Emrata Here Fresh Off Divorce Lyrics Hints Emily Ratajkowski And Pete Davidson Rebound

Emily Ratjkowski is rumored to be dating the comedian, Pete Davidson.
Emily Ratjkowski is rumored to be dating the comedian, Pete Davidson.( Source : revistavanityfair )

Emily Ratajkowski liked a tweet with a picture of Pete Davidson featuring the lyrics, emrata here fresh off a divorce from Drake's new song, Middle of the Ocean.

The tweet liked by Emily has added additional fuel to the already growing fire about the rumors about Emily and Pete dating together. Emily Ratajkowski is a professional actress and renowned model born in England.

Before landing a recurring role on the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, Ratajkowski started performing as a youngster (2009–2010).  The actress made her modeling debut on the cover of the erotic magazine treats! 's March 2012 edition.

She made her acting debut as the character's mistress (2014) in the movie Gone Girl. Emily got featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions of 2014 and 2015. Likewise, in 2015, the model made her professional runway debut for Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week.

Emily represents Planned Parenthood as a spokeswoman and advocate for women's health problems. Ratajkowski, a self-described feminist, has faced praise and criticism for her opinions on freedom. One can explore the actress on her Instagram account with the username @emrata. Emily has a verified Instagram handle with over 29.6 million followers and 1200 uploaded posts.

She has once more used Twitter to make light of her developing relationship with Pete Davidson.

Emrata Here Fresh Off Divorce Lyrics Sparks Dating Rumors

Another indication about Emily Ratajkowski's flourishing affair with Pete Davidson sweeps the internet.

Hawk-eyed followers have noted that the model liked a mysterious meme that referred to the comedian, Pete, as a "rebound" and discussed her rumored relationship with him.

Frazier Tharpe posted the image of Davidson making the peace sign on Twitter from this year's Met Gala in the meme.

The 31-year-old Gone Girl actress liked a trending message on Twitter that included a photo of the Saturday Night Live cast member and the lyrics of Drake's new song Middle of the Ocean.

The lyrics are from Drake's new song Middle of the Ocean, which states, "EmRata here fresh off divorce/And I'm trying to gaze in her eyes, maybe express my remorse/if she wanna rebound with me, I'm down to grab her some boards".

The remark appears to playfully suggest that Davidson wants Ratajkowski to start fresh with him after splitting from her marital life with the model's former husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. The actress recently favored a viral Dionne Warwick tweet and expressed her wish to date Davidson.

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson met together while twinning their outfits.
Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson met together while twinning their outfits. ( Source : tmz )

After claims that the film producer had cheated on Emily, the model ended their relationship in September after filing a divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Emily and Sebastian were initially mentioned as a couple after being photographed making romantic gestures on Valentine's Day in 2018. The model and the producer tied marital knots that same month at New York City's City Hall in a secret ceremony after only a few short weeks of dating.

Sebastian Bear-McClard is a well-known actor and producer. His contributions to Uncut Gems, Good Time, and Broken Flowers are likely his best recognized.

Additionally, Joshua and Ben Safdie, McClard's friends and business partners, collaborated on several award-winning films as writers, producers, and directors. Ratajkowski and McClard were living as husband and wife for over four years. The couple recently became parents to their 1-year-old child named Sylvester.

After Emily and Sebastian parted ways, a rumor surfaced in the media about Emily secretly dating Pete Davidson.

The actress has not revealed her dating status in the media. Still, as seen from her social media handle, it is clear Emily is interested in the comedian Davidson.

Emily Ratajkowski Romance Rumors With Pete Davidson

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson are the trending topics from the glamour world that has caught social media users' attention.

Netizens are eager to find out if the model Emily is indeed dating the comedian Pete, the dating rumors, or just hoaxes.

Recent gestures shown by Emily on her social media platform by liking the picture of Pete Davidson have been a hot topic.

The latest and hottest trending pair is Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski, who appeared to confirm their relationship on a recent trip.

The Saturday Night Live star and the model reportedly spent time together in New York City on Wednesday as he celebrated his 29th birthday and even had their pictures taken.

Davidson went to the model's West Village apartment to pick her up but departed as the media surrounded them. The witness added that the two eventually reconnected in Brooklyn.

The pair got seen in a picture that has gone viral wearing matching bomber jackets and sweatpants.

Emily liked a tweet by Dionne Warwick about the comedian, which led to their current encounter.

The first picture of Davidson and Ratajkowski together, which has now gone viral on social media, showed Emily and Pete cuddled together.

Emily Ratajkowski liked a tweet of Frazier Tharpe II which had Pete Davidson.
Emily Ratajkowski liked a tweet of Frazier Tharpe II which had Pete Davidson. ( Source : twitter )

On November 16, Pete's birthday, the two got together to spend time together.

According to earlier rumors, the comedian and the model met through common acquaintances and had known one other for a while because they used to hang out in the same social circles.

Pete and Emily reportedly got together at Ratajkowski's New York City home on Wednesday to celebrate the former Saturday Night Live star's birthday on November 16.

Ratajkowski has already discussed why she thinks so many women are drawn to Davidson.

Famously, Davidson dated Kim Kardashian before dating Ariana Grande, Kaia Gerber, Kate Beckinsale, and others.

During a November 2016 interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the model claimed that she thinks women get drawn to Davidson's charm and fragility.

In October 2021, Davidson and Kardashian started dating after the SKIMS founder appeared on Saturday Night Live.

Nine months of dating resulted in the couple's separation in August. In a September interview with Interview magazine, Kardashian said that the breakup was amicable and that Davidson is "such a lovely person."

Emily's first supposed romance after the separation was with Brad Pitt, but it didn't last long because they were both purportedly going through divorces.

On a subsequent date in New York, Ratajkowski was seen intimate with an unknown man, who was later revealed to be DJ Orazio Rispo.

Now, Netizens are eager to find out if the couple Pete and Emily publicly announced their relationship and uploaded their dating pictures on their social media handles.

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