Japanese animated movie has become popular among the young generation. If you like one, then Haikyuu is great to add to your list.

15 Most Popular Haikyuu Characters Names are 1. Asahi Azumane 2. Hitoka Yachi 3. Mao Aihara and 12 more. Haikyuu is a famous Japanese animated series.

The series was directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and written by Taku Kishimoto.

Haruichi Furudate wrote the original comic novel. The written version of the Haikyuu was released in 2014, and the animated movie was released in 2014.

There are four seasons in the movie released from 2014 to 2020. Each episode is 24 minutes long and is in the Japanese language.

The anime begins with a volleyball player nicknamed "the small giant" joining the school's volleyball club to win the championship.

The movie is very much loved by the audience and by the critic. The movie has got 8.7/10 and has mostly positive reviews. Haikyuu has won one Anime Award for Best Boy For Shoyo Hinata.   

1. Asahi Azumane

Asahi Azumane during one of the volleyball matches
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Asahi is quiet and gentle with long hair and is usually styled in a bun. He also has difficulty accepting that he is an ace of Karasuno and does not see himself as one.

Asahi also appeared to look older than he actually is and people are afraid to approach him. Asahi is shown as a very soft heart character, who takes everything personally and hurts himself. 

He is known to be an ace of Karasuno but pushed for his title after losing a game with Data Tech. He blamed himself for the loss and felt disappointed in himself.

Asahi was surprised that his team was not blaming him for the loss. His teammate Libero said they could not blame him for not scoring but would not forgive him if he gave up quickly. 

Even though he does not attend any practice has an argument with his teammate and hit the vase in front of the vice principal and gets one week of suspension.

After that, he accepts his role as an ace and came back much more substantial than he thought.  He also gets mocked by others for not having any ace-like appearance even though he has gained a lot of self-confidence.

He might appear as a scary cat and feel insecure about a lot of things but it seems like he is not letting anyone take his ace position.

He is a very powerful attacker and has the talent to score even with multiple blockers. While joining high school he seems to take fashion design and becomes a fashion designer. 

2. Hitoka Yachi

Hitoka Yachi inside the school premises having discussion
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Hitoka is a small young girl with blonde hair and is shown as paranoid with over-imagination. She joins as a second manager for the boy volleyball club.

Due to her imagination, she often judges people based on their appearance and first impression and is often seen apologizing. 

She also misjudges Hinata for appearing shorter than the coach and thinks fanboy of Kiyoko and also thinks that he tries to kill her. 

She is also shown to underestimate her own importance and overshadow her capabilities even though she has a lot of good qualities.

Even though she is clumsy and get nervous quickly she always takes care of other and tries to cheer up when one is in bad mood.

She also has a curious personality and writes everything down in her notebook. She also keeps her notebook clean and organized learned from her mother who is a graphic designer. 

Her mother is a graphic designer and often leaves her at home alone depending on her working schedule. She became the replacement for the club after Kiyoko graduated.

Eventually, she becomes the official manager after Kiyoko retired. After graduating high school she joins college and works part-time in her mother's company.

She also gets better and slowly understands the sports and even though she lacks the skill set required but can pull off anything she learns.

In the series, the relationship between her mother and Yachi is also shown. They have a very awkward relationship as her mother is always busy with her work and Hitoka is responsible for household work. 

In the end, it can be seen that once she gained her confidence their relationship also gets better.   

3. Kōshi Sugawara

Kōshi Sugawara in supermarket
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Kōshi Sugawara is a vice-captain, substitute setter and pinch server for the boy's volleyball team. He is shown to be a gentle pillar of support for his teammates.

He does not give up on volleyball even when they cannot participate in their third year of study to focus on their future. As for his appearance, he is shown to be of average height and slender.

He also has a birthmark mole on his left eye, light grey hair, and hazel brown eyes.  He had always played as a setter and played a role for three years.

Even though he is a nurturing person he tends to get violent when he teases his teammate and is also seen smacking them when he is excited.

He always pays close attention to opposite team players to study their playing techniques. He always gives advice to his teammates on how to beat other players.

Even being a good player he rarely plays in matches and opposite players don't know what to expect from him. He has a very strong relationship with Daichi and is the captain of the team.

Koshi trusts his decision and the support that he makes for their team. After finishing high school Koshi became an elementary school teacher in Miyagi. 

He is also very close to Asahi and known each other since joining the volleyball club. Even though he works so hard for the team he showed praising his team but uses unique ways to say he is proud. 

4. Mao Aihara

Mao Aihara cheering her team during the match
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Mao Aihara plays girl's volleyball and is known as a wing spiker and the team ace. She appeared to be dirty blonde hair and her hair is always pulled back in a pony with side bangs.

