Fall foliage isn't the only thing changing colors this season! Breathe new life into your fingertips with 30 nail designs that capture the essence of autumn.

From cozy neutrals to fiery brights, playful patterns to elegant textures, we've got the hottest trends to elevate your mani game. Prepare to turn heads and embrace the fall feels one gorgeous nail at a time.

1. Aura Bling

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Embrace rich jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire on your nails. Add subtle bling with gold flakes or delicate rhinestones for a touch of elegance.

Opt for matte finishes or mix them with glossy accents for a modern twist. Don't forget, negative space can be your friend – let it peek through for a lighter feel.

2. Snake Print

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Snake print nails bring edgy texture to your fingertips, perfect for embracing autumn's bold vibes. Think rich browns, fiery oranges, and sleek metallics mimicking the scales of a serpent.

Go for a classic all-over print, or mix it up with accent nails featuring intricate snakeskin details. Don't forget a glossy top coat to enhance the slithering effect.

3. Pumpkin Spice

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Embrace the season with warm orange hues, playful pumpkin designs, and even a touch of glitter for whimsy. Opt for classic solid shades, or get creative with adorable pumpkin faces, latte art swirls, or even glittery leaf accents.

These designs are perfect for capturing the essence of autumn in a fun and festive way. So spice up your nails and embrace the fall feels.

4. Moody Marble

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Fall for the feels with Moody Marble nails! Embrace the season's rich palette with swirling veins of deep burgundy, earthy greens and hints of metallic gold.

This mesmerizing design mimics marble's luxurious texture, adding instant drama to any mani. Think smoky swirls and mesmerizing veils - perfect for channeling your inner autumn goddess.

5. Multicolor Swirls

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This playful trend blends rich autumn hues - think crimson, mustard, and emerald - into mesmerizing swirls for a unique, eye-catching mani. It's perfect for embracing the season's vibrant energy.

This playful trend isn't just chic, it's versatile - add glitter for glam or keep it simple for a touch of whimsy. Let your nails dance in color this fall!

6. Abstract Art

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Ditch the leaf manis! Abstract art nails are the statement piece you need this fall.

Think bold brushstrokes, negative space, and unexpected color combos. Imagine fiery reds, mustard yellows, and deep forest greens swirling and splattered across your tips.

7. French Press

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Forget the classic white tips! French press nails are the hottest trend, blending warm, ombre hues that mimic a cozy coffee brew.

Think burnt orange fading to creamy beige, or deep burgundy melting into soft blush. These designs are perfect for embracing fall's rich colors with a touch of elegance.

8. Martini Mani

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Indulge in fall's hottest trend: Martini Mani nails!  This sophisticated look features rich olive green hues inspired by the iconic cocktail.

Embrace the classic with a solid olive polish, or add a touch of glam with shimmery accents and chrome details, mimicking the martini glass's reflective shine. Olive pairs perfectly with fall favorites like gold, burgundy, and black.

9. Moons and Stars

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Embrace the magic of autumn nights with moon and stars nail designs! This celestial trend features twinkling stars and crescent moons in rich fall colors like deep purples, burnt oranges, and shimmery gold.

Paint moons and stars directly, use stencils, or add star-shaped glitter for a touch of sparkle. Let your nails reflect the season's beauty and embrace the celestial vibes.

10. Black Marble

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Black Marble nails are the edgy upgrade to your fall mani! Think classic marble swirls in onyx, charcoal, and silver.

This chic design adds instant drama to any nail length or shape, making it perfect for embracing darker hues. Get ready to turn heads with these sophisticated, rock-inspired nails.

11. Glazed Donut

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Craving fall vibes but not ready to ditch summer's sweet shades? Glazed Donut Nails are calling! This trend takes Hailey Bieber's chrome nails to a cozy level with milky white or soft beige hues.

The key is a subtle shimmer, achieved with pearlescent polishes or chrome powder for a frosted effect. Keep it clean, or add minimalist swirls for a touch of whimsy. 

12. Sweater Weather

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This fall trend features warm hues like mustard, burgundy, and chocolate brown. Think chunky knits recreated in cable knit patterns, tiny hearts, or even plaid accents.

Layer colors or keep it simple; the choice is yours! Perfect for complementing your favorite autumn sweaters.

13. Galaxy Lights

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Embrace the celestial vibes with Galaxy Lights nails, a mesmerizing trend for fall! Imagine deep blues, purples, and blacks swirled with stardust and shimmering nebulas.

Tiny white dots mimic twinkling stars, while metallic accents add a touch of cosmic glam. Let your nails become mini galaxies, perfect for channeling the magic of the autumn night sky.

14. Minimal Black Nails

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This timeless trend elevates any mani, offering elegance without the fuss. Keep it classic with a high-shine polish, or embrace matte black for edgy drama.

Add a single gold accent nail or a subtle geometric design for a twist – perfect for the minimalist who loves a hint of personality. Let your nails speak volumes this season with the power of chic, black simplicity.

15. Glitter Ombré

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Spice up your fall with dazzling Glitter Ombré nails! This trendy design features a smooth transition of colors, typically starting with rich autumn hues like burgundy or emerald and gradually blending into sparkly golds or silvers.

