Tired of unwanted facial hair? Discover the best face shavers for women, designed to gently whisk away fuzz and peach fuzz, revealing a radiant, touchably smooth complexion. Whether you prefer a classic blade, a handy electric trimmer, or even a painless dermaplaning tool, we've got you covered.

Opt for stainless steel for durability and hygiene, or consider gold-plated for a touch of luxury. Whether you're a dermaplaning devotee or a cautious captain, we'll guide you through the options, from gentle razors to electric trimmers. 

1. Tweezerman Facial Razor

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Price: $18.50

Get it from: Tweezerman, Amazon, Target, Ulta Beauty

Tweezerman's Facial Razor elegantly glides across your skin, transforming your complexion from fuzzy to smooth fabulously. This premium tool, crafted from high-grade stainless steel, boasts meticulously sharpened blades that gently whisk away unwanted peach fuzz, revealing a brighter, more radiant visage.

With each stroke, the razor simultaneously buffs away dull, dead skin cells, leaving your canvas prepped for flawless makeup application and optimal skincare absorption. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable control, while the included safety cap guarantees safe storage.

2. Gillette Venus Dermaplaning Tool

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Price: $14.99

Get it from: Gillette Venus, Amazon, Target, Walmart

Gillette Venus Dermaplaning Tool, crafted with a reusable, refillable handle that cradles comfortably in your hand, empowers you to achieve effortless exfoliation and a luminous complexion. This dermatologist-tested marvel gently whisks away fine facial hair and dead skin cells with its single, precise blade, guarded by a protective barrier to ensure a nick-free, comfortable experience.

Each blade whispers "renew" for up to 3 uses before seamlessly clicking out for a fresh replacement, leaving you with a touchably smooth canvas, perfectly prepped for your skincare routine. Embrace the confidence that comes with a healthy, glowing visage, revealed with each stroke.

3. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720

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Price: $63.18

Get it from: Braun, Amazon, Target, Walmart

Braun's Silk-épil 9 9-720 epilator isn't just about smooth sailing; it's about navigating the high seas of unwanted body hair with confidence and precision. Crafted with high-quality materials for a comfortable grip and sleek design, this epilator boasts Braun's most advanced Micro-Grip Tweezer Technology.

Its 40 closely spaced tweezers gently target and remove even the finest hairs from the root, leaving you with long-lasting results that can keep you beach-ready for weeks. Worried about discomfort? The SensoSmart™ pressure sensor guides you, ensuring you apply just the right amount of pressure for optimal performance and skin comfort.

4. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

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Price: $499.00

Get it from: Tria Beauty, Amazon

Unharness the power of professional laser hair removal from the comfort of your home with the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X. Its cutting-edge diode technology, exceeding the energy output of IPL devices by a whopping three times, precisely targets and disables hair follicles at the root for long-lasting results and permanent hair reduction.

Experience the freedom of cordless operation, eliminating the constraints of cords and outlets, while the gentle light emission pampers your skin compared to the harsh flashes of IPL. Achieve ultimate control and precision with each zap, ensuring thorough coverage and permanent hair reduction.

5. Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover

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Price: $19.98

Get it from: Finishing Touch Flawless, Amazon, Target, Ulta Beauty, Walmart

Glide into smooth sailing with the Finishing Touch Flawless, a rose gold-plated facial hair remover designed for effortless touch-ups. This electric razor boasts an 18-karat gold head and an LED light for precision, guiding you as you banish unwanted fuzz from lips, chin, neck, and cheeks.

Its secret weapon? Butterfly Technology, a spinning head concealed by a gold plate that microscopically pares away hair, leaving no nicks, bumps, or cuts. Compact and discreet, shaped like lipstick for on-the-go touch-ups, the Finishing Touch Flawless empowers you to embrace silky-smooth skin every day, before makeup or anytime.

6. DermaFlash Luxe+ Dermaplaning Tool

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Price: $199.00

Get it from: Dermaflash, Amazon, Sephora, Ulta Beauty

Experience ultimate skin transformation with the award-winning DermaFlash Luxe+, a sonic dermaplaning tool designed to instantly unveil smooth, glowing skin. Boasting boosted sonic speed, this powerhouse device gently yet effectively removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, promoting superior anti-aging exfoliation and revealing a radiant complexion beneath.

But the magic doesn't stop there - with continued use, your skin's texture and tone improve, thanks to boosted cellular turnover. And worry not about nicks or irritation, for the new Microfine Edges™ and proprietary safety features ensure maximum comfort and protection.

7. Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Women's Facial Razor

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Price: $15.59

Get it from: Shick US, Amazon, Target, Ulta Beauty, Walmart

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up, your one-stop shop for achieving a smooth, polished look, effortlessly tackles multiple beauty tasks. This versatile tool boasts high-quality blades shielded by fine micro-guards, gently sweeping away unwanted eyebrow hairs and peach fuzz while pampering your skin with a touch of exfoliation.

For those meticulous brow moments, a precision cover ensures perfect shaping, and the slim, portable design tucks neatly into any bag, ready for touch-ups on the go. Best of all, once you're done, Schick's mail-back program ensures responsible recycling, adding an eco-conscious touch to your beauty routine.

