Tragically, Charles Villiers, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla's cousin, has been discovered dead. Mr. Villiers was discovered dead in a hotel room after he took his own life.

His body was found in London's Marylebone at the Durrants Hotel. A housekeeper is said to have discovered the 59-year-old dead.
He arrived at the hotel on Wednesday of last week, and the Times reported that the next day, his body was discovered.

Villiers, 59, passed away after making headlines earlier this year due to his acrimonious divorce battle that cost him £10,000.

RIP: Why Has Charles Villiers Done Suicide?

Charles Villiers, a distant cousin of the Duchess of Cornwall is believed to have taken his own life in a London hotel room.

The 59-year-old's body was discovered by a housekeeper last week in a room at the Durrants Hotel in Marylebone, London, according to the Times.

He was involved in one of Britain's longest-running divorce fights following a disagreement over whether their divorce should be handled by Scottish or English courts. Charles Villiers and his estranged wife Emma Villiers had made headlines.

Their nasty divorce battle, which was still ongoing at the time of his death, was one of the longest ones ever recorded. The couple separated in 2012 and filed for divorce in 2014.

Charles Villiers and his estranged wife Emma have been engaged in protracted legal disputes for maintenance payments for eight years.
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According to his friend, he was having some mental issues because of which he arranged for him to return to the UK. Previously, he had relocated to a friend's yacht in Greece.

Charles was in such severe financial straits, according to Mr. Justice Mostyn of the High Court's family division, that he should not be required to pay support. This decision was made in March of last year.

He claimed that extremely poor litigation had "financially destroyed" the former couple, possibly having a negative psychological impact on both of them.

Emma, his wife, however, prevailed in an appeal to reverse his decision.

The court was informed that the former couple's manor house, Milton House, in West Dunbartonshire was seized in 2015.

Prior to their breakup in February, Charles and opera singer Heidi Innes were engaged. The couple had amassed thousands in debt during the Covid pandemic and were evicted from a leased property in Tyninghame, East Lothian, in November.

After that, they separated and spent a brief time in Budapest, Hungary.

Charles Villiers, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla’s Cousin Found Dead

Charles Villiers, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla's distant cousin has taken his own life in a hotel room after being declared bankrupt, according to Mirror.

He had allegedly just received a bankruptcy filing, another source told Daily Mail.

Daily Mail reported, "he was residing on a friend's yacht in the Greek islands before running into financial difficulties and having to sleep on couches earlier this month."

In February, opera soprano Heidi Innes (seen with Charles) parted ways with the Scottish aristocracy.
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But the friend made arrangements for Mr. Villiers to go back to the UK and consult a clinic because of worries about his mental health.

Last Wednesday, Mr. Villiers booked into the Durrants Hotel instead of going to the clinic, and the next day, he was found dead according to the Times.

What Happened To Charles Villiers?

Charles Villiers was discovered dead at the Durrants Hotel in London's Marylebone. The cause of the death is reported by several media outlets as suicide. However, the autopsy will determine the true cause of his death.

Charles, 59, had filed for divorce with his wife, Emma, 62, in 2014. However, the financial settlement was still pending.

Milton House, a West Dunbartonshire Georgian estate close to Dumbarton, had been home to Mr. and Mrs. Villiers. However, the property was seized in 2015
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Twenty judges heard the case in five different courts after the police looked into and rejected Villiers' claim that his wife had engaged in bigamy.

He claimed to be impoverished during the argument, and she wanted a settlement of £3.5 million. In June, Villiers was defeated in the most recent Court of Appeal trial.

Villiers, of Tyninghame, East Lothian, had argued that Scotland, where the couple had lived throughout their marriage, should be the location of the divorce proceedings.