of the length of their relationship.

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Jessica Lucas Is Happily Married With Alex Jermasek 

Jessica Lucas and her husband Alex Jermasek got married in the year 2018.

They both got engaged in the year 2017 April as Alex has shared a photo on his Instagram account. 

Their wedding date and location are still unknown. Alex is a well-known chef.

Since 2014, the couple has been dating and their relationship is still going strong. 

They both look very happy as they have shared many photos on their Instagram account.

People were surprised when Alex shared a photo of himself, Jessica, and the baby because they hadn't revealed the pregnancy news.

Who Is Jessica Lucas?

Jessica Lucas is a Canadian actress who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on September 24, 1985.

Lucas began acting at the Children's Arts Theatre School in Toronto when she was seven years old.

She began her acting career in local theater productions of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Grease, and Cinderella.

 In 2001, the actor received her big debut as a temporary actress on the Canadian teen drama TV series Edgemont.

She has appeared in over thirty films, television series, and miniseries since her debut.

Jessica has been growing since the year 2000, and her influence continues to expand.

Meet Jessica Lucas On Instagram

Jessica Lucas is active on Instagram with the username @iamjessicalucas. She has verified Instagram account with 260k followers and 108posts.

On her Instagram account, she has shared a post from her professional life.

She seems to be private about her personal life as she has just uploaded a few pictures related to her personal life.

 She also goes by the handle @jessicalucas on Twitter. She joined Twitter in June 2012 and has 37.5k followers.

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