Meet Erica Rose Husband Charles Sanders, Here Is What We Know About The Below Deck Selling Yacht Guest

Erica Rose is happily married to her husband Charles Sanders. The couple also has a baby together and are enjoying their life with a complete family and fame. Let's find out more about Rose's husband.

Both of them are attorneys by the profession and run their firm. It is quite surprising that they have managed to appear on television while they also have serious and professional work to do off-screen.

The couple has supported each other to make their life better and to pursue the field they loved the most. There is no doubt that Erica's fame has brought Charles to the limelight and public attention.

Meet Erica Rose Husband Charles Sanders

Many people might not know that Erica is married and now, has a beautiful family with her husband Charles. Erica's appearance in the Bachelor made her popular among the people. Although she did not win the show, she managed to gather fame.

The couple went to high school together, but they were not that close back then and nothing happened between them. It was later when the couple ran into each other again and fell for each other.

In 2017 couple got married, they have two children; however, the first one is from the earlier relationship of Erica with another attorney. The couple is having a great time in each other companionship. They are also seen together in the show.

They together run a firm named Rose Sanders Law Firm. More detail about their firm is available on their site; they have said on their site that they help injured clients in Texas. Their firm is also available on Instagram.

Charles Sanders Net Worth & Family - Below Deck Selling Yacht

Although there is a lack of accurate information about Charles's wealth, it has been estimated that his net worth is more than $2 million. However, there is an estimation that his wife is worth more than $10 million. 

Thus, the couple has assets of more than $10 million. They have a beautiful family with two kids, one from Erica's earlier relationship. There have not been single reports of them involved in any kind of altercations.

Charles is also active on Instagram and goes with the handle name charlesksanders. He has more than 2000 followers and can be seen posting pictures of his family and showing off their lavish life.

It can be expected that his worth will increase in the future because it looks like the couple is making great progress in their career.

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