Has Hosuh DanPlan Done A Face Reveal? Real Name And Net Worth In 2022

Hosuh is an animator.
Hosuh is an animator.( Source : youtube )

Hosuh is an animator and content creator famously known for being a part of the DanPlan YouTube Channel alongside Dan, Stephen, and Jay.

He usually uses his animated character as his avatar and identity online. Most of his fans know him by the character Hosuh he portrays on DanPlan videos. However, people are intrigued to see his real face.

Hosuh is good friends with Stephen and Dan from DanPlan. He met Stephen when he was searching for a DOTA teammate. He also knew Dan from high school as he showed the latter's class his animations. The trio soon bonded and started the now famous channel DanPlan.

Here is an article about Hosuh's biography, information about him and his net worth, and the answer to whether he has ever revealed his face.

Quick Facts About Hosuh

Full NameHosuh Lee
Known AsHosuh
Date of BirthDecember 7, 1995
JobAnimator and Youtube content creator
NationalitySouth Korean
YouTube ChannelPlan3 (184K Subscribers)

Has Hosuh From DanPlan Done A Face Reveal?

No, Hosuh from DanPlan has not done a face reveal. So despite curiosity from fans about his real identity, the Korean animator has not yet shown his face.

Since starting his career with DanPlan, Hosuh has been active in the Youtube community for almost a decade. However, he has never revealed his face on the internet.

Hosuh has not revealed his face.
Hosuh has not revealed his face. ( Source : instagram )

He has been secretive regarding his face and his natural looks. Maybe he is shy, does not want that publicity regarding his identity, and likes to keep things at bay. However, he has consistently determined not to show himself on the internet.

Other members and former members of Danplan have already revealed their faces on the internet, all except Hosuh. However, he has been able to keep that mystique surrounding his identity intact till now.

Only his family and those close to him know how Hosuh looks in real life. Therefore, he chooses not to disclose his looks for the time being. But, maybe in the future, we will finally be able to see our favorite content creator's face.

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Hosuh Takes Break From YouTube For Military Service

Hosuh took a long hiatus from the internet back in 2020 to join the Korean Army for eighteen months. Conscription in South Korea states that all males between 18 and 35 must perform compulsory military service. However, women are not required to perform military service but may voluntarily join the military.

Hosuh (right) during his time with Korean Military Service.
Hosuh (right) during his time with Korean Military Service. ( Source : instagram )

Hosuh posted a picture on his Instagram page in May 2020 where he and two seniors in military uniforms were shot from behind. The three were saluting a monument beside the Korean flag.

After that, he announced in August 2021 that his time in the military had ended. He posted his handmade bookmarks with Army art that he crafted during his service.

What Is Hosuh's Real Name From DanPlan?

DanPlan artist Hosuh's real name is Hosuh Lee.

He is a Korean by nationality. He is 26 years old and was born on December 7, 1995.

He has been with DanPlan since their Youtube Channel's inception in July 2014. He is close friends with Dan from DanPlan and former member Stephen, who now has his own channel, Actually Stephen.

Hosuh with DanPlan.
Hosuh with DanPlan. ( Source : instagram )

The YouTube channel DanPlan was initially a game channel where friends would show their gameplay videos. They would play games such as League of Legends, Path of Exile, HammerWatch, and Treasure Arena.

A couple of years later, they started uploading 2D animation videos on the channel, which slowly grew its subscribers count. They would create comedy and skit videos through animation and collaborate with other artists. He left to join the mandatory Korean Military Service at the peak of his career as an animator. He was out of YouTube during that period and later returned in late 2021 with videos on his channel.

Hosuh YouTube Channel Plan3

Hosuh has his own Youtube channel, Plan3. The channel was named Plan Dan and later renamed Plan Be before being named Plan3. He deleted some previous videos which showcased his works with DanPlan.

The only video he did not delete was "Playing Forest With Stephen," which he uploaded in June 2018. He has posted eight videos since returning from the Army and amassed a following of 184K subscribers.

Hosuh's YouTube Channel at a glance.
Hosuh's YouTube Channel at a glance. ( Source : youtube )

The first video Hosuh posted since returning from Army was "Somewhat Shopping," where he featured fellow animator and friend Stephen and Hart. He revealed that both he and Stephen had left DanPlan via the video description. 

Hosuh's Net Worth In 2022

Hosuh is a South Korean YouTuber who has a net worth of $1.5 million. 

The 26-year-old's primary source of income is his career as an animator. He is very expressive with his art and creates intriguing content on the internet. 

Hosuh's character alongside Stephen and Dan.
Hosuh's character alongside Stephen and Dan. ( Source : instagram )

He has been featured in several videos by other artists and Youtubers. Additionally, he has been featured in videos by former fellow DanPlan member Stephen.

Moreover, he makes a living by selling his services and working for other major platforms. He also streams regularly on Twitch, making art and chatting with thousands of viewers watching him. Twitch has been the go-to streaming platform for gamers and content creators. However, being a verified Twitch partner has its perks, and they can earn a living by just streaming alone.

Also, he has hundreds of thousands of followers across all social media platforms. He is an influencer who has promoted some related products in return for a commission as a partner and endorsements. Here is another article about the net worth of British Hip-Hop artist D4NNY's net worth.

Some FAQs

Has Hosuh done a face reveal?

No, Hosuh has not revealed his face yet.

Is Hosuh still with DanPlan?

Both Hosuh and Stephen have left DanPlan.

Has Hosuh returned from Korean Military Service?

Yes, Hosuh returned from Korean Military Service in August 2021.

What is Hosuh's real name and when was He Born?

Hosuh Lee was born on December 7, 1995.

What is Hosuh's Youtube Channel?

Hosuh currently uses the Youtube Channel, Plan3.

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