Fact Check: Is Rauw Alejandro Gay? Puerto Rican Singer Opens Up About His Sexuality

Rauw Alejandro is a Puerto Rico rising star
Rauw Alejandro is a Puerto Rico rising star( Source : people )

Rauw Alejandro is a singer and rapper from Puerto Rico who debuted through his album Afrodisíaco.

He is regarded as the future of reggaetón and the King of Modern Reggaeton. He released his debut album Afrodisíaco in 2020 and began his career as a singer and rapper.

He is a Puerto Rican rising star who had four nominations for the prestigious Latin Grammy Awards and has won one Latin Grammy Award.

Date of BirthJanuary 10, 1993
Age 29
Net Worth$15 million

Fact Check: Is Rauw Alejandro Gay?

Rauw Alejandro's rumors of being gay have been on the internet, but the singer is not gay. Rauw is straight and has been seen dating the famous Spanish singer Rosalia.

The singer has objected to the rumors now and then, but they are baseless. Many people might think he was gay based he was dressed in pink, but it is just assumptions without any evidence.

Rauw Alejandro's music style includes Latin R&B, reggaetón, rhythmic pop, and ballads.
Rauw Alejandro's music style includes Latin R&B, reggaetón, rhythmic pop, and ballads.( Source : instagram )

He has not addressed any gay rumors. Rauw was not interested in music, but his first interest was soccer. He played soccer from the age of six until he was twenty.

The singer later suffered an injury at age 20 and couldn't perform well in soccer on the field, due to which he quit playing soccer.

He had tried his chance to follow his dream of being a soccer player by moving to Orlando in the attempt to get scouted to play in the Premier Development League but failed in it.

Rauw later suffered light depression from quitting football, so he directed his attention to music to lighten his mood. In this way, he got into singing and rapping.

Rauw Alejandro's Sexuality And Gender 

Rauw Alejandro is a straight male, and all the rumors about him being gay are just rumors. The singer has been open about his sexuality and gender to the public.

Some Latin Artists like Pablo Alborán and Raymix have revealed their sexuality in the previous years. So, people have been curious about the sexuality and gender of Latin artists in the coming years.

Before releasing his debut album, the singer published songs through SoundCloud in 2014. He also released a mixtape titled Punto de Equilibrio in 2016.

His music became known, and he signed a music deal with Duars Entertainment in 2017. Similarly, he got to be part of a musical project of Sony Music Latin, Los Próximos, in 2018, from which he got good exposure.

Alejandro was able to collaborate with Kevin Roldán and Khea in Pa' Tu Casa and with Ozuna, Lunary and Lyano in Luz Apaga in 2018.

His first single, Toda, was released with Alex Rose in 2017 and charted on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs charts 29 numbers in November 2018.

Who Is Rauw Alejandro's Partner?

Rauw Alejandro is currently dating the renowned Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalia. The couples made their relationship official through TikTok near Rosalia's 28th birthday in September 2021.

A video was posted in Tiktok where the couple made a heart gesture with their arms. They were dating each other was confirmed when they shared never-before-seen photos on Instagram.

Rauw is dating spanish singer Rosalia
Rauw is dating spanish singer Rosalia ( Source : billboard )

Since the official announcement, they have often seen each other spending time in public. Rauw and Rosalia were spending their vacation in Greece, and fans assumed that the rapper might have proposed to Rosalia.

They were seen sharing photos of their getaway on the island of Santorini. They were seen eating frozen yogurt, riding a bike around town, and enjoying quality time with each other on a day out on the boat.

The engagement rumors fired off when Rosalia posted a blurry photo in which a bright diamond could be assumed on her ring finger. After the image was posted, Twitter exploded with comments that they might have been engaged.

Rauw Alejandro's Net Worth In 2022

The net worth of Rauw Alejandro in 2022 is estimated to be $15 million. Similarly, his annual salary might be millions of dollars.

The singer's primary income source is his album and music sales. Similarly, also through his shows and concerts.

Rauw has earned great wealth through his profession and is seen living lavishly.

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