There Is A New Dance Trend On Tiktok: Find The 'Get Sturdy' Meaning & Tutorial Here

The tutorial showing how to do the Get Sturdy dance on TikTok is popular on the internet. 

People of Tiktok have once again introduced a dance challenge trending on the platform. The Get Sturdy dance is getting much attention as many people try to do the challenge. 

While some people do not understand the meaning of the viral TikTok trend, some are looking for tutorial videos. There is nothing to worry about as we have got you covered. 

How To Do The Get Sturdy Tiktok Dance?

The Get Sturdy TikTok dance is viral on the platform. As a result, many content creators have broken down the steps of the dance-making it simpler to learn for beginners.  

@lordhec Lemme see you get sturdy ! #sturdy #dancetutorial ♬ Basboosa drill remix - Izzy

Not everyone is an expert to get hold of everything that goes around in Tiktok. Many creators take time to learn the moves and then create a video of their version. 

Thus, those who are expertise in the challenges of Tiktok have uploaded tutorial videos of the dance so that others can learn easily. The dance shows everyone jumping from one leg to the next while making the dance motions.

A user on his profile posted a video of how it should be done. 

The steps in the video say to jump on the right leg, then on the left leg, kick back and forth and beat your chest. Now, follow the steps with a sync, and there is your Get Sturdy dance. 

Meaning Behind The Viral Tiktok Dance Get Sturdy Trend Explained

The meaning behind the viral dance, Get Sturdy on Tiktok, is an evolution version of the Woo Walk. According to Dexerto, it is a song and dance created by a group of artists from New York.

It was popular once on the major social media platform. And, now it seems it has developed into getting Sturdy version. Those who have seen someone dance to Pop Smoke's "Dior" song would recognize the dance.

@sofiaathe1stt Getting sturdy in centrallll😂 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #CloseYourRings #sturdy #getsturdy #london #foru #fypシ ♬ What They Gon Say - Ron Suno & Zay Munna

It involves having one hand outstretched and one on the front of your belt while walking in time. In addition, the rapper in the song Dior also uses the term Sturdy. 

In the lyrics, he said, oh, you feeling sturdy? When the Woo Walk was popularized in social media, people would do the woo walk to get sturdy. The Woo Walk developed into 'Get Sturdy' as time passed. 

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What does Get Sturdy Mean?

The literal meaning of the word Sturdy refers to a person who is well built and strong. But for the cyberians, it is a dance move. 

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