She is the tallest girl in her team and also has a slim body. She is shown to be a friendly, supportive and sassy personality and has a good relationship with Yui Michimiya.

She usually appears in her volleyball uniform and her jersey number is 2. Sometimes also seen in her Karasuno school uniform and rarely seen in her casual outfit.

She is also seen joining when Michimiya tried to help others gain confidence. Mao is the first to notice the struggle the team is having due to a lack of practice.

But even with hard work and motivation her team lose the game. Mao also observe the technique of the boy's volleyball team later she also help the boy's team to win their finals.

She is often seen to be sassy when she is around Michimiya and also told her that she lacks vocabulary. 

She is very close to Michimiya and knows her very well and was also aware of the fact that she has a crush on Daichi.  Mao was impressed after mich was able to give Daichi a victory charm after the match. 

5. Yui Michimiya

Yui Michimiya at her third year of high school
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Yui Michimiya is the captain of the Volleyball team and a very active person. She has lighter brown hair with an average height and a thin figure.

Mich is also shown to be a very smiley person and often cracks jokes. She is the team captain and cares a lot about her team and always gives an inspiring speech to her team member.

She is very put together in front of her team member and cries when she is far away from her team member. She is seen in her Karasuno girl's uniform mostly and in her jersey when there is a match.

She has a huge crush on Daichi and shares that she doesn't think that they are going to win the match. And also tells him that she has not been seriously practising and lack the skill and technique.

Daichi also points out that she is never serious about the game and never plays with the serious intention to win.

At that moment she remembered he has advised him of a similar thing when they were in middle school and said that as captains they should never think of losing the game.

She feels much better after talking with Daichi and looks forward to the tournament. But even with hard practice and motivation her team lose and she break down when left alone with her coach.

Later she became grateful that she could even be part of the finals. That was the final year of Yui and after her retirement, Rinko took her place.

After high school, Mich started to work at a hotel in Tokyo and her appearance does not seem to have changed much.   

6. Daichi Sawamura

Daichi Sawamura during one of the volleyball tournaments
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Daichi Sawamura is a volleyball captain and plays as a wing spiker for the team. He is shown as a caring and responsible captain who always puts his team first. 

He has short dark hair and is not taller than other players but has a muscular body. He is usually shown with a gentle smile and when he gets angry his eye glaze over and looks terrifying.

He only shows his tough side when his teammate crosses the line or refuses to listen to him. But he never thinks terribly for his teammate due to this he is well respected and feared by the team.

Daichi is very mature and independent and does not give the high school student an impression. Even being mature he also portrays childish behaviour like accidentally setting off an emergency alarm.

Due to his dedication towards his team, they were able to win the tournament even though they have the least chance to win.

When their coach Ikkei Ukai was hospitalized as a captain he has to act as a team coach. He is the defensive pillar of the team and is assigned the most difficult received.

After the highschool Daichi join the police force: community safety division. He has a close relationship with Sugawara and relies on each other as a teammate and as a friend.

Karasuno is also seen to have a close relationship with Daichi and is often seen enjoying teasing him. 

7. Ikkei Ukai

Ikkei Ukai while training his team
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Ikkei Ukai is a coach of the boy's volleyball team and once led a team to the national. He is shown to be an old man with grey hair.

His appearance is shown to be scary at first but in reality, he is a kind heart person and wants the best for his student. Despite his age, he appeared to be well-built and athletic.

He is also shown to be very strict and uses a brutal training method.  Ikkei was famous before his team Karasuno was selected for the national tournament.

It can be seen that Nekomata and Ikkei became rivals when Neko claim that Ikkei's received was easy.

They bring their team to practice and challenge each other as often as possible and in the end, two rival coaches become good friends.

After retirement, he temporarily becomes the coach of Karasuno but he passed out and has to be hospitalized. 

The doctor reveals that in his younger days, he overdid things and now his old body could not handle it.

After some time he has to be hospitalized once more and watches matches from the hospital room with another patient and a student.

While he was hospitalized his role was played by his grandson Keishin. Ukai is still coaching kids, college students and adults at his Lil' Tykes Volleyball classroom. 

Currently, his grandson has taken his place but has to take advice from his grandfather as he has not become an expert.   

8. Saeko Tanaka

Saeko Tanaka while participating in cheerleading
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Saeko Tanaka is Ryūnosuke Tanaka's older sister and also a former student at Karasuno High School. She is usually in charge of caring for her younger brother.

