How To Get The Eyes Closed Filter On TikTok And Snapchat?

A grandson is pranking his grandmother with Close eyes filter on TikTok
A grandson is pranking his grandmother with Close eyes filter on TikTok( Source : newsweek )

Eyes Closed Filter is creating a new trend on TikTok. 

This is not just a trend where you do dance moves, cooking tutorials, or lip-syncing to the lyrics. It's a prank associated with Filter on TikTok.

Many users share their family and partners' reactions to a new filter that makes a person's eyes appear closed when they really aren't. The intuition trend that started some months ago has again resurfaced with this filter. Continue reading to learn more about the trend and filter.

What Is The "Eyes Closed Filter" On TikTok?

The “closed eyes filter” on TikTok is becoming more popular day by day as more and more users create content in it.

Like any other filter, it's the one created by TikTok that shows closed eyes even when they're wide open. Netizens are absolutely enjoying the filter and as of now, 75.5millions of people have used the hashtag, #closeeyes.

Initially, the trend started as a new filter and eventually turned into a prank. Most people have used the filter to trick their partners, friends, parents, and the people closest to them.

You can find several videos where the user asked the other to see in the camera and confront them for not opening their eyes. Seeing his wide-open eyes closed in the camera, many people were anxious and furious.

A TikTok user pranking his boyfriend using the close eyes filter on TikTok
A TikTok user pranking his boyfriend using the close eyes filter on TikTok ( Source : youtube )

Some even tried to stretch their eyelids with their fingers, but the filter was so well constructed that no one could open their eyes to it.

Many of these videos are usually taken while the other person is sleeping, and you wake them up to see the camera.  And in drowsiness, they can't grasp what's going on with their eyes, maybe a new condition/disorder they've never experienced before.

Watching them struggle with their lives to open their eyes is fun to watch when you are aware of the filter. But you never know what is going on with that poor victim of a prank.

The design team of TikTok must have worked hard to get this real-like filter that can easily deceive its user.

And currently, a new prank trend is circulating this filter, the intuition test.

In this trend, you asked your TikTok partner to display any number of fingers on the screen, and the user must guess the number. Your partner will be amazed when you correctly utter the exact number. But only you know the filter behind it.

Not only in TikTok but also due to the growing craze of Close Eyes Filter, Snapchat and Instagram have integrated the filter system.

How To Find 'Eyes Closed Filter' And Make It Work?

In order to find 'Eyes Closed Filter' on TikTok and make it work, you can follow the following step.

  1. Open TikTok
  2. Go to the search button and type Close Eyes Filter
  3. You will see a large number of videos popping up on your screen
  4. Click on any one of the videos and see the filter option on their clip, it is generally right at the top of their username
  5. Tap on that filter
  6. If your TikTok is updated, you can directly use the filter 
  7. But if not, then first, you have to update your installed version of TikTok
  8. After you open the filter, you can create any videos with your partner
  9. You can either prank them or simply show the exquisite filter of TikTok 

Close eyes filter is trending on TikTok
Close eyes filter is trending on TikTok ( Source : youtube )

Some of the pranks used on this filter that has been trending on TikTok are listed below. You can either use one of them or use your creativity.

  1. Waking someone with the close eyes filter. They will be asleep and not in the proper mental orientation. And since they cannot comprehend anything, it will be fun to shoot and record them exclaiming.
  2. Intuition test: In this prank, you pretend to close your eyes using the filter and ask your friend/partner/parents to show any number you can guess. You can enjoy their priceless reaction when you guess every number without any mistakes. 
  3. They might accuse you of cheating, but they'll be shocked if they see your eyes closed every second on camera.

So, here was our simple procedure on how to use the Close Eyes filter on TikTok. Now you can create your own and trick your closed ones. 

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