Georgia: Is Ben Gunby Arrested For Two Counts Of Murder Charges?

Ben Gunby has been arrested
Ben Gunby has been arrested ( Source : twitter )

Ben Gunby is said to have been arrested for a slew of illegal activities.

Ben Gunby is accused of deceiving a large number of people on Twitter.

People are curious to learn more about him after hearing about his arrest on Twitter.

Georgia: What Was Ben Gunby Arrested For?

As per reports, Ben Gunby was charged with aggravated assault, two charges of murder, battery, and aggravated battery after being detained. 

The news was shared by one of the users on Twitter. He wrote, "instead of subtweeting about it all day: some of you may know ben gunby from braves twitter. on 6/12 he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, 2 counts of murder, battery, and aggravated battery."

"be careful who you talk to on Twitter. have a blessed day."

The tweet was soon shared by many users. Many of them passed frightened comments. 

One of the users commented, "Man I've talked to him over and over about getting help. As soon as I started hearing the rumors last night, I knew. How awful."

Others wrote, "Ohhhh boy. I was wondering what everyone was tweeting about. Yikes. I don't think I have interacted with him before. I appreciate you putting it out there. I was confused what was happening."

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Ben Gunby Murder Charges & Mugshot 

Ben Gunby is charged with two murders and many other law-breaking cases. He was arrested on June 12. 

Murder can be a crime of passion, which is a felony in the second degree. The defendant must, however, show that there was sufficient cause for the sudden passion; otherwise, the 1st-degree felony allegation will remain.

If convicted, the sentence ranges from 5 to 99 years in prison, as well as financial fines, according to Neal Davis.

When an individual is charged with capital murder in Texas, they may face life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. There are also monetary consequences.

It is still unknown what charges Ben will face.

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Ben Gunby Age & Family 

Ben Gunby appears to be in his late twenties. He has not, however, divulged his exact age. He has kept his personal life private, including knowledge about his family.

Ben Gunby in the frame
Ben Gunby in the frame ( Source : instagram )

Ben is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. @bengunby is his Instagram handle. On Instagram, he frequently shared photos of his pet cat. He seemed to be quite connected to his cat.

He goes by the handle @guuuumby on Twitter. In March 2022, he became a member.

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