Who Is Nicholas Petroccione? Eddie Kurland Actor From The Offer Gets Fame For His Role

Nicholas Petriccione's Picture from the IMDB profile ( Source : Imdb )

Nicholas Petroccione is an actor who played on the recent talked-about Paramount plus series The offer.

The actor Nicholas is from Los Angeles and he had been studying in Diana Castle's The Imagined Life project. He has appeared in various tv series and mini-series.

His recent role as Eddie Kurland in the mini-series, The offer has garnered him the attention. The series has been in the spotlight and people are talking about all the cast members of the show.

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Who Is Nicholas Petroccione? Wikipedia

Nicholas Petroccione is a rising actor who is known for playing Eddie Kurland in the series The offer. According to his short Wikipedia on IMDB, he has done his undergraduate studies in the BA acting program at the University of Southern California.

He is known for his roles in series, movies, and mini-series like The Offer, The Sauerkraut Queen, The Mantis Club, Ensemble, Odd love, and many more. Petroccione started his career through a short video called A Philosophical Approach to Enlightenment in 2017.

His works in various roles have been selected for different awards and festivals like the Riverrun International film festival. Nicholas went to the Westlake High School.

Nicholas Petroccione in his new project, Mantis Club
Nicholas Petroccione in his new project, Mantis Club ( Source : Imdb )

Nicholas has worked part-time as a host in the Wood Ranch Barbeque & Grill logo at the beginning of his career and he also did a management internship in Avalon management in 2014 for four months.

He is also active as a freelancer for the Voice Over Artist for Voice & Script International since 2020. 

Meet Actor Nicholas Petroccione Who Plays Eddie Kurland From The Offer

Nicholas Petroccione is an actor which is currently on contract working with the Empyrean Production Services. He has been in talks for his role as Eddie Kurland in the series, The Offer.

Nicholas is seen as Eddie in the tenth episode of the series called Brains and Balls. In the tenth episode, AI Ruddy and Robert Evans are getting ready for the release of the Godfather movie. 

Ruddy meets Eddie who is a movie lover and shares his interest in working with him and asks for the chance to do it. After a consideration, AI makes up his mind to work with him and guide him.

Ruddy and Eddie are seen working in the hit sports movie, The Longest Yard but it is also believed that Eddie Kurlan's character in the series is fictional as his name is not mentioned in the original movie, The Longest Yard.

How Old Is Nicholas Petroccione?

Nicholas Petroccione seems to be 20-30 years old based on his available images and his information.

He started his acting career in 2017 and has been seen on the small screen and his biggest break is through his role as Eddie on the Offer.

The actor will also be starring in the comedy movie, Blue Nights as the production is completed while the release date is still not set. Similarly, he is also working on short projects like Mantis Club and The Sauerkraut Queen.

Nicholas is slowly getting different projects and is moving forward to become a renowned actor.

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Nicholas Petroccione's Family

Nicholas Petroccione has not been open about his family as he rarely shared anything about his parents with the public.

He was raised in Thousand Oaks, California and he was a young artist who first gravitated toward music and storytelling.

When he is not acting, he is found strumming his guitar in his room. He also produces music and is hoping to put it out for others to listen to one day. 

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