Dyshea Dancing Dolls Died After An Accident, Twitter Mourning The Georgia's Cheerleading Captain

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Dyshea, another member of the Dancing Doll was killed in an accident after Shakira Gatlin. Diana Williams, the owner of Dancing Doll, offered a heartfelt tribute to one of her team members who died.

People have been extending their condolences to her family and Diana.

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RIP: Dyshea Upshaw Dancing Dolls Died After An Accident 

We regret to inform you that Dyshea Upshaw, a Dancing Dolls contestant, died as a result of an accident. Dianna Williams, the Dancing Dolls' director, and choreographer announced her death on Facebook.

"One of my Dolls has gone. I don't understand, and I'm not ok!! Lord Jesus," she wrote. "She was bold, always attempting to raise herself and everyone else in the dollhouse. Moreover, she was supporting and inspiring her sisters."

"I will miss your laughter, I will miss your smile," she added. Please pray for her family, friends, and the whole Dancing Dolls organization.

The detail of the news will be released soon. 

Dianna Williams announced the news of Dyshea's death on Facebook
Dianna Williams announced the news of Dyshea's death on Facebook

Furthermore, Shakira Gatlin, a former member of the Dancing Dolls, died on Barnes Street in Feb 2022 at the age of 19. She was shot in Jackson.

According to investigators, a youngster was questioned about the incident. He said it was an unintentional shot.

Her father, Derrick Robinson, 40, was also shot and died on West Silas Brown Street in September. According to investigators, he was shot while sitting in a vehicle.

It's just been four months since the passing of Shakira, and now the tragic news of another member's death has hit the dancing member. Dyshea was courageous, and she was always looking for ways to better herself and everyone else in the dollhouse.

She was the one who encouraged others and was always pleasant.

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Twitter Is Mourning The Captain, Dyshea Aka Shay Shay

Currently, Twitter is mourning the death of Georgia's Cheerleading Captain, Dyshea aka Shay Shay. She was a charismatic and vibrant person with fantastic dance skills.

People are paying tribute to the dancer on social media. 

"I can't believe you're gone BabyGirl, my heart bleeds for your family DyShea," Quiara Brown wrote. "For the sake of our whole dancing family, this is not acceptable.

She also mentioned that the gunfire should be halted, implying that she, too, may have been involved in shootings like Shakira.

"Dyshea I'm so heartbroken, I can't believe it's you," another wrote, stunned.

Was Dyshea From Dancing Dolls killed? Dianna Williams Tribute on Twitter

After analyzing the memorial on Twitter, we conclude that Dyshea from Dancing Dolls was killed. Twitter is flooded with condolence for the dancer.

"Please say a prayer for the Atlanta Dancing Dolls. One of our children has been called home by God. Trying to break Jadyn's denial is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do," Dee Grady wrote on his wall. 

Dee Grady paying tribute to Dyshea
Dee Grady paying tribute to Dyshea

"Dy’Shea You are the shining light that will shine in our hearts forever. I'll never forget your contagious smile or your favorite Chic-Fil-A salad. My sweet child, I love you.

There are no words to describe the anguish the members of the club are feeling. They all seem to adore and care for her. 

May her soul find eternal peace in paradise.

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