She is shown as slender body with honey-blonde hair and average height. Saeko is very confident, loud and outspoken and dress casually.

She also has short hair and brushes her bands to the right side of her face. Tanaka does not like studying and somehow passes her college entrance on her first attempt.

Saeko also joins cheerleading to match her loud and confident nature. Her brother was embarrassed by her but his friend saw her as a cool older sister.

Ryun and Saeko fight like a typical brother and sister and she also interrupts her brother's study session for willingly studying. She tries to help her brother to study but he says that she is as stupid as him.

In one of her brother's matches, she reveals herself very loudly to be Tanak's older sister and her brother was very embarrassed.

Saeko later started to work at a motorcycle shop and still is a captain of a cheerleading group. Even though she never fully understood volleyball she later learn many things about the game just by watching it.

At Karasuno high she becomes close friends with Yachi, Kageyama and Hinata. She also gave her a ride to Tokyo and Yachi was always by her side even with her extroverted personality.

9. Ryūnosuke Tanaka

 Ryūnosuke Tanaka during one of his volleyball tournaments
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Ryūnosuke Tanaka is a second-year high school student who plays volleyball. He plays as a wing spiker and is known as the team's future ace.

He has shaved head and sharp grey eyes. He appeared to be lean but had a more muscular body.

Later he can be seen being more athletic and grows his hair. He is shown as loud, and aggressive and picks fights with everyone. 

He usually comes late in the game practices but is very caring and supportive of his teammates. When he scores in volleyball he tends to take his shirt off and spin it over his head.

He is mentally more robust than other teammates and it does not affect him to be targeted or get blocked during a block.

Even with everything he keeps trying and never gives up, he is the second-strongest spiker in Karasuno. He is also very good friends with Yu and both have a similar personality.

He is also very close to her sister Saeko even though they fight like a typical brother and sister but are very protective towards each other.

He is also the only member to play in the Karasuno for a longer period of time. He works as a personal trainer after graduating from high school.

He always liked Kiyoko and in the end, he marries her. He liked her from the moment he saw her and also purposed to Kiyo but she rejected him. 

10. Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu working as a boy volleyball manager
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Kiyoko Shimizu is the manager of the volleyball boys' team.  She is very serious and passionate about her position as manager.

She has average height and long dark hair. Kiyo is also shown as an attractive girl and gets lots of attention from the boys.

She is also known as a beautiful manager because of her appearance and is mostly seen in her volleyball uniform.

She cares a lot about the team member and has washed and fixed the Karasuno banner to cheer the player.

Even though she is very caring she is very shy when it comes to giving motivational speeches to the team. Later Kiyo also joins the team and began to open up and talk often and even crack jokes.

After joining the team people notice that she is a strong girl as she knocks the ball flying towards Yachi without flinching.

When she was in middle school she used to participate in jumping over hurdles. Due to the jumping, she has several scars on her leg and she also does not talk to anyone at that time.

Before being manager she knew nothing about volleyball and learn everything by observing the game and learning everything about rules, regulations, and referee signals. 

After high school, she started to work as a sports store employee and married Tanaka. The couple reunited with several other players after they went to the Jackals and Alders game.

In the end, Kiyo can be seen being comfortable with her scar and does not cover them up with leggings. 

11. Keishin Ukai

Keishin Ukai is coach of the volleyball team
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Keishin Ukai is a coach and a former player of the team Karasuno. He is the grandson of coach Ikkei. 

He is appeared to be blonde hair and wears a headband. He is a typical 20-year-old man who smokes and drinks and casually talks about alcohol to a minor. 

He appeared lazy and cranky and spent most of his time at work reading newspapers and yelling at people for disturbing him.

Despite his behaviour, he is very competitive, has strong coaching skills and is a hardworking individual. He takes early morning classes to cover the time he spends on the Karasuno team.

He is also not good at studying and at first declines the offer of the coach. He still coaches the team Karasuno but is not an extraordinarily skilled player and often gets teased by his grandfather. 

As a cos]ach and an advisor he and Takeda work together and supervised the team together. They also have a strong respect for each other and are also seen solving the problem together.

Kei is also close with Manabu and was a friend during high school.  They reunite in the Nekoma practice match and they tease each other like in past days.

He also has a rough relationship with his grandfather as he wrestles with him after he fails to perform his responsibility.

Even though he has great respect for his grandfather and helps him with his advice. Later he can be seen bragging about his grandson and feeling proud of him.

12. Chikara Ennoshita

Chikara Ennoshita at his volleyball practice
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Chikara Ennoshita plays volleyball as a substitute wing spiker. He began playing in his second year and became a captain in his third year.

