Does Mathys Roets Have A Wife? Here's What We Know About The Musician

Mathys Roets
Mathys Roets( Source : facebook )

Mathys Roets is happily married to his wife Jane van Litsenborgh in 2019. Mathys is a popular Afrikaans singer.

He also plays under the name Three of the Best alongside Kevin Leo and Danie Niehaus.

Mathys is also a co-host of KykNET's lifestyle show, Kamp dit uit, on which he tours with Alexa Strachan.

Does Mathys Roets Have A Wife?

Mathys Roets is married to Jane van Litsenborgh. Mathys was previously married to Karen before marrying Jané van Litsenborgh in 2009.

With his first wife Karen, he has two sons, Liam and Yuan. Now, the singer is happy with his current wife, Jane, and the two are living happily.

In 2018, Mathys and Jane got engaged, and their wedding was held at the Rietvally Wine Estate in Roberston.

On his way to the KKNK in Oudtshoorn on April 6, 2009, Roets was injured in a terrible motorcycle accident.

He had a back injury that left him paralyzed in the lower abdomen for the rest of his life.

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Mathys Roets Has Two Children 

Mathys Roets has two sons Liam and Yuan. After divorcing his wife Karen his sons have been beside him. 

Roets' two sons were there to help him after he was injured in an accident.

He married Jane Von after divorcing his wife Karen, and both of his sons were present at the ceremony. They looked fantastic in a black suits.

Mathys Roets son Liam and Yuan
Mathys Roets son Liam and Yuan( Source : translate )

Roets and his two sons were late to the wedding ceremony. Liam and Yuan dressed immediately after arriving at the venue.

The wedding of Roets and Jane lasted three days and took place in the mountains of Roberston. The happiness of Roet's father brings joy to his sons.

Where Is Mathys Roets From?

Mathys Roets is a well-known Afrikaans singer from South Africa who also sings as Three of the Best with Kevin Leo and Danie Niehaus.

He's also a co-host of KykNET's lifestyle show, where he goes on tour with Alexa Strachan. A wheelchair-accessible caravan has been particularly built for him.

Roets crashed his BMW motorcycle near Dewetsdorp on the road to Wepener on his way to the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees).

He had a back injury that left him paralyzed in the lower abdomen for the rest of his life.

Roets was struggling for his life in Bloemfontein's Life-Rosepark Hospital. He has a cerebral hemorrhage, injured lungs, shattered ribs, and different spine and other fractures.

Meet Mathys Roets On Instagram

Mathys Roets does not have an Instagram account, however, he does have a Facebook page with the handle, @Mathys Roets.

His Facebook account has 67k followers. He has shared posts from both his professional and personal life on his Facebook page.

He appears to be having a good time and appears to be content with his life.

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