Drake The Type Of Guy On Reddit: What It Means And New Meme Explored

Drake the type of guy is a trend on social media. ( Source : Reddit )

"Drake the type of guy" has resurfaced on Reddit and Twitter with users posting random nonsensical facts about Drake. A subreddit was created on December 2014, but its popularity has surged only a couple of years back.

Every now and then, social media is filled with some trends which most people follow just to be funny. A recent trend mocking the Canadian singer Drake and his lifestyle has been on the rise on the internet. Let's look at the trend and find out more about the funny one-liners created by users.

Drake The Type Of Guy On Reddit

Drake the type of guy is a trend on social media sites such as Reddit, 4Chan, Facebook, and Twitter, where people post random and absurd things about the Canadian singer which depict him as feminine, cartoony, and mainly beta male.

There is actually a subreddit called r/DrakeTheType, where people share hilarious one-liners about Drake. The subreddit has 27K members and hundreds of funny posts. Most of them are totally unrelated to the singer and are written just to make fun of him and show the creative aspect of the users.

One user posted "Drake the type of ni**a that moan when he accidentally sits on the tv remote", while another posted "Drake the type of ni**a to fart into the toilet and flush".

Likewise, a recently upvoted post reads "Drake the type of guy who looks weird with and without beard", and another post reads "Drake the kind of guy who covers his eyes during the sex scene".

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Drake the type of guy has its own subreddit with 27K members.
Drake the type of guy has its own subreddit with 27K members. ( Source : Twitter )

What Does Drake The Type Of Guy Mean?

Drake the type of guy is a viral trend in which posts are made to mean that the singer is weird and specifically ridiculous. Be warned that most of the things written about the singer are actually not what the kind of guy Drake really is.

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The thing started as a joke back in the early 2010s and is still relevant and funny as hundreds and thousands of posts are made by users on both Reddit and Twitter.

There is an in-depth explanation and some of the most famous posts related to Drake the type of guy on the Know Your Meme website, which has also made a video describing the meme.

The ridiculousness of the posts actually adds to the humor of the viral trend. Social media trends start out of nowhere and make their return every now and then. The exact origin of most of the trends cannot be traced as when something is trending, there are instantaneously thousands and thousands of contents related to it.

The meme depicts Drake as usually a feminine, cartoony, and beta male.
The meme depicts Drake as usually a feminine, cartoony, and beta male. ( Source : Reddit )

New Meme Drake The Type Of Guy Explored

The new meme Drake the type of the guy has made its return on social media sites as of late. Despite having its own subreddit, the meme was on the decline after reaching its saturation some months ago.

However, the meme trend has returned with hilarious posts from users on Reddit and Twitter. The first mention of the meme can be traced back to 2011 when one person posted on Twitter "Drake the type of dude that let his woman propose". The rest is history.

The memes describe Drake as usually feminist, cartoony, and mainly beta. Users also usually act as Drake and perform silly activities like floating on the smell of pie, and having a lightbulb appear on his head when he has a thought.

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