Fact Check: Was Troy Donahue Gay? Explore His Sexuality And Gender

Troy Donahue in the movie set ( Source : Imdb )

Troy Donahue was an actor surrounded by rumors regarding his sexuality, and people often confused him for being gay while he was a heterosexual.

Troy's aim was not to be an actor as he was a journalism student at Columbia University. He started to play in stock productions during his University days.

He made his debut in Hollywood through a 1954 tv series called The Secret Storm, where he was seen playing R.B. Keefer. Donahue slowly started to get roles in the movies, and his career was an uprising.

Troy became an American heartthrob through his role as Parrish McLean in the 1961 movie called Parrish. His facial appearance, like blue and blond eyes, filled many audiences' hearts.

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Was Troy Donahue Gay? Explore His Sexuality And Gender 

Troy Donahue is not gay, and his sexuality and gender have been questioned frequently. People thought that he might be gay like the actor Tab Hunter, but he is a straight person.

He has been married four times in his lifetime, which clarifies that he is not gay. Troy was first married to Suzanne Pleshette on January 4, 1964, but only after eight months of marriage did they separate on September 8, 1964.

Troy married a second time to Valerie Allen on October 21, 1966, and after just two years of marriage, they divorced on November 16, 1968. Donahue got married again to Alma Sharpe on November 15, 1969, and they divorced in 1974 after five years of marriage.

Despite being unlucky in marriage three times, he again decided to get married for the fourth time to Vicky Taylor on March 3, 1979, things didn't go for the couple, and they divorced in 1981.

He was the father of two children, daughter Janine and son Sean. Similarly, he was grandfather to three grandchildren and lived happily with his family.

The gay people idolized Troy, so the rumors of him being might have started to circulate. But no evidence claims he is homosexual, but there is evidence that he is heterosexual.

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Troy Donahue Death Cause And Obituary

Troy Donahue died at 65 years years old due to a heart attack. He suffered a heart attack on August 30, 2001, and was taken to the Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica for immediate medical attention.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, the doctor did a successful angioplasty surgery, but he again suffered a second heart attack the following day. Due to the second heart attack, he was given a heart bypass operation.

Troy Donahue's fans message on his Obituary
Troy Donahue's fans message on his Obituary ( Source : Legacy )

His condition didn't improve, and he died three days later, on September 2. The actor had a great career, but during his downfall and various problems in his life, he was easily influenced by substance abuse like alcohol and drug.

He became sober and started his career, but the heart attack cost his life. After his death, his obituary was posted by many media and by his family. He will always be remembered for his acting skills, mesmerizing blue eyes, and blond hair.

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