Female bodybuilders have long been breaking stereotypes and redefining the boundaries of strength, power, and femininity. In this article, we celebrate the incredible achievements of the 20 best female bodybuilders of all time in no particular order.

These women have not only sculpted their bodies to perfection, but have also inspired countless others to embrace their inner strength and push past societal expectations. From the pioneers of the sport to the modern-day icons, join us as we honor the dedication, determination, and unwavering passion that have made these athletes true legends.

1. Iris Kyle

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Iris Kyle is ranked first on our list of the 20 best female bodybuilders of all time due to her remarkable achievements and unmatched dominance in the sport. With 10 overall Ms. Olympia wins, she holds the record for the most victories in this prestigious competition.

Her dedication, discipline, and extraordinary physique make her a deserving candidate for the top spot among female bodybuilders throughout history.

2. Lenda Murray

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Lenda Murray is considered a top 10 female bodybuilder due to her exceptional physique, numerous accolades, and impact on the sport. With eight Ms. Olympia titles, she has showcased remarkable strength, symmetry, and muscularity.

Murray's dedication to training, discipline, and pioneering new techniques have set her apart. Additionally, her influence as a role model and mentor for aspiring athletes has solidified her position as one of the greatest female bodybuilders of all time.

3. Cory Everson

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Cory Everson is regarded as one of the greatest female bodybuilders of all time due to her exceptional physique and numerous accomplishments. With her perfectly sculpted muscles, she dominated the bodybuilding scene in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Everson won the Ms. Olympia title six consecutive times, displaying unmatched strength, grace, and dedication. Her impact on the sport and her dedication to promoting women's bodybuilding make her an iconic figure in the industry.

4. Rachel McLish

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Rachel McLish is considered a top-tier female bodybuilder due to her exceptional physique, grace, and pioneering role in the sport. She revolutionized women's bodybuilding by combining muscle development with femininity, challenging traditional stereotypes.

Her well-balanced and sculpted physique, along with her dedication and determination, set her apart. Rachel's influence and impact on the sport continue to inspire and motivate aspiring female bodybuilders to this day.

5. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

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Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia's legendary status among women body builders stems from her unrivaled talent, unmatched physical prowess, and relentless pursuit of excellence. She has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is deemed possible, displaying remarkable strength, impeccable technique, and a captivating stage presence.

Oriquen-Garcia's groundbreaking achievements and undeniable impact on the sport have solidified her as an icon, inspiring generations of aspiring athletes worldwide.

6. Alina Popa

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Alina Popa is a remarkable female bodybuilder who has earned her place as one of the best in the industry. She has dedicated years to rigorous training, maintaining a strict diet, and pushing her physical and mental limits.

Alina's exceptional discipline, determination, and passion for bodybuilding have propelled her to the top. Her achievements deserve recognition for inspiring countless individuals and breaking barriers in the male-dominated field of bodybuilding.

7. Brigita Brezovac

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Brigita Brezovac is a remarkable bodybuilder due to her exceptional dedication, discipline, and muscular physique. As with many others on this list, her relentless work ethic and commitment to training have allowed her to excel in the sport.

Notably, Brezovac's ability to sculpt and define her muscles sets her apart, showcasing her remarkable strength and aesthetics. Her achievements and impressive physique make her a standout figure in the world of female bodybuilding.

8. Bev Francis

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Bev Francis, an iconic figure in the world of bodybuilding, is celebrated for her immense greatness. With her extraordinary strength and determination, she revolutionized women's participation in the sport.

Francis shattered stereotypes, proving that women can be powerful and muscular. Her incredible accomplishments and dedication to the sport continue to inspire generations, leaving an indelible mark on the history of bodybuilding.

9. Sharon Bruneau

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Sharon Bruneau's distinction as one of the best female bodybuilders lies not in her size, but in her exceptional physique and dedication. Despite not being as large as some others, she stands out due to her well-defined muscles, symmetry, and aesthetic appeal.

Bruneau's combination of strength, femininity, and overall fitness level make her a standout figure in the world of female bodybuilding.

