News Writer Doreen Gentzler Net Worth In 2022

Doreen Gentzler is a recently retired American television news anchor
Doreen Gentzler is a recently retired American television news anchor( Source : nbcwashington )

Doreen Gentzler has a net worth of $1.4 million as of 2022.

With a career spanning from 1979 to 2022, she was one of the longest-running and most successful female reporters in the medium's history. She is most prominent for her work with WRC-TV in Washington, DC. While working there, she anchored the news at 6 P.M. and 11 P.M.

Though she spent most of her life working in Washington, D.C., Gentzler was born and spent her early childhood in Arlington, Virginia.

She was born to Ferris Gentzler, an executive with an insurance company, and Rita O'Flinnm, a secretary for the federal government. She is married to former The Washington Post reporter and editor Bill Miller and has two children with him, a son, Chris, and a daughter, Carson.

How Much Is Doreen Gentlzer's Net Worth?

Doreen Gentzler has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million which comes from her years of work as a television news anchor.

As someone who has worked in the industry for over forty-three years, Gentlzer's net worth reflects the amount of work she has put into her career. In fact, it might even be a little too small for someone of her stature, however, she is sure to live a comfortable life through all she has earned. 

She started her career by hosting a weeknight show for Georgia Public Broadcasting called The Lawmakers that broadcasted during Georgia State Legislature sessions in 1979. 

The position, however, was just a starter, and on enough, Gentlzer started working at WKYC-TV, a Cleveland, Ohio NBC affiliate.

She started anchoring the 6 P.M. and 11 P.M. newscasts there.

Doreen Gentzler worked as a television news anchor for WRC-TV for over 40 years
Doreen Gentzler worked as a television news anchor for WRC-TV for over 40 years ( Source : linkedin )

Her success started showing, and she started co-anchoring WSOC-TV in Charlotte, North Carolina, from 1979 to 1983, and the same 6 P.M. and 11 P.M. newscasts.

The only difference between WSOC-TV and WKYC-TV is that while the latter is an NBC affiliate, the former is an ABC affiliate. 

Seeing the further success, she started working at WCAU-TV in Philadelphia next, and this time, the channel was a CBS affiliate. 

Her duty at WCAU-TV was on the crime beat, which was different than her previous jobs. Her first major break was when she joined NBC4 in 1989 after Dave Marash left, and she ended up co-anchoring the weekday segment of News4 on WRC-TV at 6 P.M. and 11 P.M.

Her duties were solely based in Washington, D.C. She also became the station's health reporter.

In this job, she has traveled the world to exotic places like Bosnia, Ecuador, and the Persian Gulf. 

Doreen Gentzler on the cover of the Washingtonian's 50th Anniversary
Doreen Gentzler on the cover of the Washingtonian's 50th Anniversary ( Source : instagram )

Her health reports used to be shown on News 4 at 5 P.M. on WRC-TV and in other station newscasts too. She saw such success in the health reporting business, so much so that she became the on-air spokesperson for NBC4's successful NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo.

This Expo is held each January at the Washington Convention Center.

Her success as a news anchor has translated into various other media, too, as she has made appearances as herself in various other NBC-affiliated shows like The Event and The Blacklist.

She sadly announced her retirement on October 28, 2022, on the 6 P.M. news, and her last newscast was on November 23, nearly a month later. 

What Was Doreen Gentzler's Annual Salary?

Former television news anchor Doreen Gentzler's annual salary was stated to be between $225,000 and $275,000.

However, the caveat is that this salary was reported back in 1991, so there is a huge chance that her salary must have doubled or even tripled since then. 

Speaking just about the salary itself, it's amazing to look at her annual salary and learn that she had been awarded such a large amount after she came back from maternity leave.

One of the highlights of Gentzler's career was the love and support she received during her maternity leave.

Doreen Gentzler with her husband Bill Miller
Doreen Gentzler with her husband Bill Miller ( Source : instagram )

Her longtime co-anchor, the now-deceased Jim Vance, announced the birth of her child on August 6, 1991's 6 P.M. newscast.

He told His co-anchor, Gentzler, that if she is listening, she should rest up, and as it turned out, Gentzler did need resting up.

And she was sorely missed, as it turned out, a report stated that after Gentzler arrived on the channel News4 at 11 had moved up in ratings.

As such, WRC was so happy with Gentzler that less than two years into her three-year contract, she received a multi-year deal, and received her famous annual salary of between $225,000 and $275,000.

Doreen Gentzler being celebrated for her 33 years at NBC
Doreen Gentzler being celebrated for her 33 years at NBC ( Source : instagram )

Though information about whether her salary grew or dipped since then has not been mentioned, the fact that she stayed with the company for over 30 years means that whatever she was paid, she must've been happy about it.

As such, whatever she chooses to do now that she has retired, she has left behind a great legacy and inspired many people on the way. 

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