Dubsmash: Who Was Jules Eusebio Aka Dub King? Typhoid Fever Linked To His Cause of Death

Tiktok Dub King Jules Eusebio has died suffering from Typhoid fever. The Internet mourns after his sudden death.

The death news of Filipino Tikoker Jules Eusebio arrived suddenly on Tuesday, May 16, 2022. Everyone has been crushed by his untimely death at the age of 43. 

TikTok: Who Was Jules Eusebio Aka Dub King?

Jules Reyes Eusebio was born on July 20, 1978, in Manila, Philippines. He is a popular Filipino actor, dub mash artist, and mental health advocate.

Eusebio was extremely popular on Tiktok, he is given the name "The Dub King" for his amazing content. He also amused and made people laugh by dressing up in various outfits. One of Eusebio's most popular videos was when he dubbed Toni Gonzaga. At the time of writing, his Tiktok profile has 819.9 thousand followers and 17.4 million likes.

@juleseusebio Reply to @mikee_torres Reply to @mikee_torres ♬ One More Try Parody - THE DUB KING

According to My Dramalist, the Tiktoker had also played the role of Madam Tusha in the TV series titled "Amore".

Eusebio also has a huge fan following on Instagram. He goes by the handle name @juleseusebio and has a total of 29.9 thousand followers. 

Jules Eusebio's Death Cause: Typhoid Fever Linked To His Demise

Various social media posts indicate that Jules Eusebio has passed away suffering from Typhoid fever. He was 43 years of age. 

The death news of  Eusebio was confirmed through a post by CTTO Chestnut Vasquez Andaya. In the heartbreaking post, she states that the Dub King had passed away on Monday, May 15, 2022. The Tiktoker was visiting doctors day today since April after suffering from severe Typhoid fever. Sadly, his condition worsened and he died in ICU yesterday.

She has also concluded the sad post by stating that Eusebio will be Cremated on Tuesday morning. Furthermore, his wake will be until May 18 at the Veronica Chapel in Pasay.

It is very rare to hear someone dying from typhoid fever in modern times, however, if the bacterial infection is not treated properly it could damage multiple body organs. Therefore, leading to significant problems and even death. Nevertheless, it is very sad that a young and talented human being like Eusebio has suffered an untimely death. 

After hearing the sad news, many of  Eusebio's fans are crestfallen and have sympathized with his grieving family members. 

Details On Jules Eusebio's Family Members

Jules Eusebio's untimely death has left his family and friends distraught. The Filipino actor was reportedly in a relationship, although, he has provided very less details about her.

As far as we know, Eusebio was active on Tiktok until May 7. So it's been almost a week since his social media presence was noticed, and word of his death suddenly arrived.




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