Hairstyling for Flower Girl carries immense significance in the context of weddings because it reflects their personality and sense of style. A well-executed hairstyle elevates the mood of the person throughout the event.

The flower girl's hairstyle also signifies a sense of unity and elegance on the day of bonding between two individuals. Hairstyling is a personal preference so some choose simplicity while others opt for delicate braids or intricate updos adorned with floral accents. Here, you will find a list of creative hairdo ideas for the special occasion.

1. Braided Crown

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Braided Crown is a charming and elegant hairdo that adds to your charm and personality while attending wedding parties as a flower girl. Wearing this style really complements the attire of the flower girl.

This sophisticated hairstyle combines elements of braiding and crown-like positioning of the hair that creates a delicate and whimsical look. If done with care and secured properly, the Braided Crown will stay put throughout the day. You will certainly appreciate the comfort, as the hair stays neatly in place without feeling too tight or restricting. 

2. Flower Crown

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The Flower Crown hairstyle is a delightful accessory that adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to the wearer's overall look. The main feature of this hairstyle is indeed as the name suggests, flowers, which can be real or artificial, depending on personal preference.

The most preferred floral choices for this hairstyle are roses, daisies, baby's breath, and wildflowers which allow you to customize it to suit the overall theme of the event. The important component of the Flower Crown is the Base, which can be made from wire, twine, or ribbon. This flexible base holds the flower and greenery securely in place.

3. Twisted Bun

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Twisted Bun is a versatile hairstyle option for flower girls that adds elegance with a touch of playfulness to their personality. This styling will make the person look adorable and stand out in the crowd.

The hair is pulled back from the face, twisted, and wrapped in a circular coil around itself just above the neck of the girl. The twisted texture of the buns has an aesthetic appeal and emits a vibe of sophistication. Twisted Bun combines elements like elegance, comfort, and durability which will make the wearer feel pretty special on the auspicious occasion.

4. Half-Up Twists

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Half-Up Twists hairstyle is created by taking sections of hair from each side and twisting them back into a half-up style and securing it in place with a bow or ribbon. This styling suits flower girls of every age and really brings out the sweetness in their character.

This elegant hairstyle strikes a perfect balance between a cute, youthful look and a sophisticated appearance. Half-Up Twists saves the hassle of having to go through elaborate styling for those not used to going that length. This styling emphasizes the practicality and convenience of the wearer.

5. Curly Updo

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Curly Updo is a timeless hairstyle for a flower girl to get ready for her special occasion. This enchanting hairstyle involves gathering the hair at the crown of the head and intricately twisting and pinning it into a delicate, voluminous bun.

The hallmark of this hairstyle is the soft, cascading curls that frame the face and create a whimsical and romantic look. For the wearer, it exudes a sense of grace and adds poise to the overall character of the lady.

6. Braided Ponytail

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A Braided Ponytail is achieved by gathering the hair into a high ponytail at the crown of the flower lady's head. Then the ponytails are divided into three equal sections and braided by intertwining them.

A delicate ribbon or floral accessory can be added to give an extra touch of whimsy. This hairstyle helps the girl to keep her hair neat and tidy throughout the function while also giving a chance to customize it to match the wedding theme. The intricate braiding signifies the idea of unity and togetherness, that mirrors the bond of the Bride and the Groom.

7. French Braid

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French Braid is the type of hairstyle to go with if you want a polished appearance with a perfect combination of practicality. Furthermore, the intricate weaving of the braid exudes a vibe of suaveness to complement the beautiful attire of the flower lady.

The hair is equally divided into three equal sections near the crown of the head and the sections are braided with one another simultaneously. The fun part is that you can adorn the braid with flowers, ribbons, or sparkly pins to enhance the lady's charm.

The refined design represents the coming together of different elements to create something beautiful that very much tunes in with the union of two people in marriage. This meaningful aspect is the factor that makes French Braid so popular across the world.

8. Loose Waves

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Loose Waves hairstyle is achieved by creating soft, flowing waves that cascade gently down the hair which gives a look that is both charming and sophisticated. This is a versatile style that allows you to be creative and add some touches to match the theme.

This hairstyle is perfect for a lady undertaking the responsibility of a flower girl because its romantic and delicate appearance complements the innocence and sweetness associated with flower girls. This delightful choice adds a touch of enchantment to the occasion.

9. Side-Swept Curls

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The elegant Side-Swept Curls on the Flower Girl will make her look like a little princess at a wedding or any other special occasion. This enchanting style really enhances the natural beauty of the girl and maintains an age-appropriate look.

The hair is gently curled and then swept to one side with bobby pins or a decorative hairpin, creating a soft and romantic look. This style pairs seamlessly with various flower girl dresses, offering versatility and adaptability to different themes.