Imagine fiery oranges melting into warm bronzes or deep purples shimmering into soft pinks. It's a versatile look that's both eye-catching and elegant.

16. Silver Chrome Nails

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Silver chrome nails are the must-have fall mani, offering a chic, modern twist on classic metallics. Embrace the season with fabulous chrome finishes in rich jewel tones like emerald green, deep burgundy, or sapphire blue.

Keep it sleek with a minimalist single shade, or add playful accents like glitter or geometric patterns. Let your nails shine with this versatile trend.

17. 3-D Glitz

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Spark up your fall mani with 3-D Glitz Nails! These eye-catching designs add dimension and texture, featuring 3D embellishments like rhinestones, beads, or even tiny sculptures.

Think jewel-toned leaves, sparkling acorns, or glittery pumpkins in rich fall colors like burgundy, copper, and olive green. Embrace the playful spirit of autumn and let your nails be the fall masterpiece they deserve to be.

18. Tortoise Shell

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This chic trend mimics the rich, warm hues of a tortoise shell, with swirls of amber, brown, and black. Think warm browns, amber hues, and hints of black swirled together for a mesmerizing effect.

It's incredibly versatile, complementing all nail lengths and shapes. Whether you prefer a classic tortoiseshell manicure or crave bolder accents like glitter or metallics, these earthy tones add instant sophistication to your fingertips.

19. Crescent Moon French Tips

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Crescent Moon French Tips is a captivating twist on the classic manicure. Unlike traditional French tips that highlight the nail tips, it focuses on the crescent-shaped lunula at the base, resembling the moon's delicate curve.

Play with rich fall colors like burgundy, deep plum, or earthy green for the base, and accent the lunula with metallic gold or shimmering copper for an enchanting touch. This unique and elegant design will turn heads and add a touch of celestial magic to your fingertips.

20. Butterfly Nails

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Flutter into fall with whimsical butterfly nail designs! Embrace the season's rich palette with jewel-toned butterflies on deep burgundy or burnt orange bases.

Channel cozy vibes with butterflies in earthy browns and golds on matte nude nails. Go bold with contrasting colors like pops of mustard yellow or emerald green against black or deep red.

21. Golden Gradient

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Gleam like autumn leaves! Golden gradient nails blend warm hues into a dazzling sunset on your fingertips.

Imagine fiery oranges melting into rich burgundy, all dusted with shimmering gold. This luxe mani transitions perfectly from crisp fall days to cozy nights.

22. Color Block

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Spice up your tips with color block nails, the season's hottest trend! Bold, contrasting hues painted in geometric blocks create a playful, eye-catching mani.

Think mustard yellow, burnt orange, and deep emerald for a vibrant fall palette. Let your nails do the talking!

23. Blue And White Swirl

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Ocean waves meet crisp autumn air with blue and white swirl nails! Blue and white swirl nails mimic ocean waves, offering a calming contrast perfect for fall.

This design uses varying shades of blue and crisp white, creating a mesmerizing, marbled effect. It creates a calming yet eye-catching look that is perfect for fall's transition.

24. Checkered Nails

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Crisp squares meet cozy hues! Checkered nails are the statement mani for autumn. 

Paint alternating blocks in rich autumn hues like burgundy, mustard, and olive for a chic yet playful look. It's classic with a twist, perfect for embracing the season's warmth.

25. 3D Chains

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These edgy accents add instant texture and shine. Think delicate gold chains draped over rich jewel tones like emerald or deep burgundy.

They add instant glam and a touch of rebellion to any Fall look. Mix metals or create intricate chain designs.

26. Double French Tips

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Double French tips are the hottest trend for fall nails! Elevate your classic French mani with two thin lines at the tip for a modern twist.

Play with deep burgundy, mustard yellow, or forest green for an autumnal vibe. Spice it up with metallic accents or mix-and-match different hues for a unique look.

27. Clear Glitter Nails

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Shimmer into the season with clear glitter nails. This chic trend combines subtle shine with natural beauty. 

Think sheer bases flecked with gold, copper, or holographic glitters for a touch of autumn magic. Embrace jewel tones like amethyst and emerald for a unique twist.

28. All Angles

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Sharp angles meet soft shades in "All Angles Nails" - the hottest fall mani trend. All Angles Nails rock rich autumn hues in a geometric dance.

Think geometric patterns in warm hues like burnt orange, olive green, and deep burgundy. Chic and unexpected, these nails are perfect for embracing the season's bold spirit. 

29. Plaid Details

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Elevate your mani with chic, grid-patterned designs. Think bold lines and contrasting colors like emerald green, cherry mocha, and black - perfect for minimalists or maximalists alike.

Rock iconic Burberry vibes, or go bold with unexpected hues. It's the chic update your nails crave.

30. Mirror Image

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Double the impact with mesmerizing designs reflected on each hand. Think identical flames, stripes, or landscapes painted in opposite directions for a head-turning mani.

It's like wearing tiny disco balls on your nails. Colors? Chrome classics, dazzling duos, or play with negative space for an ultra-modern twist.