Chibidoki fans and followers are requesting the streamer to do her face reveal on her live broadcast. Learn more details about Chibidoki’s real name and net worth in this article.

Chibidoki, an independent VTuber on her Twitch handle who made her debut on July 3rd, 2021, creates a wide range of material, including playing video games.

The broadcaster performs a variety of activities on her Twitch account, including playing video games, acting as a male, making gremlin noises, and screaming. a mysterious cyber-dragon girl known for her incredible vitality, stunning looks, and humorous personality.

The streamer has gained thousands of followers on her social media handle even though she has not revealed her face and identity in the media.

Has Chibidoki Done a Face Reveal?

Chibidoki has not revealed her face to her followers on to her followers. Likewise, the creator hasn't uploaded any pictures.

There is a lot of hype building up as the streamer has not disclosed her beautiful face. Her fans and followers are regularly requesting her to reveal her identity through her streams.

She never shows her face and only posts animated images to herself. Chibidoki has stated that she dislikes showing her face in the media or in public.

The Youtuber’s fans became crazy after seeing her for the first time. They complimented Chibidoki on her appearance.

Chibidoki’s face is still a mystery. Fans started their assumptions about how she might look in real life by listening to her stream, voice, and character.

She frequently sends herself animated photos, and her fans still have no idea what she looks like in her life.

Chibidoki’s avatar in her stream has pink hair that is styled in two long twin tails with red ribbons encircling the lower of each. She has small ahoge curls on top of her head and "M"-shaped bangs in the front of her hair.

The avatar also has cute, pointed ears, wide crystal-blue eyes with sigils, medium-sized, upward-facing horns that resemble crystals, and an adorable oval face.

Chibidoki Age and Real Name

Chibidoki is currently 21 years old. The VTuber was born in June 2001.

She celebrates her birthday each year on 30th June. According to her birthdate, the broadcaster belongs to the Cancer sign. The streamer has not confirmed her name as her name in her streams.

The content creator is also known for her numerous nicknames: Chibi, Gremlin, Cheebs, Cringetuber, Chihuahua, and Big Head.

Chibidoki’s avatar in her stream has pink hair that is styled in two long twin tails with red and ribbons.
Source : deviantart

Chibidoki is a magical cyber dragon girl renowned for her exuberance, cute modeling skills, and witty personality. She is a dragon army general who, sadly, is confined to the human world! Her task is to create a portal so she can return home. The streamer is currently posing as a cute VTuber to manipulate scum into helping her build a portal back to her home and rejoin her dragon army!

From the web, the creator has a height of 5 feet (152 cm). Unfortunately, details about Chibidoki’s last recorded weight data are unavailable.

What Is Chibidoki’s Net Worth In 2022?

Chibidoki has not updated her net worth in the media.

However, looking at her social media handles, the streamer might have amassed a decent sum as she has accumulated a massive audience on her accounts.

The broadcaster is a partnered Twitch streamer who also uploads her content on her other social media sites. Chibidoki’s salary and monthly earnings are still a mystery to her followers.

Chibidoki has not mentioned any details of her income collected from sponsorships, brand endorsements, and Twitch premium subscribers.

On the streamer’s Twitch handle, she has broadened her horizons by taking up video games. She still enjoys Just Chatting broadcasts, fall Guys, Minecraft, and GTA V. One can explore the creator through her verified Twitch handle under her username @chibidoki. Chibidoki has accumulated more than 231k followers in her account.