Estimating Ed Craven's Net Worth In 2022 Amid Huge Online Crypto Gambling Earnings

Ed Craven Smiling For Photoshoot
Ed Craven Smiling For Photoshoot( Source : theguardian )

Ed Craven is a well-known entrepreneur who has a net worth of $1.1 billion. He is talented and hard-working.

He owns an online casino called with his partner Bijan Tehrani. It is run by Medium Rare NV, a business with its corporate headquarters in Curaçao and a license to operate an online casino. The company has locations in Serbia, Australia, and Cyprus and employs people worldwide.

Craven and Tehrani founded Easygo, a business that created games for internet casinos, in 2016. The two contributed to the 2017 founding of debuted in the UK in December 2021, thanks to a collaboration with TGP Europe.

Classic casino games and sports gambling are available on It provides live dealer video feeds. Instead of dealing with conventional currency on, users commonly add and remove cryptocurrencies to and from their gaming accounts.

The online casino has invested in sponsorship deals, including English Premier League teams Everton F.C. & Watford F.C., UFC fighter Israel, Formula One driver Pietro Fittipaldi and his brother, Canadian musician Drake, Argentine footballer Sergio Aguero, Gennady Golovkin vs. Ryota Murata boxing match, and so on.

Estimating Ed Craven's Net Worth In 2022

Ed Craven's net worth is approximately $1.1 billion as of 2022. He is one of the nation's youngest self-made billionaires.

Ed Craven With His Friend And Partner Bijan Tehrani
Ed Craven With His Friend And Partner Bijan Tehrani ( Source : afr )

As per the reports, Ed might be a member of next year's Financial Review Rich List. He was able to purchase not one but two properties in Toorak, including the record-breaking $88 million acquisition of the "ghost" estate on St Georges Road in August, all thanks to his success in creating an online cryptocurrency casino. He is charged with overpaying. It was a favorite number for the seller, and perhaps it will be for me as well, adds Craven.

My opinions on the increase and decrease of the Australian property market are neutral. Buying such a distinctive and historic Melbourne property was more of a lifetime experience opportunity. Craven's, which he founded in 2017 with his American buddy Bijan Tehrani, brought in $1.8 billion in sales and $550 million in pre-tax operating profit in the calendar year 2021.

However, this phenomenon has largely gone unnoticed because playing on it in Australia is illegal.

The brand is well-known internationally with an $18 million per year shirt sponsorship contract with English Premier League team Everton and an advisory council with rap musician Drake, who can place millions of dollars worth of bets on while live streaming to his fans.

Tehrani aspires to become an Australian citizen, likely putting him on the Rich List for the following year. According to Craven, the success of can be attributed to its early emphasis on the players' returns while maintaining the smallest profit margins.

Ed Craven's Wife And Business Partner, Bijan Tehrani

Ed Craven is yet to reveal details related to his wife. It is assumed that he is currently single and is not linked up with anyone. However, the information related to his business partner Bijan Tehrani is available.

Ed Craven And His Partner's Online Casino
Ed Craven And His Partner's Online Casino ( Source : pokcas )

The owners of the biggest bitcoin casino in the world, an Australian company, are being sued in the US for $400 million in damages by an ex-colleague who alleges he was excluded from the enormously successful enterprise. However, the owners of, Tehrani and Ed, who recently bought the most expensive property in Melbourne, have dismissed the lawsuit as "completely frivolous" and "provably false."

As per the analysis by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald 2021, Craven and Tehrani founded the cryptocurrency casino in Melbourne in 2017.

It is thought that this activity is located overseas., the lead sponsor of the English Premier League professional soccer team Everton, has developed into a business with a potential market worth up to $1 billion thanks to Canadian pop musician Drake serving as its primary brand ambassador.

In his court action, Freeman asserts that he attended primary and secondary schooling in Connecticut with Tehrani and has known the founder of since they were little kids. He claims that while still in college, he and Tehrani chose to start Primedice, a gambling company, with Craven in 2013.

According to Freeman, he initially held 20% in Primedice, while Tehrani and Craven each had 40%, indicating their initial investments in the business.

As the value of cryptocurrencies increased, Freeman claimed that in 2016, he discussed it with his business partners. Nevertheless, Tehrani and Craven rejected him due to possible regulatory issues.

Freeman asserts that in the same year, he was dissuaded from joining Tehrani and Craven's purportedly brand-new company, He was informed that he couldn't participate unless he moved to Australia and that the new company only dealt in fiat currencies like the US dollar or the Euro.

Where Is Ed Craven From?

According to the reports, Ed Craven is from Australia. An Australian start-up company is quietly working away in a modest office on Collins Street in the center of Melbourne.

Rapper Drake Has Also Been Involved In
Rapper Drake Has Also Been Involved In ( Source : realestate )

The Easygo Gaming crew appears to be a standard group of developers of video games who are living the beginning dream on the surface. Their Instagram profile features photos of team meals, a staff barista, casual boat trips for special occasions, and spin-the-wheel competitions with iPhone prizes for the staff at their Royal Bank Chambers location.

Craven was recently seen throwing a Halloween party at his residence that cost around $88 million. It is one of the most costly mansions in Australia. More than 400 guests attended the lavish party that Craven, the co-founder of the cryptocurrency gaming platform, organized at his property in the affluent Melbourne neighborhood of Toorak.

In a video she posted to her well-known TikTok account, social media personality Annie Knight provided a brief tour of the occasion.

There were numerous Halloween-themed decorations and bright lights, a dance floor, a DJ, a performance by an "international guest," two bars with specialty cocktails, caterers, a makeup area with trained artists, and a picture booth, all included in the celebration. 

The house was outrageously adorned, and when we entered, there were people costumed as werewolves ad zombies to frighten us. Annie continued. After cutting to the energetic dance floor with partygoers dressed in costumes, the well-known social media user showed one of the beverage bars.

She described the event as featuring a large dance floor, cocktails by Nick and Norah, a DJ, Yakimono catering, and five professional cosmetic artists available to do guests' makeup.

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