Eleanor Neale is a British YouTuber known for making content about true crime stories, makeup, and vlogs.

Since starting her main channel on March 28, 2016, she has become a true social media influencer, with over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube and countless followers on other social media platforms. 

Her true crime videos are wildly popular, pull in a million views on average, and are known for being in-depth, properly researched, and at least an hour long.

She has also separated her content between solved and unsolved true crime stories to make it easier for her viewers to surf through them.

However, She has recently become popular for reasons outside of her content. She has lost a respectable amount of weight, and her turn to a healthier life has made people love her content more.

Quick Facts About Eleanor Neale

Here Are Some Facts About Eleanor Neale:

Net Worth:$2.08 Million
Date of Birth:January 24, 1999
Residence:England, United Kingdom
Years Active:2017- Present

Eleanor Neale's Weight Loss Journey

Eleanor Neale's fans were shocked when the YouTuber changed the image she uses on thumbnails to a thinner one.

The video "THE KILLER OF 100 BOYS" used a strikingly different image of her on the thumbnail than her usual image. 

This image saw her looking much thinner than she usually does, brighter, healthier, and even younger.

Eleanor Neale's weight loss journey has shocked all of her fans. Here are her before and after pictures.
Source : houseandwhips

This transformation caused many viewers to go back through her videos. After doing so, they learned that throughout the year 2021, the Youtuber had been gradually looking thinner and thinner on each video. 

Though she briefly returned to her normal thumbnail images after the video mentioned above, she soon started using thumbnails that showcased her new, slimmer self.

Eleanor Neale's Diet Plan

YouTuber Eleanor Neale's weight loss journey has had many people ask her questions, particularly about the how.

The Youtuber has not been shy about showing off her slimmer body and talking about how much healthier and brighter she feels. 

Eleanor Neale has been much more open about posting pictures of herself now that she has lost weight
Source : instagram

However, one thing she hasn't done is talk about the diet she embarked on to reach the weight she currently is. Still, she has let slip videos of herself cooking in some videos which gives some idea of how she reached her current weight.

One of the things she seems to be eating a lot is vegetables, particularly mushrooms. Her cooking so much herself must mean that she has cut back on fast food, which surely has positively impacted her weight.

Eleanor Neale's Workout Plan

As with her diet, Eleanor Neele has not been open about her workout plan, or if she had any, for her weight loss.

The reason might be that there wasn't as much workout as people thought. 

One of the biggest indicators Neale has given behind the reason for her weight loss is that she chose to start a healthier lifestyle. 

The Youtuber has also taken to posing and appearing in more form fitting clothes after her weight loss
Source : instagram

A healthier lifestyle, though it does contain exercise, does not have to revolve around the gym or any form of intense exercise. 

Going through her Twitter page shows that the Youtuber has a small disdain for the regular gym-going crowd. She seems more about affirming people who want to live healthier lifestyles. 

To that end, reading between the lines of her weight loss journey shows that Neale started eating healthier and taking care of herself.

Backlash To Eleanor Neale's Weight Loss

Despite the overwhelming support, some people have not been positively taking Eleanor Neale's weight loss.

These detractors have been levying charges of surgery or some form of illegal supplements to be the reason behind Neale's weight loss.

Many of these detractors are people who don't enjoy her content or hate-watch it for a myriad of different reasons, primarily that they don't like her attitude towards disturbing topics.

Eleanor Neale's happiness towards her weight loss has not only infected her social media but also her fans.
Source : instagram

Some even claim that Neale is disrespecting the subjects of her video, though curiously, their retort to her disrespect is by disrespecting her in return.

Neale, to her credit, has not been engaging with these trolls and seems more content to bask in her now healthier and more wonderful life. 

Who Is Eleanor Neale Dating?

YouTuber Eleanor Neale does not seem to be dating anyone, nor has she talked about it. 

Now that Eleanor Neale has lost weight, people are asking about more changes in her life, like a new relationship.

Weight loss has not changed Neale from being the vibrant personality she always was. 

Eleanor Neale has been linked to her best friend Jack Hodger
Source : twitter

If anything, it seems to have given her more courage to be open and share her personal life in ways than before.

A look at her Instagram shows just that, as the Youtuber has deleted all of her previous posts and now uploads pictures that showcase her new body.

However, as private as she has been about her weight loss journey, she is equally as private about other details related to her personal life. One of these details is her relationships. 

Is Eleanor Neale Dating Jack Hodgson?

Jack Hodgson, or Hodgack as he is known on YouTube, is a Youtuber and friend of Eleanor Neale.

The two have been friends for a long time, and Neale has posted Hodgson on her social media many times, calling him her best friend. 

She is also very supportive of his Youtube career and often shares new videos he has released on her Twitter account. 

Jack Hodger is also a Youtuber and his channel's name is Hogback
Source : youtube

This closeness has led many fans to wonder and ask if the two are dating and in a relationship.

As of the writing of this article, the most Neale has stated about their relationship is that they are friends, best friends even, and nothing more. Still, this hasn't stopped people from asking questions. 

Though Eleanor Neale has not stated if she is in a relationship, she can easily be with a man and a woman.

Neale is bisexual and has been very open about her orientation. She tweets about her orientation, make jokes about it, defends it, but most importantly, treats it like a part of herself and not an accessory.

Though she hasn't mentioned dating any woman on social media, that does not detract from her identity.

Eleanor Neale is bisexual and came out to her mother on a Youtube video
Source : youtube

However, if she is dating a woman, it could explain why she has not been open about the information. Still, all that one can say about the matter would be conjecture.

So far, Jack Hodgson is the only person, man or woman, who has been romantically connected to Neale. 

