Halle Burns Age, How Old Is The American YouTuber?

Halle Burns, 21, is a Youtuber and a Social media influencer
Halle Burns, 21, is a Youtuber and a Social media influencer( Source : instagram )

Halle Burns, 21, is a well-known TikTok, YouTuber, and Food Content Creator from the United States. She makes college-related recordings.

Halle has inspired millions with her creative ideas and high-quality content. She shares cooking tutorials and meal plans.

She is one of only a few exceptional TikTok stars who quickly gained 2.1 million followers. Web-based media has opened numerous doors for individuals to assist them in building an audience and capitalizing on individuals who stand out.

Quick Facts About Halle Burns

NameHalle Burns
BornAugust 13, 2001
SiblingsThree (One sister and two brothers)
Channel NameHalle Burns

Halle Burns Age, How Old Is The American YouTuber?

Halle Burns is 21 years old and was born on August 13, 2001.

She is a YouTuber from the United States whose videos are predominantly about student life and cooking recipes.

Halle joined the channel in 2014 when she was 14 but uploaded videos starting from 2020. She creates videos about her experiences at the University of Alabama. In her sophomore year, she began making videos (2020-2021). Her channel, however, has recently centered on vegan cooking and recipes.

Hella Burns turned 21 on August, 2022.
Hella Burns turned 21 on August, 2022. ( Source : instagram )

Some of her famous films are; Matcha Strawberries, Stuffed Peaches, 4-ingredient sorbet, Veggie rolls, What to do with your Kale, and many more. Her short reels on what to do with lemons have a maximum of 8.2million views.

At such a young age, she has made the identity of herself with 467k subscribers on YouTube and 120k followers on Instagram.

Halle Burns Family Background

Halle Burns is born to her parents in the Atlanta area on August 13, 2001. Her mother's name is Freda.

Burns' parents are no longer married, but she has two brothers and one older sister (Heather). The name of one of the brothers is Hunter. 

She attended Marietta, Georgia's Lassiter High School, for her primary education. She graduated from High School in 2019 and joined the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for her college degree. She is studying communications at the University. 

Young Halle Burns with her sister and two brothers.
Young Halle Burns with her sister and two brothers. ( Source : instagram )

She lived in Tutwiler Hall for her first two years before moving to an apartment. Her room was on the second floor, on the west side of the Tut. She recently posted a video in which she discussed what it's like to live alone in an apartment. Sharing her plans and making stock for her cooking.

Halle Burns' grandfather holding his 98th birthday gift.
Halle Burns' grandfather holding his 98th birthday gift. ( Source : instagram )

She rarely discusses her parents, but she recently celebrated her grandfather's 98th birthday on Instagram. They currently live in Asheville, North Carolina. According to her Instagram post, Halle's grandparents have been married for over 75 years. 

Halle Burns Net Worth: How Does She Makes Money?

Halle Burns is an American YouTuber who has a net worth of $400,000 as of 2022. 

The YouTuber makes the majority of her income through her channel and sponsorship. As of September 2022, she has 467k subscribers on her channel and a total view of 76,268,007. Similarly, Forbes analyzes that a typical YouTuber can earn $5 for every 1,000 video views. A YouTube video with one million views is worth up to $5,000.

Halle Burns promoting Just Made Juice on her Profile
Halle Burns promoting Just Made Juice on her Profile ( Source : instagram )

Based on this calculation, she had total career earnings of $381340 as of September 2022, with views of 76,268,007. She has a slew of Sponsors on her channel and Instagram account. Some of the lists of her sponsors are DavidsTea, JustMadeJuice, and many more. 

YouTubers charge brands between $10 and $50 per 1,000 views, depending on the pending video's estimated total number of views. If a video receives 1 million views, YouTube's revenue ranges between $10,000 and $50,000.

YouTube ads cost only $2 to $8 per 1,000 views, and sponsors typically pay $20 to $30 per minute. 

Since YouTube generates 45% of advertising revenue, advertising on your channel is not as inexpensive as it appears.
When you share products, your conversion rate increases significantly.

She is still growing and has a lot to achieve. Halle is the owner of a Toyota Yaris.

Some FAQs

How Old is Hella Burns?

Hella Burns is 21 years old as of September 2022.

Which Is Halle Burns' College?

Halle Burns is studying in University of Alabama.

Does Halle Burns Has TikTok?

Yes, Halle Burns has TikTok channel under the name, Ballehurns.

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