Has Lisa Helou Had Plastic Surgery? Meet Gio Helou's Mother From Selling The OC 'Netflix'

Lisa Helou is one of the realtor of Oppenheim Group
Lisa Helou is one of the realtor of Oppenheim Group( Source : instagram )

Netizens are talking about Lisa Helou's plastic surgery since her public appearance at the Selling The OC premier.

Her son, Gio Helou is one of the cast members of the show.

He is a native of Newport Beach and has extensive experience in the real estate industry. Gio is really one of the top earners at the Oppenheim Group and was even responsible for finalizing a $12 million deal on an eight-figure home.

Has Lisa Helou Had Plastic Surgery? 

Lisa Helou fans are stating that she has undergone plastic surgery. The realtor associate appears to be in her 40s and it looks as though her facial structure is changed.

A lot of reports can be found where people have talked about her cosmetic surgery. However, she has never mentioned anything about them on social media. 

Lisa Helou is a real estate agent of The Oppenheim Group
Lisa Helou is a real estate agent of The Oppenheim Group ( Source : instagram )

In addition, if we look closely at her photo, we can detect small wrinkles under her eyes and around her chin that shouldn't be there if she had received fillers and botox.

However, we cannot say for sure if she purposely made a certain feature stand out in order to appear younger. Being a real estate agent, she can definitely afford more because it is her choice and her money.

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Meet Gio Helou's Mother From Selling The OC

Gio Helou's mother, Lisa Helou is giving major mother goals on Instagram following his cast on Selling The OC. 

She was recently at the premiere party of Selling The OC with his son. Both looked amazing in their wonderful attire.

For years, Lisa Helou has been known for her boldness and tenacious pursuit of her client's interests. She attended California State University, Los Angeles, and is a native of Los Angeles.

Oppenheim Group acknowledges her as an agent with a valuable and well-tested skill set to her clients and takes pride in her traditional methods and strategies. She also places a strong emphasis on morality and character.

Gio Helou posing with her mother, Lisa at Newport Beach, California
Gio Helou posing with her mother, Lisa at Newport Beach, California ( Source : instagram )

She and her husband Carl can frequently be spotted riding bikes or cruising the bay in their Duffy boat. They reside on the Balboa Peninsula and are both members of the Balboa Peninsula Point Association.

And now, their son, Gio has also joined the group. Gio is a force in the OC luxury real estate market and was one of the first agents hired for The Oppenheim Group's new Orange County office.

Oppenheim Group described Gio as the agent who solely sells the best of the Newport Beach lifestyle and enjoys it as well.

He specializes in high-end houses in private seaside communities. Gio, who never slows down in his business or personal life, has a thing for fast automobiles and vintage motorcycles. 

e also indulged his passion for cinema as a producer on a nominated documentary. Gio, a native of Southern California, and his wife Tiffany reside in Newport Beach.

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Lisa Helou's Before And After Photos On IG

Netizens are comparing, Lisa Gelou's before and after pictures on social media. They are claiming that the businesswoman has undergone some cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. 

Yes, she does look different in her previous pictures. But that's probably due to her age and the time.

Lisa Helou's before picture with her friend.
Lisa Helou's before picture with her friend. ( Source : instagram )

The photo she uploaded was from a long time ago with her friend wishing him Merry Christmas. She looked more natural and there is nothing that looks off or altered.

Her chin has significantly changed since the before photos, and her cheeks are fuller may be because of the highlighting of her cheek bones.

However, nothing is sure about the surgery without her confirmation. We will update you with further information about her appearance as soon as she make any comment on that matter.

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