Florent Vollant Conjointe In 2022: Who Is He Married To?

Florent Vollant, a Canadian singer ( Source : Florentvollant )

Florent Vollant is a Canadian Innu singer, guitarist, and composer. He rose to prominence as a member of the folk music duet Kashtin, which he founded with singer-guitarist Claude McKenzie while growing up in Maliotenam, Quebec.

He is currently performing at the Fête Nationale event in Quebec. 

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Florent Vollant Conjointe In 2022

Florent Vollant's conjointe has piqued everyone's curiosity because he seldom speaks publicly about his personal life. The 62 years of Canadian singer apparently appears to be single.

There are hardly ever reports or rumors of his romantic relationship with anybody else. The singer was focused on his work and contributions to the music industry, for which he received multiple honors.

 Vollant was named Compagnon des arts et des Lettres du Québec in May 2017, an honor bestowed by the CALQ. At the Teweikan Gala the following fall, he was also named "Best Artist" and "Best Album" for Puamuna.

In addition, he was awarded the coveted Gold Medal of the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec in June after winning the European Jury Prize SODEC-Bourse Rideau in February 2018.

He has released numerous albums and served as an executive producer of several documentary films. His popular songs include Miam Maikan, Innu Uass, Innu Nikamu, Mes blues passent pu dans porte, Nitshiuenan, and Apu Shapentaman.

Florent Vollant performing
Florent Vollant performing "Nitshiuenan" ( Source : Youtube )

Nipaiamianan, his Innu-language Christmas CD, received an apostolic blessing from Pope John Paul II as well as the Juno Award for Aboriginal Recording of the Year in 2001. 

In 2020, he was an executive producer on Kim O'Bomsawin's documentary film Call Me Human, about Innu poet Joséphine Bacon.

He also mentors Nikamu Mamuitun, a group of young First Nations artists that includes Marcie Michaud-Gagnon, Jolle St-Pierre, Kanen, Chloé Lacasse, Scott-Pien Picard, Matiu, Cédrik St-Onge, and Ivan Boivin.

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Who Is Florent Vollant Married To?  

Florent Vollant appears to be married to his work and music at the moment. Despite being hospitalized in ICU in April 2021 for a brain hemorrhage, he is preparing for the Saint-Jean spectacle on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec today. 

He'll take the stage alongside buddies like Richard Séguin.

"What a standing ovation last night for Florent!" Mathieu Mckenzie of the Maten group says that he had trouble exiting the stage. It had been a fantastic evening."

"He's in good form. He wanted to go on. It was a challenge for him. His reappearance will be gradual."

Scott-Pien Picard greeted Émile Bilodeau, Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine, and other musicians yesterday at the Kwé Fest in Quebec.

Scott-Pien The Malio musician used the Summer Solstice and National Indigenous Peoples Day to premiere the music video for the second single from his album Pekuaiapu, Shipekunua.

Netizens are having a good time watching so many musicians perform at the Fete Nationale Du Quebec event. After being canceled or limited over the last two years owing to the epidemic, it has resumed in earnest this weekend.

Florent Vollant Is From Labrador, Canada

Florent Vollant, an Innu novelist, songwriter, and performer, was born in Labrador in 1959 and grew up in the Maliotenam reserve east of Sept-Îles.

His biography on his website suggests he began his musical career in the mid-1980s and helped to establish the Festival Innu Nikamu. It has brought together numerous artists and vocalists from diverse Amerindian cultures since its inception.

Kashtin was formed when Florent Vollant and Claude McKenzie, another young Innu, joined forces. Between 1989 and 1995, the group recorded Kashtin, Innu, and Akua Tuta, three albums that gained them four Félix prizes and the opportunity to play not only in Quebec but in different parts of the world.

In 1999, he collaborated with good friends Richard Séguin, Zachary Richard, Luce Dufault, Ray Bonneville, and Lucien Gabriel Jourdain to make a Christmas album in the Innu language.

Nipaiamianan, the album, earned a JUNO award at the Canada Music Awards.

Florent Vollant's Boat on the river.
Florent Vollant's Boat on the river. ( Source : Florentvollant )

Katak, his second solo album, was published in October 2003 with the help of friends and coworkers. Florent launched his third album, Eku Mamu, in April 2009, after participating in several musical collaborations.

In 2011, he became the spokesman for the Teweikan Gala, an Aboriginal music gala.

He hosts the four seasons of the TV show Makusham, which airs on the APTN network and brings together musicians from various backgrounds.

Then, in April 2015, a fourth solo album, Puamuna, would be released, which was totally made at Studio Makusham in Maliotenam. Florent Vollant, whose name means "dream" in Innu, returns to the very source of traditional Innu singing, where everything begins: in the dream.

Florent Vollant was selected spokesman for Re-Connaître, a new arts assistance initiative of the Quebec Council of Arts and Letters, in August 2018 (CALQ).

Mitsha Meshkenu, a new album of 11 tracks in country-folk and tex-mex colors, was also published in the autumn of 2018.

Mitsha Meshkenu, which means "the big road" in Innu, is the 138, the oldest route in the region that Florent Vollant, the nomad, has traversed extensively.

The publication of his sixth solo album, which has been well received by reviewers, was followed by a tour of performances in France, Switzerland, and Belgium in the spring of 2019.

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