Does Fran Drescher Have Cancer? Health Condition Explained

Fran Drescher, a celebrated actress, writer, comedian, and trade union leader ( Source : Instagram )

A public figure Fran Drescher is a multifaceted personality as an actress, writer, comedian, and activist. Also, she is a trade union leader who works for the development and fights for the right of an organization's employees. 

The Nanny Show creator Fran, aged 64, attended a press conference for the Austrian charity Dancer Against Cancer in 2010. She has organized many campaigns every year to encourage women who went through such situations in their life. Fran was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000 and survived terrible cancer after following the immediate surgery. 

Here are the facts about Fran's cancer battle journey and her health updates. What is she doing now? 

The Hollywood Nights Actress Fran Drescher Had Uterine Cancer In 2000

After two years of symptoms and misdiagnosis by eight doctors, Fran Drescher suffered a deadly Uterine cancer in 2000. Later, one doctor told Drescher that she was diagnosed with Uterine cancer and had to undergo immediate radical hysterectomy surgery.

Following the expert's guidance, Fran took appointments at the Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital on June 21, 2000. Fran had to undergo an immediate radical hysterectomy, a process of removing a uterus from her body with no chance of becoming a mother.

The good news is that Fran is now a cancer-free survivor for 12 years. According to Page Six, Fran believes her cancer and raped are linked to each other. She spilled the secrets of her life recently.

In 1985, two armed men broke into Drescher's Los Angeles apartment. She was raped by the other robber at gunpoint, including a female friend. It was a nightmare for her, and it took her a long time to deal with the trauma she had gone through. She said the rapist is behind the bar facing life imprisonment without parole.

Fran published a book titled 'Cancer Schmancer.' In the book, she wrote about her cancer battle experiences. The book's purpose was to raise consciousness for men and women to become more aware of the early warning signs of cancer and empower themselves.

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Who Is Fran Drescher's Husband, Is She Married?

Fran Drescher was married twice. She first married her high school lover Peter Marc Jacobson (ex-husband). They tied the knot after turning 21 years in 1978.

Furthermore, Fran's then-husband, Peter, is better recognized as an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Did you know? Fran opened up about him being gay after their tumultuous marriage ended.

They had a great time together for many years, but they announced the divorce news in 1999. As per Fran's Wikipedia page, she has no children with Peter.

Fran Drescher in Hollywood AFI Awards
Fran Drescher in Hollywood AFI Awards ( Source : Instagram )

Fran will never marry now, she said In an interview with the Daily Mail. She revealed that her relationship with Peter is stronger than before. They planned to grow old together. They remained friends and business partners despite their divorce. Their love is unconditional, rare, and unique.

In 2014, Fran and her ex-partner Shiva Ayyadurai participated in a ceremony at Drescher's beach house. They tweeted a post mentioning that they are married. However, their relationship only lasted for two years.  

How Rich Is Fran Drescher? Her Net Worth And Career Earnings 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dran Drescher has a hefty net worth of $25 million. She has built her income from acting and producing TV shows such as Nanny and Happily Divorced. 

As mentioned above, Dran is a versatile celeb. She is a writer, speaker, and activist. 

Fran Drescher partnered with Plastic pollution coalition
Fran Drescher partnered with Plastic pollution coalition ( Source : Instagram )

Moreover, Drescher gained public recognition for her role as Fran Fine in the TV sitcom The Nanny (1993–1999), which she created and produced with her then-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson

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