10. Yvette Bova

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Yvette Bova stands out as a remarkable bodybuilder, defying stereotypes with her impressive physique and prominent bust. Her dedication to training and hard work has propelled her to the top of the bodybuilding world, earning her numerous accolades and recognition.

Bova's ability to balance her muscularity with her feminine features showcases her unique and exceptional talent, making her a true icon in the bodybuilding industry.

11. Tonya Knight

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Tonya Knight deserves to be lauded as a female bodybuilder because she defied traditional stereotypes and pushed the boundaries of what a bodybuilder could look like. Despite her lithe physique, she displayed immense dedication, discipline, and strength in her training and competitions.

Her commitment to fitness and her ability to sculpt her body to its fullest potential serves as an inspiration to women in the bodybuilding community and beyond.

12. Lisa Giesbrecht

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Lisa Giesbrecht stands out as a remarkable woman bodybuilder due to her exceptional genetic predisposition for muscle development, unparalleled physical strength, and an innate ability to sculpt her physique with precision.

Her extensive knowledge of training techniques, coupled with an unwavering commitment to her routine, has resulted in a perfectly balanced physique that embodies power, grace, and femininity.

13. Margie Martin

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Margie Martin is an accomplished female bodybuilder known for her exceptional physique and numerous accolades. She has earned multiple prestigious titles, including winning the overall women's bodybuilding division at the 2019 Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships.

Martin's muscular and sculpted body showcases her dedication, hard work, and commitment to the sport, making her an inspiration for aspiring female bodybuilders worldwide.

14. Denise Masino

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Denise Masino is a renowned female bodybuilder with a physique that seems out of this world. Her sculpted muscles and incredible strength showcase her dedication and hard work in the gym.

Masino's chiseled abs, well-defined arms, and powerful legs are a testament to her commitment to fitness. She continues to inspire others with her extraordinary body and serves as a role model for women in the bodybuilding community, in that they can be godly and endowed.

15. Nikki Fuller

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Nikki Fuller is a remarkable female bodybuilder known for her incredible biceps and numerous achievements. Her dedication, discipline, and outstanding physique make her a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world.

With her strong presence on stage and commitment to pushing her limits, Fuller has carved a name for herself as a formidable competitor, leaving a lasting impact on the bodybuilding community.

16. Debi Laszewski

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Debi Laszewski is regarded as one of the top 20 female bodybuilders due to her exceptional physique and dedication to the sport. Her body showcases a perfect balance of muscularity, symmetry, and definition, with well-developed muscles in all major muscle groups.

Her sculpted physique and remarkable conditioning have consistently placed her among the elite competitors, earning her a rightful place among the best female bodybuilders of all time.

17. Nancy Lewis

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Nancy Lewis has undoubtedly earned her place in the annals of female bodybuilding due to her exceptional achievements and contributions to the sport. With a remarkable physique and countless accolades, she has shattered stereotypes and paved the way for future generations.

Her dedication, perseverance, and impact on the industry make her an iconic figure, inspiring women worldwide to pursue their fitness goals fearlessly.

18. Laura Creavalle

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Laura Creavalle should be considered one of the greatest due to her immense influence on the world of bodybuilding. As a three-time Ms. International winner, she paved the way for future female bodybuilders, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes.

Her dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport inspired countless individuals to pursue their fitness goals. Creavalle's influence on the industry cannot be underestimated, making her a true legend in the world of bodybuilding.

19. Andrulla Blanchette

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Andrulla Blanchette is undeniably one of the greats due to her unwavering dedication. She has shown immense commitment towards her craft as a bodybuilder, consistently pushing her limits to achieve remarkable results.

Her relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in her numerous championships and record-breaking achievements. Blanchette's dedication is unparalleled, serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide, and solidifying her status as a true legend in the world of bodybuilding.

20. Betty Pariso

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Betty Pariso is regarded as one of the best female bodybuilders due to her exceptional physique and achievements. Throughout her career, she showcased incredible strength, symmetry, and definition, setting new standards for the sport.

Pariso's dedication, discipline, and determination have earned her numerous titles, making her a prominent figure in the bodybuilding world. Even today, her legacy continues to inspire and motivate aspiring female bodybuilders worldwide.