Elodie Yung is a famous actress in France, and fans are eager to know the details of her children and family. Read the article below to learn more about the celebrity behind the camera.

Elodie has gained global recognization through her skill of portraying acts on the big screen. The actress has even starred as Elektra Natchios in the second season of the MCU series Daredevil in 2016.

Elodie Yung Daughter: Who Is Minavann Yung Howard?

Minavann is famously known as the first daughter of Elodie Yung. She grew up in the limelight of media with her parents' fame. She is famously known for her fashionable snap of photos on her mother's IG account.

Minavann has been in the part of beautiful trips with her parents. With a glamourous upbringing, we never know she could be one of the prominent actresses in the future.

Minavann Yung Age: How Old Is She?

As of 2021, Minavann is three years of age. However, the couple has not revealed any details about her exact birthday. The sweet baby girl was born in the early August of 2018.

The toddler is enjoying her early childhood with her family. The couple shares a lot of her adorable pictures on their Instagram account. On the other hand, Elodie is 40 years of age.

At such a young age, Minavann is already in the limelight of media, with her parents being one o the influential celebrities.

Minavann Yung Parents Details 

Minavann was born and brought up by her parents, Elodie Tung and Jonathan. Both Minavann's parents are one of the biggest names for Hollywood.

Jonathan is an actor admired by the audience with his work in Thor, Godzilla, Skylines, Downtown Abbey, Kingdom, and Last Ship. On the other hand, Elodie is well-renowned for her Daredevil and The Defenders work.

Both are taking time from their professional life to helping in Minavann's upbringing.

Minavann Yung Boyfriend: Is She Dating?

No, Minavann is not dating. She is a toddler and is not in a relationship with anyone. The infant is presently spending time with her parents and enjoying kindergarten songs.

Her parents are very vocal about Minavann's privacy. 

Meet Minavann Yung On Insatgram 

Although in the limelight of media, Minavann is not found on Instagram. She is too young for social media and may join it when she becomes old enough.

Besides that, her parents flaunt her adorable pictures on the internet. One can find her parents on Instagram with the username @e.l.o.d.i.e.y.u.n.g and @mrjonathanhoward.

People love to look into their profile and show the couple with love and comment.