Egan Bernal Accident, Injury And Health Update 2022: Where Is He Now?

Egan Bernal accident happened in January 2022 ( Source : Mobile )

Egan Bernal accident happened in January when he smashed his bike at 65 kilometers per hour on a bus. However, he returned from his terrible winter training incident at the Tour of Denmark this week.

The Colombian cyclist Egan has missed over eight months of competition due to life-threatening injuries sustained in a training accident in Colombia in late January.

Bernal was lucky to have lived with damaged vertebrae and multiple rounds of emergency surgery in intensive care. It was doubtful Egan would be able to return to cycling, much less this year.

Injury And Health Update 2022: Egan Bernal Accident Video Gone Viral.

Egan Bernal accident happened on January 24, which almost killed him. The rider recuperated at home after spending several weeks in intensive care and finally participating in the competition. 

In a recent video release, he thanked his fans for their support during difficult times.

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However, the accident video appears to be taken from a remote security camera, and despite the poor quality, it does demonstrate how the catastrophe occurred.

Egan Bernal was stabilized on 25 January after accident
Egan Bernal was stabilized on 25 January after accident( Source : Mobile )

Egan was moving along the freeway with his time trial bike perfectly connected, supposedly at a speed of about 65 km/h, when a bus stopped by the side of the road.

Nearly four weeks have passed since the collision that sent Egan Bernal to the intensive care unit and ignited fear for the 2019 Tour de France champion throughout Colombia and the racing community.

In an emotional interview with Colombian magazine Semana's Vicky Dávila two weeks after leaving the hospital, the 25-year-old spoke about the incident, his recovery, and what motivates him personally.

Egan Arley Bernal Gómez Came Back After Accident In Denmark Tour.

Colombian rider Egan Arley Bernal Gomez Ineos Grenadiers will resume racing at the Tour of Denmark seven months after an accident that sent him to the intensive care unit.

With his return to racing scheduled for August 16, Bernal remarked, "After what happened to me in January, this has been the moment I've been waiting for - to race with my teammates again."

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"I cannot overstate how challenging the past eight months have been for me, both psychologically and physically. You never forget that day and the path I have been on since, so they will always be a part of you," he added. 

The transit police claimed that Bernal was riding his time-trial bike and was not paying attention to the halted bus.

Egan Bernal will participating in Denmark Tour
Egan Bernal will participating in Denmark Tour( Source : Mobile )

Later, Bernal suffered "a fractured vertebra, a fractured right femur, a fractured right patella, chest injuries, a punctured lung, and many rib fractures," according to a statement from the Ineos team.

Bernal was brought to Clinica Universidad de La Sabana in Bogotá. Doctors discovered twenty separate fractures and estimated Bernal had a 95% chance of dying or becoming paralyzed.

He had two operations, both immediately effective but may have longer-term effects. He was stabilized on January 25 but remained in intensive care as the medical staff began attending to less severe wounds.

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