Dolores Cannon is an American regressive hypnotherapist book writer and self-published author of 17 non-fiction books.

One of the best book writers or authors, Dolores Cannon, has published many books mainly "Conversations with Nostradamus" (three volumes), "The Legend of Stracash" and so on.

She was a wife of a military man Johnny Cannon, with whom she spent her first twenty years as an army wife. Then the next forty years, she spent as a hypnotist and author. She has the Quantum Healing technique.

Who Is Dolores Cannon? Wikipedia Biography Of The Hypnotherapist Author

Dolores Cannon is an American book writer and hypnotherapist. On the 15th of April, 1931, she was born in Saint Louis, Unites States.

Firstly, her husband Johnny took a class in hypnosis but never got a chance to practice because he deployed in the Vietnam War. After that, they were stationed at Chase Field NAS in Beeville, Texas, after the return of war in 1968.

Respectively, During that time, a medical physician asked them to use hypnosis to help a female patient to manage stress-related health problems. Hence, she described her past lives and predicted future events under the hypnotic trance.

She founded her own company name Ozark Mountain Publishing in 1992. Her first book was Fices Lives Remembered, written in 1980 and published in 2009. This book was a series related to Conversation with Nostramus (1989), which attracted some media to her.

Dolores Cannon Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Hypnotist Book Author?

The hypnotist book author Dolores Cannon's net worth is estimated at approximately $100,000 to $250,000, as mentioned by Net Worth Spot.

This may not be precise, but she may have more than this value according to her income sources.

Her main income source is from hypnosis therapy and writing books. She also has a youtube channel, included among her income source.

Dolores Cannon's Husband Johnny Cannon And Children In The Family

American hypnotherapist and regressionist Dolores Cannon got married to a military man, namely Johnny Cannon.

But things were not going well. So they decided to divorced in 1994.

Her spouse was in the army during the American-Vietnam war. Later, in 1972 he got involved in a serious car accident and was not able to rejoin the army, so he received an honorable discharge as a disabled veteran. 

After achieving that honor from the army, they started to live in Huntsville in America. Talking about her children, she has a daughter named Julia Cannon, who is now carrying on her mother's work.