Does Chelsea Forward Romelu Lukaku Have A Wife? Footballer's Dating Status With Sarah Mens

Romelu Lukaku as covered by Sky Sports.
Romelu Lukaku as covered by Sky Sports.( Source : skysports )

Romelu Lukaku, aka 'Rocky,' is one of the powerful strikers as his name falls among the list of most prolific goalscorers in professional football.

He currently plays as a striker for the Premier League club Chelsea and the Belgium national team. His affiliation with Chelsea has been notable as the club is one of the prominent football teams in the world.

Rocky has played for numerous teams, such as Anderlecht, West Bromwich Albion, Everton, Manchester United, and Inter Milan, throughout his professional career since 2009.

It was during his time with Manchester United when Lukaku got his nickname due to his commitment to training.

Does Romelu Lukaku Have A Wife?

Romelu Lukaku does not have a wife yet as the young footballer has not opted for marriage.

The 29-year-old striker is busy honing his football skills while keeping the marriage questions at bay.

A leading face in the football world, his personal life does not escape from the media and fans. Hence, it is confirmed that Lukaku is single at the moment and has not decided to get married.

The Chelsea striker has not addressed the public questions on his thoughts about getting married since the start. Rocky would rather answer questions about his professional advancements.

A veteran of more than a decade, Lukaku's fandom has grown into millions around the globe. Many young women dream of dating him and ringing the wedding jingles beside him.

However, it seems Rocky is currently dedicated to Chelsea and is grinding for the team's wins. He is mainly focused on showcasing his best gameplay every time instead of planning for marriage.

Not to forget, the Belgian heartthrob has not introduced his potential wife, keeping his love life to himself.

He is truly determined to protect his love life's privacy; hence, he may surprise his fans with the news of his marriage someday.

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Chelsea Forward Romelu Lukaku Dating Sarah Mens- Is He Married?

Romelu Lukaku often made headlines for dating the Belgian model Sarah Mens.

It is indeed true that the former couple dated for a long period of time, counting it up to five years, though they eventually broke up recently.

Sarah is a Belgian personality, having been born and raised there all along. However, a fateful encounter with Lukaku in Miami brought them together for the next five years in 2016.

It was in the summer of 2016 when Sarah and Rocky met while Sarah was in the States for his internship.

Sarah Mens is the famous ex-girlfriend of footballer Romelu Lukaku.
Sarah Mens is the famous ex-girlfriend of footballer Romelu Lukaku.( Source : sportskeeda )

The two quickly hit it off and made national headlines in The Netherlands. Sarah soon rose to fame as she was dating one of the top football players in the country.

Lukaku and Sarah's open-secret love story often test the patience as rumors went as far as them having a secret child. Since the two rarely gave any insights into their love life, groundless words such as this were bound to start.

Rocky has a three-year-old son, Romeo Emmanuel, whose mother's name is out of public knowledge. Hence, it is widely assumed that Sarah is Romeo's mother, though neither party has never confirmed the speculations.

Sarah went on to establish a successful fashion and business profile with her identity as a girlfriend to Lukaku. She heads Brash Official, a luxury lifestyle concierge services providing company.

However, it is confirmed that the former couple was not married. Instead, they called it quits on their relationship.

Sarah's TV personality father, Harry Mens, was the first person to break the news.

As of 2022, both have moved on and have caught onto their successful careers these days. Nevertheless, the precise reason behind the broken love story still remains a mystery to their shippers.

Romelu Lukaku Net Worth- How Rich is He? 

Romelu Lukaku enjoys his soaring net worth figures with every passing year in his professional football career.

Celebrity Net Worth has estimated his net worth to be $20 million and growing. A multi-millionaire, Rocky is currently the most expensive Belgian player and consequently, the most expensive football player with reference to cumulative transfer fees.

The total transfer fees amounted to almost up to £285 million, surpassing Neymar in 2021.

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He was also signed to return to Chelsea in a club-record transfer worth £97.5 million (€115 million), making him the seventh-most expensive player in the field in recent years.

Rocky's fee contract figures skyrocket even the prominent names in the sports, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, and Ousmane Dembélé, among many others.

Aside from his jaw-dropping team contracts, Lukaku also earns from brand endorsing. He is a constant switch brand ambassador of Nike and Adidas, making millions in the process.

In his first time with Chelsea in 2011, he had joined the team with a transfer worth £10 million but later made a club-record transfer worth £28 million the next year. He finished the year as the league's second-top goalscorer, thus, escalating his fee up to £75 million till he joined Manchester United.

His next venture with Inter Milan in 2019 made history as a club-record deal worth €80 million. Rocky's groundbreaking progress in his goalscoring caught the attention of Chelsea, who shot up his recruiting deal at €115 million.

Likewise, he has also worked with Puma in the past, while his social media posts are mainly promotions of his new deals.

In recent times, he has endorsed brands such as Beyond Meat, a plant-based food company, and Samsonite, a company selling bags and suitcases.

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