Fresh & Fit Podcast Host Tommy Sotomayor Gets Punched By Girl, Viral Video On Reddit

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The controversy King Tommy Sotomayor, who got punched by a girl, has been pulled into a controversy in the Fresh & Fit podcast. 

Tommy Sotomayor is Film Maker, musician, and comedian.

He is The Architect as his Instagram bio states. The public figure also engages himself in activisms and is a Smut Peddle, Philosopher and Truth Teller, 

Well known as the King of Controversy, Tommy self-acclaims himself as the person who speaks out truth and logic.

Fresh & Fit Podcast: Tommy Sotomayor Gets Punched By Girl

Tommy Sotomayor gets punched and assaulted by a girl in the Fresh and Fit podcast video.  

He recently filed a police report on assaulter Miss Chayneria or Chay and he also shared via his Instagram that he will be pursuing this matter to the fullest and not let it go in the slightest way possible. Likewise, he also more or less cast light on equality stating that if it was a man who physically assaulted a woman, he would be in jail by now.

Tommy also shared that since he can not hit the woman back, he will proceed with this assault matter by doing the court thing, especially since she took all over the internet bragging about the assault and all.

And, the radio show host has already started with the legal proceedings and actions to get the justice fully served to him and for the abuser to be punished by law.

Tommy Sotomayor Punched Video On Reddit

Tommy Sotomayor's punched video can't be found on Reddit but on YouTube.

He has asked the viewers or audience to join his Onlyfans to see the full video of what made Chay mad and jealous. He also pinpointed that it's because of her jealousy because he chose her light-skinned friend.

As noted in Lipstick Valley, the reason Chay lost her temper and physically fought with Sotomayor is that he had more chemistry with the light-skinned girl and she felt insecure about light-skinned women, with whom he got more intimate.

In his Instagram video, he also said that it's because of dark-skinned girls' insecurities and vulnerabilities over nothing, the world doesn't like such girls in general.

What Is Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2022?

Tommy Sotomayor has a net worth collection in around or above five figures in 2022.

According to Celebrity Networth, the YouTube personality has a total sum of $500 thousand in accumulation.

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