10. Ribbon-Tied Pigtails

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A Ribbon-Tied Pigtails is a timeless hairstyle for a flower girl that involves parting the hair down the center and creating two neat, low pigtails on either side of the head. Delicate and colorful ribbons are used to tie each pigtail which enhances the overall look of the wearer.

The ribbons are an important element of this hairstyle since they help to add an element of whimsy to the look and match the color scheme of the event. The age-appropriate quality of this style ensures the comfort and confident of the flower girl on her special day.

11. Messy Bun

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Messy Bun is the most desirable hairstyle for younger flower girls since this timeless styling exudes a youthful, carefree elegance to complement the playfulness of their personality. It gives out a relaxed yet polished appearance to the wearer.

This hairstyle needs minimal maintenance so it makes an excellent choice for young girls who may be fidgety during the event. The low and loose ponytail is twisted to create a bun creating a tousled and lightly disheveled look.

12. Waterfall Braid

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The Waterfall Braid hairstyle is a popular choice among flower girls because of the poise and charm that it brings to a lady's personality. The styling can further be enhanced by using flower crowns, hairpins, or other embellishments to suit the theme of the ceremony.

The hair parted in the middle is braided into three regular strands and after a few weaves, the bottom strand is released to create the waterfall effect. This unique and intricate styling complements various hair textures and lengths, making it a versatile choice for different girls.

13. Braided Headband

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A Braided Headband is an ideal choice for every kind of occasion as it complements various hair lengths and textures and can be customized to match the flower girl's dress or the overall theme of the event. The use of flowers and decorative pins adds an extra touch of enchantment.

This convenient style keeps the hair of the lady neatly in place which ensures that she looks picture-perfect throughout the ceremony. The styling begins by parting the hair down the center and braiding two small sections on each side. These braids are skillfully woven from one ear to the other, with the rest of the hair left flowing gracefully.

14. Low Ponytail With Flowers

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Low Ponytail With Flowers is achieved by gathering the lady's hair at the nape of the neck and securing it with a gentle, low-slung ponytail. Delicate flowers are woven into the hair to radiate a natural elegance of the wearer on the special day.

Flowers, natural or artificial as per the preference, can be used to complement the color scheme or theme of the event. The low placement of the ponytail lends an air of innocence and grace to the flower girl, enhancing her youthful charm while also adding the comfort of wearing it throughout the day for the young lady.

15. Bow-Tied Ponytail

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A Bow-Tied Ponytail hairstyle combines the simplicity of a classic ponytail with a touch of whimsy and sophistication when done right. The bow adds a fairy-tale element to the styling which gives a dreamy look to the flower girl.

To give the young lady her favorite princess-like look, gather her hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a decorative, ribbon-like bow around the base of the ponytail. Use a bow made up of satin or organza to enhance the look and match the vibe of the ceremony.

16. Fishtail Braid

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Fishtail Braid is an exquisite choice to go with for flower girls on their special day as it symbolizes the idea of unity and connection between people. The intricate, woven appearance gives a little touch of playfulness while still looking polished and put-together.

To create this hairstyle, the hair is divided into two sections, and small strands from the outer edges of each section are alternately crossed over to the opposite side. This repetitive weaving creates a stunning pattern that looks like a fishtail, resulting in a refined hairstyle.

17. Top Knot

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The Top Knot hairstyle is an ideal preference of younger flower girls as it signifies their innocence, purity and a sense of playfulness. The simplicity and timeless appeal of this style give an adorable and put-together look to the lady.

The process to begin with to achieve this hairstyle are simple. Begin by brushing the hair and gathering it on top of the young lady's head, near the crown to create a high ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a tight coil and secure it with bobby pins.

18. Braided Space Buns

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The Braided Space Buns hairstyle embodies the essence of youth and purity mirroring the grace of the young ones that makes it desirable for special occasions. The neatly crafted braids represent the intricate moments of a child's life, while the buns symbolize the simplicity and joy of childhood.

This styling is both visually pleasing and deeply meaningful making it an ideal choice for the special day of the flower girl. The hair is parted in the middle and two symmetrical braids are crafted on either side of the head. The remaining hair is twisted into two snug and neat buns just above the nape of the neck.

19. Ballerina Bun

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Ballerina Bun hairstyle exudes a sense of elegance that complements formal attire beautifully and adds a touch of refinement to the overall look of the flower girl. It also signifies her role as a young and graceful participant in the wedding festivities.

The hairstyle is characterized by its sleek and polished appearance, resembling the bun often worn by ballet dancers. The hair is typically gathered into a high ponytail, twisted tightly, and then coiled into a neat bun at the crown of the head. The overall look can be easily embellished with floral pins or delicate tiaras.