Only time will tell if Neale will reveal the name of her significant other when she eventually gets one.

Why Is There A Backlash Against Eleanor Neale?

As stated above, not everyone has been joining Eleanor Neale with the success of her weight loss journey.

Many of these disgruntled detractors' problem with Neale is her conduct when it comes to her videos.

Though many of them are trolls, an equal amount has a viable reason to dislike the young woman's content, especially her conduct within the videos.

Eleanor Neale has been criticized for making light of the gruesome topics she deals with
Source : youtube

Neale tends to sensationalize the content she shares, which is frowned upon when sharing true-crime stories.

As someone who has been making content like this since her teenage years, Neale's approach to her content sometimes still echoes that of a teenager, which is one of the backlash levied against her.

As mentioned above, Neale has not replied or responded to any of these claims, which is great but also bad for her. She escapes criticism, but through that, she also escapes accountability.

What Are Some Of The People's Complaints Against Eleanor Neale?

The more serious of Eleanor Neale's detractors have made a list of complaints they have against the Youtuber.

The Youtuber has also been criticized for sensationalizing the topics he makes content on
Source : youtube

These complaints revolve around her acting disrespectful to the subject matter. They are as follows:

  • Being inappropriately cheerful when introducing the case
  • Giggling
  • Adding personal opinions about what she would have done in the situation
  • Looking at herself through the viewfinder
  • Self-promotion while talking about a gruesome case
  • Mentioning irrelevant details just for shock factor
  • Making inappropriate faces
  • Ending videos on cliffhangers
  • Telling viewers to stay tuned if they want to hear the gory bits
  • Criticizing the sentence an offender received despite her ignorance of the justice system

How Much Is Eleanor Neale's Net Worth?

Eleanor Neale has an estimated net worth of 2.08 Million as of 2022.

The Youtuber has earned the bulk of her income from her Youtuber channel, which she started on March 28, 2016.

The first video on her channel is from June 21, 2018. She initially started posting in 2017, but most were makeup-related. 

Eleanor Neale has amassed a lot of wealth making truce crime videos like this
Source : youtube

Neale refashioned her channel to a true-crime-related one in 2018 and has since released 215 videos.

She still makes makeup-related content and vlogs on her second channel, Eleanor. Neale started this channel on November 21, 2020, and has posted 14 videos on it.

Lastly, she has a now-defunct channel called Eleanor2, which was once meant to serve as her second channel.

How Does Eleanor Neale Make Money?

British Youtuber Eleanor Neale makes money primarily off of her Youtube channel but also through other means.

These other means are sponsorships and merch sales. As a British Youtuber, Neale is part of a group of content creators made by Youtube.

After taking its cut, the website pays $2-$12 per 1000 monetized views to its creators from the US, UK, and Canada. Also, the longer a viewer stays on the video, the more money the creator makes.

Before making true crime videos, Eleanor Neale used to make make up videos like this one
Source : youtube

This system is where Neale thrives because, as her content is true-crime, a genre shrouded in mystery, people are encouraged to watch until the end.

With more than 2.4 million subscribers on her main channel alone, and with each of her videos reaching a million views minimum, Neale is surely making a good chunk of money from her Youtube channel.

What Companies Sponsor Eleanor Neale?

Eleanor Neale starts each of her videos with a sponsorship announcement.

Eleanor Neale is often sponsored and she wears sponsored content like in this video
Source : twitter

This act is also subject to criticism; however, it is a way for her to supplement her income. Here are her usual sponsors:

  • NordVPN: A reputable but fairly expensive VPN service that allows people to change the location of their IP address
  • Function of Beauty: A cosmetology brand that sells customizable skin and hair products. This brand has recently come under fire due to numerous people complaining about hair loss due to their products.
  • Miscellaneous mobile games: Neale promotes a variety of mobile games on her videos, such as Apex Legends, Raid: Shadow Legends, and more.

Eleanor Neale's Career Earnings

Strictly looking at the total views from her main channel, Eleanor Neale has made $4,443,772.

This amount is calculated by putting her total views, 370,314,350, against the $2-$12 per 1000 monetized views Youtube pays for.

However, the amount drawn is based on the assumption that Neale earns $12 per 1000 monetized views. Therefore, the amount is pure conjecture and cannot be taken as fact.

Eleanor Neale also sells a lot of merchandise, mainly hoodies like these ones
Source : twitter

Still, it is a healthy conjecture because of the nature of Neale's content; one can assume she retains fans. 

Then there is her second channel. She has amassed a total view count of 892,653 on the channel, which means she has earned $10,711 from the channel, bringing her total earnings to $4,454,483.

It is important to remember that the amount is only based on conjecture derived from her two channels. Neale also has money coming in from her sponsorships and her merchandise. 

A Brief Summary Of Eleanor Neale's YouTube Career

Despite some controversy, Eleanor Neale has kept pushing through in her Youtube career and has had much success.

As stated above, almost all her videos average a million views minimum. 

Neale has been one of the biggest names for true crime stories on Youtube for a while now. One of the things that separates her from most other true crime channels is the eclectics of the topics she uses and the speed of her releases.

The logo to Eleanor Neale's main channel where she has amassed 2.4 Million subscribers
Source : youtube

As of the writing of this article, Neale has been uploading videos twice a week, which is an astounding speed for the length of videos she makes. 

With a healthy body, healthier attitude, and a new drive behind her videos, Neale seems to be intent on creating videos for as long as she can. Here's to her continued success.

Some FAQs

Did Eleanor Neale used to make Makeup videos?

Yes, she was a makeup channel back in 2017

Is Eleanor Neale part of the LGBTQ+?

Yes, she is bisexual

What is Eleanor Neale's Ethnicity?

She is of Ukranian descent