Did Zach Shallcross Lose Weight For 'The Bachelorette'? Fat To Fit Transformation

Zach Shallcross is one of the contestants in this season of the Bachelorette. He has made it to the top fives. ( Source : Sportskeeda )

Zach Shallcross is a contestant in the famous American reality television show The Bachelorette.

Shallcross made some name for himself this season of the Bachelorette since his popular one-on-one date with Rachel Recchia during the early parts of the season. As of the writing of this article, Shallcross is one of five men left who are pursuing Rachel.

Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, it is rumored that Shallcross loses to fellow contestant Tino Franco. This, coupled with a recent crypto scandal, has made Shallcross a bit of a controversial topic on the internet. 

Outside of the Bachelorette and the recent crypto controversy, Shallcross works as a technology sales executive at Oracle in Texas. According to the man's LinkedIn, his role is strategically helping Houston businesses enhance, extend, and leverage their current software and infrastructure while educating them on what Oracle offers. 

Shallcross has been working in the company since August 2019, and in the three years he has been working in the company, he has worked his way up from a Cloud Technology Consultant to a Senior Cloud Technology Executive. Perhaps due to his experience with tech and business in tech, he felt confident enough to give crypto advice to his father, but sadly, that advice ended up hurting the man who raised him.

Here Are Some Facts And Stats About Zach Shallcross

Net Worth:$300,000
Profession:Tech Executive
Height:6 feet 4 inches
Hometown:Anaheim Hills, California
Season:Season 19
Likes:Beach Volleyball
Dislikes:Breakfast, Eggs

Did Zach Shallcross Lose Weight for 'The Bachelorette?'

No, Zach Shallcross did not lose weight for his appearance in 'The Bachelorette' and has always been fit.

Zach Shallcross kissing Rachel Recchia, one of the two Bachelorettes in this season of the Bachelorette
Zach Shallcross kissing Rachel Recchia, one of the two Bachelorettes in this season of the Bachelorette( Source : Cheatsheet )

Shallcross played for a Division I football team for five years at California Polytechnic State University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Shallcross initially started as a Red Shirt in 2014, debuted in the team proper in the 2015 season, and started playing as a Right Tackle on the offensive line.

Shallcross has stated that sports, athletics, and fitness have always been at the forefront of his life. Therefore, this rumor that he lost weight or had a fitness transformation to appear in 'The Bachelorette' seems to have started from nowhere. The rumor hasn't made its way into the mainstream bachelor nation, which is known to be rabid in its consumption of any news related to bachelor nation, no matter how real.

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Perhaps it speaks more to Zach Shallcross's fame and charisma that the news hasn't made a dent among fans because rumors of Tino Franco winning have sucked any upward momentum for most of the show's other contestants.

Zach Shallcross' Fat to Fit Transformation

As mentioned above, the rumors of Zach Shallcross having some miraculous fat to fit transformation are false. 

However, a piece of news that is true, and tragically so, is the fact that Shallcross gave a piece of ill-advised financial advice to his father that has probably cost the man $400,000. Shallcross's father recently retired as the captain of Orange, CA's fire department.

Zach Smallcross with Rachel Recchia at a gala event. Unfortunately, rumors state that Shallcross will lose out to Tino Franco.
Zach Smallcross with Rachel Recchia at a gala event. Unfortunately, rumors state that Shallcross will lose out to Tino Franco.( Source : Meaww )

Upon his retirement, Shallcross pushed his father to invest in crypto. To that end, the retired fire department captain put his savings into the Celsius crypto wallet.

Both Shallcross men, especially Zach, thought the investment was safe. Having no reason to distrust his son, the elder Shallcross put all of the money meant for his retirement into the crypto wallet only for the company, Celsius Network, to freeze more than $4 billion in assets and file for bankruptcy earlier this summer. 

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The elder Shallcross and nearly 1.7 million people globally are now locked out of their wallets. The distraught man has told the LA times that his son had advised him that Celsius would've been a solid place to put his cryptocurrency, but it ended up being a nightmare.

Shallcross senior intended to use Celsius to appreciate the $400,000 for five to seven years before withdrawing it but cannot access the money. With Celsius being under investigation in five states and a likely New York probe pending, there is no way of knowing when Shallcross senior will ever get to access his money.

Zach Shallcross has not made any statements about his father's monetary issues or financial blunders.

Zach Shallcross Diet Plan And Exercise Routine

As a former division I football player, it can be assumed that Zach Shallcross has a stellar exercise routine, but he hasn't shared it with the public.

Zach Shallcross has not yet built a relationship with the public outside of photo-ops for The Bachelorette. As such, many aspects of his private life have not been revealed to the public.

However, one trivia that has delighted the fans is that Zach Shallcross is the nephew of famed actor and legendary voice actor Patrick Warburton. Warburton is famous for his deep voice, which has catapulted him to become a pop culture sensation with roles such as Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove, Buzz Lightyear, Brock Samson on The Venture Bros, and most popularly, Joe Samson on Family Guy.

Patrick Warburton appeared briefly on The Bachelorette during the hometown episode. His one appearance greatly skyrocketed Shallcross's appeal with the fans. 

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