Montreal Canadiens Owner Geoff Molson Has A Net Worth Of Around $1.75 Billion Dollars In 2022

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NHL team owner Geoff Molson lives a lavish life with his net worth in billions.  

A famous Canadian businessman, Geoff Molson, has taken over the market for years. He is mainly known for co-owning Montreal Canadiens, a team that plays in NHL and serving as CEO and president. 

The public respects him as the Royal Military College Saint-Jean's Honorary Colonel in Quebec, Canada. He is also an Order of Canada member, the second-highest merit honor. 

Let's look into the profile of one of the wealthiest men in Canada and his fancy lifestyle. 

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Geoff Molson Net Worth As NHL Team Co-Owner

Geoff Molson estimated net worth is roughly around $1.75 billion. He is a renowned businessman and a co-owner of the Montreal Canadiens, an ice hockey club. 

The team is known for competing in the National Hockey League and having a value of $1.6 billion, as reported by Forbes. Meanwhile, the club revenue for the 2020/21 season was around $105 million. 

Geoff is the president and runs all events at the L'Equipe Spectra company and the Bell Centre. His club's highest-paid player estimated earning is around $12 million per year. 

Moreover, he is part of the Molson family, known for being one of the most prominent business families. Their joined expected net worth is known to be approximately C$1.75 billion. 

The family also has a name in the brewing industry and owns several top companies.  

Montreal Canadiens Owner Geoff Molson Is A Billionaire

Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson is a billionaire and belongs to one of the wealthiest families. He lives in a luxurious house with a fancy and extravagant lifestyle. 

He co-owns the Canadian Ice Hockey team, whose value is in the billions. Most of all, he grew up in a prestigious family with a significant name in the business world. 

With years of experience in the business world, Geoff must have earned a fortune with several stocks in the market.  

Montreal Canadians owner Geoff Molson
Montreal Canadians owner Geoff Molson

Meet Geoff Molson Family- Inside His House And Married Life

Geoff Molson lives with his family in the Montreal house. He was born to Jane M. and Eric Molson in his hometown, where he took his first step toward success. 

He is happily married to his wife, Katherine Brigid, and shares four children. Regardless of being a popular public figure and an inspiration, he has preferred to keep his family matter private from the public eye. 

He and his better half seem to be caring and supportive parents to their kids. 

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