Meet Eve Hewson's Parents, Ali Hewson And Paul Hewson On Instagram

Eve Hewson is a professional actress from Ireland ( Source : Tatler )

Eve Hewson is born to her parents, Ali Hewson and Paul Hewson. Learn more details about Eve’s parents and ethnicity in this article below.

Eve Hewson is a professional actress from Ireland. Her television debut was as Nurse Lucy Elkins in the 2014 Steven Soderbergh series The Knick.

Her first significant part was in the drama film, This Must Be the Place in 2011. Hewson has acted in movies like Blood Ties (2013), Bridge of Spies (2015), and Robin Hood.

She played a lead role in the mini-series, The Luminaries in 2020. She portrayed Adele in the Netflix drama Behind Her Eyes in 2021.

NameEve Hewson
Age30 Years
Birth placeDublin, Ireland
BirthdayJuly 7, 1991
Height5ft 1in
Weight49 Kg
FatherPaul David Hewson
MotherAli Hewson
Net Worth$8 Million

Eve Hewson’s Parents, Ali Hewson and Paul Hewson

Eve Hewson was born on 7 July 1991 to her parents, mother, Ali Hewson, and father, Paul Hewson. As of 2022, the actress is currently 31 years old.

The actress was the second daughter in the family. She has two younger brothers, Elijah and John, as well as an older sister named Jordan.

Talking about Eve’s parents, Bono, alias, Paul David Hewson, is an Irish singer-songwriter, activist, and philanthropist.

He is the rock band U2's lead singer and lyricist. Hewson’s father was born and reared in Dublin and went to Mount Temple Comprehensive School, where he met his future wife, Alison Stewart.

Eve Hewson was born to her parents, Ali Hewson and Paul Hewson
Eve Hewson was born to her parents, Ali Hewson and Paul Hewson( Source : Amazon )

Eve’s mother, Alison, is an Irish campaigner and entrepreneur. She is popularly known as the spouse of U2 rocker Paul Hewson.

Alison was raised in Raheny and met her future husband when she was 12 years old. Alison and Paul married in 1982.

Despite having been married for more than 40 years, Ali and Paul Hewson's bond have gotten stronger with time and no problems have arisen between them.

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Eve Hewson Ethnicity

Eve has lived a secretive life and has revealed her ethnicity detail to her followers. However, the actress possesses an Irish nationality.

Since "eve" appears during the word "seven," her name is derived from the time and date of her birth which is 7 am on 7 July.

Hewson resides in Brooklyn's Williamsburg. Eve received her education at New York University, St. Andrew's College in Dublin, and the Dalkey School Project.

Hewson played Anna Wetherell in The Luminaries in 2020
Hewson played Anna Wetherell in The Luminaries in 2020( Source : Thecityceleb )

On May 22, 2013, she received her degree from New York University.

The actress stands tall at 5 feet 1 inch. Likewise, Hewson's last recorded weight was around 49 kgs.

The U2 song "Kite" was influenced by a time when Bono flew a kite with Hewson and her sister on Killiney Hill, but the kite was destroyed by wind.

Hewson had always envisioned herself as a Hollywood star. She continued by claiming that to seem famous, she had danced in front of televisions.

What Is Eve Hewson’s Net Worth [2022]?

As of 2022, Eve Hewson’s net worth is estimated to be over 8 million dollars.

She has accumulated a fortune from her successful career as an actress.

Eve Hewson caught some attention in Hollywood through the Patrick Fogarty film the 27 Club. In the film, she portrayed the role of Stella.

The actress has also made appearances in films including Bridge of Spies, Robinhood, Paper Year, and Blood Ties, all directed by Steven Spielberg.

As Hewson continues to showcase her skill in all the projects, her portfolio is growing at a gradual rate.

Hewson played Anna Wetherell in The Luminaries in 2020. The 2021 Netflix mini-series Behind Her Eyes has been Eve's biggest and most successful endeavor.

The actress’s involvement in these A-level initiatives must have added to her wealth, which enables her to live a comfortable life.

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