8. Billie Razor Shave Kit

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Price: $10.00

Get it from: Billie, Amazon, Target, Walmart

The Billie Razor Shave Kit offers a luxurious yet practical solution for those seeking smooth sailing on their shaving journey. Encased in a protective travel case that boasts air ventilation to keep your blade pristine, the kit reveals a non-slip ergonomic handle for comfortable maneuvering, even in the shower's embrace.

The star of the show, however, is the razor itself. Featuring four 5-blade refills, each surrounded by a soothing aloe shave soap for a close, irritation-free shave, it glides effortlessly across your skin. To complete the picture, a magnetic holder keeps your razor hygienically off the shower floor, adding a touch of convenience to your daily routine. 

9. StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Face Exfoliating Tool

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Price: $75.00

Get it from: StcakedSkincare, Amazon, Walmart

This face shaver for women boasts a dermaplaning razor with a comfortable handle, meticulously designed for effortless and safe blade control. Glide the razor gently across your skin with light strokes, and witness the magic as it whisks away fine hairs and dead skin cells, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion.

The replaceable dermaplaning blades, sold separately, are not only effective but also environmentally friendly, minimizing waste with their monthly replacements. This dermaplaning tool doesn't just target surface concerns; regular use can even diminish the appearance of fine lines and visible pores.

10. Ennva Dermaplane Facial Razor

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Price: $9.96

Get it from: Ennva, Amazon, Walmart

Experience salon-smooth skin at home with the ENNVA Dermaplane Facial Razor, crafted for effortless hair removal and confident shaping. This eyebrow trimmer set boasts premium Japanese blades, designed with micro-guards for ultimate safety and a comfortable, nick-free experience.

Moreover, the ENNVA's lightweight design and protective dustproof cover make it your perfect travel companion, allowing for touch-ups wherever you go. Indulge in the luxurious convenience of the ergonomically designed, anti-slip handle, ensuring effortless control and a flawless finish to achieve salon-worthy brows and a radiant complexion, all from the comfort of your home.

11. The Skinny Confidential HOT SHAVE Razor

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Price: $25.00

Get it from: The Skinny Confidential Shop, Amazon

Experience the luxurious pampering of the HOT SHAVE RAZOR, designed to transform your beauty routine and unveil a radiant, smooth complexion. This meticulously crafted tool isn't just another face shaver – it's a gateway to a meticulously prepped canvas for makeup and enhanced skincare absorption.

The comfortable, long handle, designed specifically for the contours of a woman's face, grants effortless control as you gently whisk away unwanted peach fuzz and buff away dead skin cells. The curved handle ensures the razor effortlessly glides across your skin, encouraging short, feathery strokes for optimal results.

12. Sephora Collection Metal Facial Razor

Source : sephora

Price: $18.00

Get it from: Sephora, Amazon

Sephora's Metal Facial Razor boasts a sleek, ergonomic design crafted from sturdy metal for a luxurious feel and long-lasting performance. The high-quality, replaceable blades effectively target unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz, revealing a smoother, more even-toned complexion.

The easy-to-use handle with a convenient finger divot ensures precise control and comfortable maneuvering around facial contours, while the reusable hard storage case keeps the razor protected and hygienic. Whether you have normal, dry, combination, or oily skin, this gentle yet effective tool is a valuable addition to your skincare routine, promoting a polished, radiant look.

13. DermaFlash Mini Precision Peach Fuzz Removal Device

Source : ulta

Price: $69.00

Get it from: Amazon, Ulta Beauty

DERMAFLASH MINI, the petite sidekick to the hero LUXE device, harnesses the same sonic dermaplaning magic but miniaturized for tackling those pesky peach fuzz stragglers around lips, eyes, and brows. This ultra-slim, ultra-precise tool empowers you with targeted exfoliation anywhere, anytime.

Unlike its predecessor, it's not just about fuzz removal; the MINI boasts a built-in cooling roller ball that instantly soothes and de-puffs tired eyes, leaving your skin refreshed, smoother, and fuzz-free in a flash. And the best part? No need to worry about prickly regrowth – research confirms hair won't return thicker or faster.

14. Versed Dermaplaning Tool

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Price: $19.99

Get it from: Versed Skin, Amazon

This reusable wonder, crafted with a grippy handle and a sharp, single-edge stainless steel blade, gently buffs away dead cells and unwanted fuzz, leaving your complexion even-toned and touchably soft. Not only will your makeup glide on effortlessly, but your skincare routine will see a boost, too, as the tool allows products to penetrate deeper.

Each blade lasts for 3-4 uses, providing a 2-6 month supply, and the 45-degree angle gliding motion ensures a safe, close shave. This high-performance tool isn't just hype; it's a game-changer for achieving that coveted smooth-sailing complexion.

15. Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator

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Price: $12.79

Get it from: Amazon, Walmart

Imagine effortlessly achieving salon-quality smoothness thanks to the innovative Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator. Say goodbye to unwanted facial hair with its six automatic tweezers that rotate swiftly and gently, precisely targeting and vanquishing unwanted facial hair for long-lasting results and a sleek, polished look.

Its compact design ensures precise control, perfect for navigating delicate areas like your upper lip, chin, and eyebrows. After each use, safeguard the epilator head with the included protective cap and whisk away any lingering hairs with the handy cleaning brush.