Foodie Beauty aka Chantal Marie YouTube Takes Down The Foodiebeautyog Channel

Foodie Beauty, aka Chantal Marie Youtube, has been taken down due to sexual content; find out more about the actual cause.

As the Foodie Beauty Youtube account has been terminated, her fans seem sad and curious t know if she will be back or not.  

The debate about whether her suspension is valid or not is raging on Twitter and Reddit.

Foodiebeautyog: Foodie Beauty Aka Chantal Marie, YouTube Takes Down The Channel

Foodie Beauty, aka Chantal Marie's YouTube account, has vanished from the video-sharing platform. The Foodie Beauty account was deactivated earlier this month for violating YouTube's service rules.

According to YouTube's statement, This account has been canceled due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's rules on nudity or sexual content.

Foodie Beauty Chantal flaunted terms of service infractions one too many times evidently," one Twitter user alleged.

On the other hand, Foodie Beauty stated she is still fighting YouTube's termination decision in an address to followers on her OnlyFans account.

Marie addressed her YouTube termination on her OnlyFans channel. "Alright, so here is what I shall do for now while I am in appeal for my YouTube channel," she wrote to admirers. OnlyFans will be used to live-stream, and if that fails, Patreon will be used."

"For frequent vlogs and other stuff, I'll use Patreon." Sorry about everything, and please know how much I value your help."

This isn't the actual word, but it's close enough.

Foodie Beauty Flash And Reddit Reaction -What Did She Do?

Foodie Beauty appears to be disappointed as her Youtube account has been suspended; a debate has erupted on Reddit whether YouTube's decision is correct.

Young Dumb Honey Bun (YDHB), a YouTube commentator, has prepared a video outlining the reasons why Foodie Beauty's channel was canceled.

Foodie Beauty began live-streaming on the free online chat service Omegle, according to YDHB, and she then allegedly reposted footage. If this is accurate, it will violate YouTube's terms of service.

She was also accused of promoting her OnlyFans on YouTube, according to a Twitter user who goes by the handle Olde Darling. This would also contravene YouTube guidelines.

Fans are questioning how they can stay up to speed with Chantal's material now that her primary account, Foodie Beauty, has been deactivated. So, while her YouTube account is no longer active, her Instagram account is still open to the public.

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