Futives is an American Twitch star whose face and real name are yet to be disclosed to the public.

He is an active Twitch star who has 290K followers on his Twitch account. He is mainly seen streaming gaming videos on the respective site.

His bio on Twitch says 'Cyber Athlete.' Futives is loved by most of his viewers. They eagerly wait for his videos on social media platforms.

He can also be found on Instagram with the username @_futiveswith 23.9K followers, whereas he is not following anyone back. The total count of posts on his IG is five, and his most recent position was on November 13, 2021, with the caption, "I love you."

The site Futives is active in has been backed by significant venture capital investments, including US$20 million in 2013 and US$15 million in 2012.

Investors during the three rounds of fundraising leading up to 2013's conclusion were Thrive Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Draper Associates. Additionally to the increase in venture capital, it was thought in 2013 that the company had become profitable.

Full NameFutives
Age20-25 years old
ProfessionTwitch star
Twitch Account@Futives
Instagram Account@_futives

Futives Face Reveal And Real Name

Futives' face is yet to be revealed on social media sites, and he has not even opened up any details about his real name. The twitch star's fans and followers are eager to know about his personal information.

Ryula Reacting On Futives' Videos
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The streamer may reveal the objective he has set for himself when he completes it. His use of the headline and thumbnail as clickbait has so far been effective in attracting a big audience. He is mainly known as a streamer and social media influencer who releases his gaming to entertain his fans and followers.

Aside from that, he has garnered the public's favor by concealing his identity from his admirers. On his channel, he displays his gameplays and games. Because he doesn't use a face cam when broadcasting, his fans are blind to his looks.

The quantity of subscribers on the channel has increased to almost 850k since AD Futives initially joined YouTube on April 7, 2014. Similarly, we could watch him on Twitch, another streaming website where he mainly does live sessions. He is now uploading several quick gameplay videos to YouTube.

Due to Futives' remarkable sense of humor and superb skill, Futives is well known for playing the game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and enjoys a large fan base. He is a streamer from the US who frequently posts material on role-playing games, action games, action adventures, and video game culture.

Twitch Star Futives' Age

Twitch star Futives' is somewhere between 20-25 years old as of now.

He was born to his loving parents in the United States, holds an American nationality, and belongs to a mixed ethnic group. He is 5 feet and 3 inches (1.61 m) tall. The star is very hard-working and has made his family members proud with his skills. 

The Twitch star is also seen uploading videos on the famous social media platform 'YouTube.' His ascent to stardom is partly due to the games he streams on his Twitch account. He usually produces Battlegrounds games from the third-person vantage point.

He experienced a very happy and rewarding childhood as his parents used to love and support him in every step of his life. So that Futives could pursue his goals, they continuously fulfilled all of his demands.

In other words, Futives' upbringing unquestionably contributed significantly to setting the foundation for their achievement and the amount of success they are currently enjoying. He has made his mom and dad happy and proud early.

Futives Net Worth In 2022: How Rich Is He?

Futives' net worth is said to be around $529,803 in 2022. He is pretty rich as he might make money by streaming live video games on websites like Twitch and YouTube. He'll get compensated for the advertisements.

Futives' Old Instagram Post That Says,
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The Twitch star has worked day and night to get into the position that he is now. He has found a great platform 'Twitch' to show his skills. The site is a live video streaming platform based in the United States that specializes in broadcasting video games, including coverage of esports events, music, and original content.

Twitch has surpassed its general interest equivalent and was ranked as the fourth-largest source of peak Internet traffic in the US in February 2014.

In addition, to introduce ways to buy games through links on streams and a program permitting streamers to gain commissions on the sales of games they play, Twitch acquired Curse, a provider of online video gaming communities, in 2016. Since then, Curse has operated several online video gaming communities.

He has made most of his income through this fantastic site. Nowadays, many youngsters use various social media sites as their primary sources of earnings. Twitch has 15 million active users on a regular basis and 3 million monthly broadcasters as of February 2020, with an average of 1.4 million concurrent users. Over 27,000 partner channels were available on Twitch as of May 2018.