Google Pixel 6 Faces Racist Allegations After Super Bowl Ad: Here Is Where The Media Conglomerate Went Wrong

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Google Pixel 6 faces racist cameras allegation after the Super Bowl Ad. More updates on the next-generation smartphone.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro announced their new feature on the smartphone in the fall of 2021. Their latest improvement includes the camera capabilities and many other features.  

Moreover, the company has launched a 60 second Super Bowl ad based on more realistic skin tones. Regardless of the ad, Google Pixel 6 now faces racism allegations. 

The company has fallen into racist controversy, with people on social media condemning the Super Bowl ad. 

Google Pixel 6 Faces Racist Cameras Allegation After Super Bowl Ad

Google Pixel 6 launched a 60-second ad that focuses on its new camera features. The ad goes as "Historically, camera technology hasn't accurately represented darker skin tones...Everyone deserves to get seen as they truly are."

However, the company seems to have fallen into massive controversy after the commercial. The people over social media are criticizing Google Pixel 6 for its ad. 

Moreover, after watching the ad, people have started accusing Google Pixel 6 of racism. The commercials show a series of images on the screen with diversified people. 

While Google designed this new feature for diversified people, it seems to have got an unexpected reaction from the people claiming the new camera of Google Pixel 6 is racist. 

Google Pixel 6 Camera Features

Google Pixel 6 has launched its new product with camera features focused on diversified people. Google Pixel and Pixel 6 have somewhat similar photography features. 

The camera features include 50-megapixel wide sensor with 1.2μ pixels and f/1.85, 1/13in the sensor. In addition to that, there is a 114-degree field view with 12 megapixels ultra-wide and an 8-megapixels selfie camera. 

Most of all, Google has focused its new camera features on Real Tone, with improved autotune, autoexposure, and auto-white balance. Also, an upgraded camera sensor.

Google Pixel 6 Controversy Explained

After the Super Bowl Ad, Google Pixel 6 has faced controversy with its latest camera features. While some have found the features interesting, others have found it more racist. 

Social media got broken into many forms with the scandal, and many people have found the ad racist. Some users have accused Google Pixel 6 of calling other cameras racist, while others have found the whole ad racist. 

With the commercial showing diversified people, the users have alleged the company is racist. Either way, Google Pixel 6 has gotten tangled over the huge racist controversy.

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