Chikara is a reticent person with a gentle smile and an average-looking guy. He usually doesn't attract attention and often goes unmentioned in his practice.

He is the only second year that can control Tanaka and Nishinoya. Chikara understands and relates to different people and is always there.

These kinds of traits made him a good captain in his third year.  Even though he was selected for the captain, he lacks confidence and experience but he is smart and has never received a failing makes.

He could not keep up with the game in his first year and started to skip games with Kinoshita and Narita Later he realise that the game is very important to him but their coach was hospitalized.

After that, he and his three friends started to call themselves an ungrateful second year. After high school, he became a physical therapist and was not able to reunite with his team.

Due to his busy schedule, he watches games online.  He often used to compare his skill and ability to Daichi. He was a good friend of Kinoshita and Narita and known each other since the first year.  

He is an excellent communicator and was considered "Don of the Second year" for controlling Tanaka and Nishinoya.

Chikara has the ability to have a stable presence in the team allowing him to see through his rival's plan.  This is also a primary reason for choosing him as captain in the third year. 

13. Ittetsu Takeda

Ittetsu Takeda as a volleyball advisor
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Ittetsu Takeda work as a faculty advisor and head coach of the Karasuno boy's volleyball club. His work is to secure practice matches and a coach for the team.

He is shown as having an optimistic attitude and is a little bit clumsy. Takeda is also polite and respectful towards others and often bows to others to show gratitude.  

He takes his job as an advisor very seriously ad frequently delivers an inspiring pep talk to team members. But he sometimes doubts his speech and overthinks that they are more confused because of him.  

Even though he is an advisor for volleyball, he has very little knowledge about volleyball. He is very aware that he has little knowledge about the game but works very hard for sake of the student.

He teaches contemporary Japanese literature and arranges practice matches for the student. It can be seen that he was going to give a speech praising the player for winning the match during Karasuno vs Tokonami.

He stops because he was afraid that his phrase are too hard for teenagers to understand. He continues to be an advisor for the Karasuno volleyball team.

He also helped Hinata to get training in Brazil when he decided to get a train at beach volleyball. He is currently working as a head coach and Ukai's grandson is his assistant.  

In the beginning, Ukai is annoyed by the Takeda and later they become a close friend.  Later Ukai also expresses his gratitude towards Takeda for allowing him to lead the team.

14. Shōyō Hinata

Shōyō Hinata in one if the volleyball tournament
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Shōyō Hinata is a first-year Karasuno volleyball player and middle blocker. He has orange hair and a thinner body and often mistaken him for junior high.

Shōyō is energetic, cheerful, easily excited, and sometimes loud.  He sometimes makes very rush decisions but most of the time he is very simple-minded.

Hinata is very observant, can read social cues, and is very empathetic towards others' struggles. He often has the right word to say at right time and encourage people to do their work properly.

Most of the time he is a very fun person and extroverted but gets very serious when it comes to playing volleyball. He does not give up easily and has also helped his team win several matches.

When he was new to a volleyball he lack experience and become nervous easily and often get an upset stomach.

Over time he becomes an expert in the game and also becomes able to handle more pressure. He prioritises volleyball more than his study and never scored double-digit on any test.

Even though he is a very skilled player he does not consider a powerful player in the team. He mostly uses his speed and stigma and is known to be the fastest player in the team.

He continues to play volleyball even after high school and becomes a member of Japan's Men's National Volleyball Player Team.

Hinata can be a professional team member in the Brazil Super League Asas São Paulo.

15. Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima scoring in the volleyball tournament
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Kei Tsukishima is in the first year of the Karasuno and plays volleyball. Kei is the middle blocker in the team. He is built to be a volleyball player, incredibly tall, and has a slim body.

 Kei has short blonde hair and is often seen with a smirk on his face. He is very upfront and blunt, and his team gets annoyed by his smug attitude.

Even with this attitude he has low self-esteem and thinks of himself as inferior. He has a personality of a person who has little interest in everything and does not show emotions often.

Kei is a very hard-working and kind boy and has found passion in volleyball. When he was younger he was very cheerful and has a close relationship with his older brother.

He often watch the volleyball practice of his older brother who played as a team ace. After joining the high school he also joins the volleyball team with Yamaguchi.

During the match between Karasuno High vs. Ohgiminami High, he correctly analysed the opponent's plays and successfully blocked them many times.

He is so honest that he is not scared to tell that he could not care less if the team wins nationally or not.

Kei did not stop playing volleyball after high school and currently plays as a middle blocker for The Sendai Frogs.

Currently, he is studying in college and plans to work for the Sendai City Museum.