Hawkhatesyou TikTok Drama And Controversy Explained - In Details

Hawkhatesyou Posing For Photo
Hawkhatesyou Posing For Photo( Source : thenikkisin )

Hawkhatesyou is a TikTok star who has recently been in a drama that created controversy.

Angela, aka Hawkhatesyou, is one of the most well-known content producers on TikTok, boasting an astonishing 2.7 million followers.

On her Instagram page, she wrote about meeting Jeffree Star. November 2018 marked the launch of her TikTok channel. She has a sister named Sierra Ann. 

In a recent TikTok dance video, HawkHatesYou included her kid, but she disguised the girl's identity by having her wear a ski mask. She genuinely claimed she would show you her child without really "showing" her child, and I am 100% behind her. Protect that baby, one of her followers remarked.

Full NameAngela
Also Known AsHawkhatesyou
Age27 years old
Date of Birth6 July 1994
ProfessionTikTok Star

Hawkhatesyou TikTok Drama And Controversy

According to the reports, Hawkhatesyou has deactivated her TikTok account after the drama and controversy of her saying the n-word has gone viral all over the respective social media platform.

Hawkhatesyou Showing Peace Sign
Hawkhatesyou Showing Peace Sign ( Source : dotlocal )

Hawkhatesyou has 921.0K followers on TikTok, whereas she is following 314 people back. The total like counts on her account has reached 51.6 million as of now. Many of her fans and followers are sad that she deactivated her account, whereas a certain number of people are happy also as she was seen being racist in her videos.

On October 30, 2021, Hawkhatesyou was seen posting a tweet on her Twitter where she wrote, The most significant thing I can mention is that Tay and I were completely unaware that the location where origami Camp was filmed was a sundown town. We looked for it for such a long time, but the only hate crime that would turn up for it was an assault on a 50-year-old guy.

Hawkhatesyou Real Name And Where Is She From?

According to the reports, Hawkhatesyou's real name is Angela, and she is from the United States.

Hawk is currently 27 years old, as she was born on July 6, 1994. According to Angela's date of birth and astrologers, her zodiac sign is Cancer. Hawk is active on several social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.

Hawk can be met on IG with the username @hawkhatesyou with 557K followers, whereas she is following 904 people back. Even though she is famous on the respective social media platform, her account is yet to be verified with a blue tick.

Angela has 517 posts; her most recent post on IG was on September 2, 2022. Her bio says, "If ur nice to me, I'll fall in love with you." She apparently reportedly goes by the moniker Bean, although the information was never verified.

Some individuals think Bean is the name of Hawk Hates You's daughter, whose real name is Angela. Again, this is only a guess because the social media star hasn't officially announced the information. The goth-inspired content maker Hawk Hates You has made it a point to keep as much of Angela's private life out of the public eye as possible.

Web Star: Hawkhatesyou Net Worth

Web star Hawkhatesyou's net worth is around $1 million to $5 million. 

Hawshatesyou Clicking Selfie With Her Beautiful Friend
Hawshatesyou Clicking Selfie With Her Beautiful Friend ( Source : showbizcorner )

Hawk's primary source of income is her career as a social media personality. She is one of TikTok's most well-known content producers. Currently, 2.7 million people follow him, and that number is rising. You may follow her on Instagram in addition to finding a ton of exciting videos to watch.

Angela's videos are diverse, and you may watch everything from funny skits and dancing videos to trending videos and lip-syncing content. Many people appreciate her style and alternative attitude in particular. For instance, she has tattoos and body piercings and dresses provocatively.

The TikTok star has one daughter who can be seen in some of her TikTok videos. On TikTok, she does not display her child's face. She decides to conceal her daughter's identity instead. Given how frightening the internet can be, doing this is a brilliant idea. For online celebrities and content producers, in particular, this is true. You cannot guarantee your child's protection since everyone knows who you are.

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Hawkhatesyou TikTok Drama And Controversy Explained - In Details

Web Stars
Hawkhatesyou is a TikTok star who has recently been in a drama that created controversy. Angela, aka Hawkhatesyou, is one of the most well-known content producers on TikTok, boasting an astonishing 2.7 million followers. On her Instagram page, she wr...

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