Why Is El Mencho Arrested Now? His Charges And Prison Sentence

El Mencho is a drug lord from Mexico. ( Source : Cbsnews )

El Mencho is one of the most wanted criminals in the world. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and his well-being is also an issue due to the rumors of his kidney failure, some claiming that he has already died.

Recent news of unrest and rising violence on the US-Mexico border is reportedly a response to a series of arrests of drug cartel figures. On social media, Gang members could be seen commandeering cars and buses and setting them to fire. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka El Mencho
Date of Birth 17 July 1966 (age 56) 
Place of Birth Michoacán, Aguililla, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Known for leader of Jalisco New Generation Cartel
Wife Rosalinda González Valencia ​ ​(m. 1996)
Children Three (Jessica Johana, Laisha, and Rubén)

Is El Mencho Arrested Now?

Though he was arrested previously, El Mencho is not captured. The Mexican drug lord is currently one of the most wanted criminals in the U.S. and Mexico.

Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, commonly known as El Mencho, is the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). The government of Mexico is offering up to MXN$30 million, and the U.S. government is offering US$10 million for information leading to his arrest.

DEA has announced a reward of $10 million USD for the information leading to the arrest of El Mencho.
DEA has announced a reward of $10 million USD for the information leading to the arrest of El Mencho.( Source : Themobmuseum )

However, the 56-year-old has been evading the authorities till now. Rumors are that he is hiding in Jalisco and has changed his position from one building to another. 

In recent days, there have been rumors spreading about the death of El Mencho due to his lack of personal appearance. The Mexican press reported that he was killed in a shootout between the CJNG and some rivals in February 2022.

There are also rumors that Cervantes died of kidney failure at a hospital in Guadalajara. However, in July 2020, he reportedly built a medical facility in rural Jalisco where he could be treated for a long-term kidney problem.

EL Mencho Charges And Prison Sentence

El Mencho was arrested a couple of times in the United States. In 1986, he was arrested by the San Francisco Police while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was 19 and was charged with stolen property and carrying a loaded gun.

Later in 1989, Cervantes was arrested again in San Francisco for selling narcotics. Several months after the arrest, he was deported back to Mexico but was free once in Mexico and re-entered the U.S. and re-settled in San Francisco.

For the third time, El Mencho was arrested alongside his brother Abraham on federal drug charges in Sacramento, California, in September 1992. To save his brother from life imprisonment, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison. However, he was released on parole three years later and deported back to Mexico.

After working as a police in Mexico, El Mencho joined organized crime as a full-time member of the Milenio Cartel. He became one of the leading figures in organized crime and one of the most wanted people.

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El Mencho Wife And Family

El Mencho married Rosalinda González Valencia, the sister of one of Milenio Cartel leaders. They are parents of there children: Jessica Johana, Laisha, and Rubén Oseguera González (alias "El Menchito).

El Mencho's wife was arrested in November 2021.
El Mencho's wife was arrested in November 2021.( Source : Infobae )

Mexican police arrested Rosalind in November 2021. She is currently facing an ongoing trial. Previously, she was arrested in May 2018 by the Mexican Navy in Zapopan, Jalisco, for her alleged involvement in money laundering. However, after paying an MXN$1.5 million bail, she was released three months after the hearing.

Ruben, aka El Menchito, was also arrested and released several times. He was arrested in 2014 but released several times for lack of evidence. However, he was arrested again for international drug trafficking in 2017.

El Mencho's son Ruben was arrested in 2017.
El Mencho's son Ruben was arrested in 2017.( Source : Courier-Journal )

Ruben was facing trial in Mexico for money laundering and illegally possessing restricted firearms. Oseguera González was extradited to the U.S. in February 2020 after several appeals.

Jessica, aka La Negra, was arrested in February 2020 in Washington, D.C., when she went to see her brother Ruben. She pleaded guilty to engaging in dealings and providing financial support to CJNG and was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

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